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Otitis in dogs: symptoms and treatment

Otitis in dogs, that is, ear inflammation is a fairly common disease. It must be urgently treated to prevent the transition to a chronic form, and then hearing loss, complications from the brain and even the death of the animal.

Yes, and the pain of the dog is pretty, does not sleep well and gets tired of not getting enough sleep.

Symptoms of otitis in dogs:

  • The dog can scratch his ear for a long time and often shake his head, tilting it to the affected side;
  • When examining the ear, there are swelling, purulent discharge with an unpleasant odor and redness;
  • The dog reacts painfully to the ears;
  • The ear is hot, and the dog loses its appetite, looks tired.

The causes of this disease of dogs are hypothermia, trauma or bruising in the head area, the presence of worms, decreased immunity, poorly balanced diet, allergies.

The causative agents of otitis are bacteria and fungi(Staphylococci and streptococci). They can be constantly present in the body, but with strong immunity especially do not reproduce. Only a failure in the body leads to a rapid growth of pathogenic microflora.

Some breeds of dogs are initially predisposedTo otitis due to the structure of the ears. These are breeds with drooping ears that cover the ear canal. Because of this, its ventilation significantly deteriorates and the possibility for the development of pathogenic microflora is created. This is typical of all the lop-eared dogs, such as poodles and spaniels. Although it is not uncommon for eastern European sheep dogs, but for another reason. They have too wide open ear canal easily gets not only dust, but bacteria.

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With these symptoms,Immediately go to the veterinarian and not be treated, because the correct diagnosis is made on the basis of laboratory tests taken from the external ear canal of the contents of the smear.

Treatment of otitis in dogs

Setting the right diagnosis is also important in order to distinguish otitis from ear mites, since the treatment of these diseases is significantly different.
To alleviate the suffering of a dog that hurtsEar, you can give it drops of Framicetin sulfate (Sofrax), Otipax, and others that anesthetize, relieve itching and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

If the dog has strongly combed an ear and on it alreadyFormed crusts, they can be swabbed with hydrogen peroxide neatly removed, and the wound treated with a solution of green. If the ear produces "squelching" sounds due to the collected pus, it can be gently brushed with boric alcohol and sprinkled with powder from one streptocid tablet.

It is important to use medicines strictly inAccording to the instructions, but do not rely on their action, and in the near future visit a veterinarian. If you follow the prescriptions of the doctor, ear inflammation is quite easy to treat.

To prevent and timely detection of otitis and other diseases it is necessary to regularly inspect and clean the dog's ears.

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Calling the vet at home

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