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Khatiko breed of dog - akita-inu: price

What breed is Hachiko? Who has ever watched a movie: "Hachiko is the most faithful friend" want to know as much as possible about these devoted friends of a person. Breed of the dog Khatiko - akita-inu. At home in Japan, this breed is protected by the state.

This honor was given to the dogs by the Akita Inu. This breed is so revered because this dog never retreats before a man, nor before a dog, nor to anyone else.

Akita Inu will respond to any attack withoutOscillations. And the devotion of these dogs became the property of legends. Perhaps the most famous story associated with these dogs occurred in 1925 in the city of Tokyo (Japan). This story about a dog named Hashiko, that's how it is not Hatiko, the name of the dog sounds in Japanese. Based on this story, and was filmed in Hollywood in 2009, a remarkable film "Hachiko: The Most Faithful Friend"

Hachiko Monument

A faithful dog of the Akita Inu breed every morningAccompanied his master, a professor at the University of Tokyo to the station. After dinner Khachiko returned to the platform, met his master and they went home together. One day in May, in the morning, as usual, the dog led the host to the place where the train left.

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Khatiko did not even suspect that he was leading his masterlast time. On that day, the professor at the university had a heart attack and he died. When Khatiko returned after lunch to meet him, he waited until there was no one left on the train. For 8 years, every evening Khachiko went to the station in the hope that one day the train would leave his master. Hachiko Monument

This continued until in May 1933The death did not overtake the dog himself. The story of Hachiko became known all over the world and even drew attention to one of the most outstanding women in the 30s in America.

Breed of dogs Khatiko - akita inu

She herself had German shepherds, but after learningThe story of Hatiko, Hellen Keller began to dream of a devoted Akito and in 1937 her dream came true. The world-famous member of the Blind Society received a dog of the Akita Inu breed as a present. And when the darling died, she was given one more. It is believed that she brought the Akita Inu to America. Japanese favorites Hellen Keller were not service dogs - they were just her pets.

Akita-Inu is a good guide dog. Absolutely blind people who have a dog of the Akita Inu breed claim that the dog compensates them for lack of vision.

Dogs of the Akita Inu breed adore physicalLoad. They love people, especially children. At home, Akita Inu is not just one of the breeds - it is a symbol of luck and wealth. The Akita Inu statuettes are exchanged when a child is born or when a friend or family member enters the hospital.

Today in Japan, Akita Inu does not look much like her ownRelatives in America or the United Kingdom. The real akita-inu is smaller, lighter in weight and always of the same color. In the USA, the color of wool Akita Inu is usually 2 or 3 colors. Such akita-inu are considered purebred only in the United States and Great Britain.

Akita in all countries is brave, strong in spirit andHas an excellent instinct. But many breeders of this breed in Japan believe that the American Akita Inu should be singled out as a separate breed. But regardless of origin, Akita Inu will become a valuable companion for any owner. As for coloring, Akita Inu can be of almost any color.

Shot from the movie

Even completely white wool is not consideredDeviation from the norm. Any shades are considered acceptable if the color is bright and clean, as well as all the characteristics of Akita Inu. A distinctive feature of this breed is a bad character. Akita can be aggressive towards other dogs of the same sex.

They should not be let go of the leash. But these dogs are very strongly attached to their master. However, do not expect the same devotion to the host's neighbor, so beware. In addition, akita-inu is very clean. Some say that in this they are not inferior to cats. To maintain health, these dogs do not need a lot of exercise.

The ability of akita-inu to brighten up singly, their strength and spirit distinguish this breed from all others.

Breed Hachiko: price

After the release of the film "Hachiko: The most faithful friend »of those wishing to buy a dog of the Akita Inu breed increased 15 times! How much does a dog of the Akita Inu breed cost? The average cost of puppies in Moscow is in the following range:

  • Without pedigree: 15 000 - 32 000 rubles
  • Tribal marriage: 15,000 - 32,000 rubles
  • Standard: 32,000 - 70,000 rubles
  • Show class: 65 000 - 100 000 rubles

The price of the Akita Inu puppies in the regions is usually lower by 20-40%

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