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Leash for dogs

Leash is an important part of the dog's outfit andYou need to choose it individually, depending on your goal and the weight of the pet. There are several types of dog leashes: leash-roulette, "drivers", harness, spark (swap), nylon or canvas leash, re-stitch, leash-chain, ring.

The roulette leash provides the dog with maximumFreedom during a walk - it can run back to a distance greater than the usual leash allows. And at the same time, at any time, the owner has the opportunity to take control of the situation. The roulette itself indicates the weight of the dog, to which it is suitable.

In accordance with this parameter it is worthto choose. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality and size of the carbine. But roulettes are divided into two types. It is better to choose a belt harness for an active dog, and a rope-type tape measure for a calm dog. The best length of leash for an urban dog is 5-6 meters.

What other dog leashes are there?

  • A small lead, consisting ofOne handle (or loop) with a powerful carabiner. This lead is used only if a large dog needs to be taken to a crowded place and it should go close by.
  • Harnesses can be picked up by dogs of completely differentRocks. And the amount of the pet depends on what material the harness is needed from. Nylon, tarpaulin, the skin will fit large representatives, velor and fabric - shallow. The most important thing when trying on a harness, you need to make sure that it is snug against the body of the dog, not "went", but did not press.
  • To work with a service dog it is worth buying a leather harness with strong buckles, cast rings and well-sewn belts.
  • In addition to walking, there are cargo and sleds designed to carry goods by the dog, train strengths with loads or at sled dog competitions.
  • Sparka or svorka is a leash for two or three dogs. It is connected by a common ring, but at the end it is bifurcated and has two or three carbines.
  • The nylon leash is mainly used forTraining. Its length can vary from 1 to 20 meters, can have a handle. It is impossible to break such a leash, but dogs easily bite it. For dog-lovers pogryzt use a canvas leash.

A dog on a leashChoose a dog's training leash

When choosing, close attention is neededDraw a carbine. It must be durable and durable. The re-fastener has two carbines at the ends and 3-4 rings along the entire length, so you can change the length of the leash. Its purpose - training and training dogs, but you can and walk, dismissing the entire length. When choosing a re-stitch, you need to make sure that along the length it does not have flat ribbed rings and woven inserts, which can be ripped off hands. Rings should be welded, of durable material.

The metal chain in the form of a leash is looked atThe dog is very smart, especially complete with a metal collar. The length of the chains, as a rule, does not exceed one and a half meters. The thickness should depend on the weight of the dog. A chain can be used to wean a dog to gnaw a leash. Having tasted metal, she will give up this occupation. Links should be well welded, not separated.

Rigovka - an exhibition leash, which combines a hammer, collar and leash. Can be leather, nylon or metal. It is chosen in contrast to the color of the dog or exactly in tone.

It is advisable to buy several leashes for a dog: for a walk, training, exhibition. But when choosing any leash, close attentionYou need to pay attention to the strength of the carbine. Also, it must have a swivel adapter that allows it to spin around its axis. And when the dog is spinning, the leash is not tangled.

Photo leashes for dogs

Leash for two dogs

Leash pereostezhka

Leash Roulette

Leash of a ring

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