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Grooming dogs at home is inexpensive

The wool of some breeds of dogs requires a constantCare and weekly haircuts, especially in summer, during the heat or travel period. But the visit to the salon is expensive and if there is no need to prepare for an exhibition, and the haircut is needed only for convenience, then why not cut the pet at home.

Most often in a haircut at home need Yorkshire terriers, poodles, cocker spaniels. For them, this procedure is a vital necessity, especially for Yorkies, because rapidly growing hair falls, stick together and prevent the dog from not only watching but also walking.

Therefore first of all it is necessary to master soCalled a hygienic haircut. It involves cutting off the wool between the fingers on the paw pads, in the groin, around the anus, in some cases on the abdomen and under the armpits. In such breeds as West Highland White Terrier and York handle the tips of the ears, poodles have neck, muzzle, tail base and paws.

Grooming dogs at home is inexpensive

For an example, let us cite the feature of the haircut of a york,As one of the most difficult, but constantly necessary procedures. To master the basic techniques, it is better to observe the master's work at least once and ask him clarifying questions. That without experience not to hurt a dog with scissors or a typewriter.

The main stages of cutting dogs at home

To prepare the hair for a haircut, to workNeed a comb and a puerper. For a hairstyle the machine for animals (human can simply break), and also a hairbrush and scissors is required. Scissors are best to choose with rounded tips, so as not to injure the pet.

  • First you need to carefully comb the puerperWool, making movements parallel to the skin - so you do not hurt the dog. It starts with the places behind the ears, in the groin and under the front paws. Then you need to go through the comb on all the hair, from the roots of the hair to their tips, to find not combed out the combs.
  • When the hair is already combed through the entire length of the dog, it is necessary to bathe the dog so that the haircut is smooth and neat.
  • You need to start the haircut by combing the adorning hair and leveling the split hair with scissors.
  • Then hair is cut from the ears. Leave enough wool 5 mm long. Now you can cut the triangle short and cut the area under the tail shortly. On the paws between the pads, the coat should be left 5 mm long.
  • If it's a pity to part with long curlsA pet can simply shorten them by a few centimeters, so that they do not interfere with the dog to live. But if you cut the body of a york under a typewriter, then the dog will turn into a plush toy. And in the heat it will not be so hot. And especially this haircut is convenient for trips to nature, rest at the dacha, where such troubles await such as various dirt, burdock, etc.
  • How to cut a dog by yourselfFor such a haircut begins grooming from the areaUnder the tail, where the length of the wool remains no more than 5 mm. Then it is necessary to cut out the neck and the body with the machine, leaving the length of the coat 15-20 mm. The same length is left on the abdomen, between the front paws and on the throat to cut. A strip between the front and hind legs can be made even shorter.

On the tail, the hair is trimmed as long asIt seems beautiful. Up to the hock joint, the hind legs are cut off as well as anywhere, up to 20 mm, and the bottom is left with elegant pants. Also, the forelegs are cut, the upper part up to the elbow shortly, and the lower one is long, leveling its length according to the level of the floor.

Hairstyle on the head should be given a round shape. Scissors cut hair over eyes. To maintain the shape of the head as a ball, the upper part of the ears from the inner and outer sides should be cut short. In the end, the hair is cut on the chin and jaw.

Grooming dogs at home is inexpensive

If you do not want to learn all these tricks andYou think that an independent grooming of a dog is not for you and you do not want to go to a specialized salon, then it's best to call a master at home. Now newspapers and the Internet are full of ads with various offers of services, including cutting dogs at home. The price for this service varies from 1000 to 2500 rubles depending on the breed of dog

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