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Behavior of dogs, behavior problems of dogs

Nothing happens without a reason. If the reason is not obvious, it does not mean that it is not, just did not pay attention to it. The reason for bad behavior is always, and, as a rule, not one.

Often people mistakenly believe that dogs are actingFrom harm or revenge. It is very easy for a dog to be accused of hooliganism, this does not require the study of zoopsychology. In order to understand this issue, a person must analyze what he himself is doing wrong.

Purchasing a puppy, we can train, and we canDo not train him, but without education you can not do. All his actions the owner brings up the puppy, even when he does not think about it. Communication with the puppy is already his upbringing. If the owner educates the dog unconsciously, thoughtlessly, then he brings it up incorrectly.

Causes of bad behavior of dogs

Wrong choice of breed

When choosing a future dog, you need to know andTake into account the characteristics of the breed of dogs: it will be impossible to make a "little dog" out of the Caucasian sheepdog, no matter what upbringing you might try!

Unsupported Commands

The main cause of poor dog behavior is oftenAll is not reinforce your teams actions. You can not allow situations where unwanted actions of the dog lead to pleasant consequences for her. Conversely, it is bad when the correct behavior of dogs is not encouraged. Such examples prevent the dog from establishing a stereotype of correct behavior.

In order not to drive the dog into complete prohibitions, It is worth sharing your relationship with the dog in 3 areas:

  • Causes of bad behavior of dogsObedience should be unconditional (training in generally accepted commands),
  • Obedience should be desirable ("lapping" to each other),
  • From the dog nothing is required andIt is allowed to behave as she pleases (relations with relatives, weaknesses that you will forgive her, like the habit of examining the surrounding garbage dumps or lie down with you in the evening on the couch). Dogs are quite capable of perceiving a difference in your attitude to the situation. Learn to use it.

Ideal dogs are as rare as people.


Ask yourself, are all the valuable things youClean, before you leave the puppy of one house? Did you use household items in games with a puppy? Did not you have a rapturous observation of how the puppy amuses your trousers or half of your coat funny?

If you went to workDisposing of puppy valuables, using household items in games with a puppy, rejoicing when the puppy flutters things, allowed to jump on you, then by these actions you unconsciously backed up the puppy's wrong behavior.

Incorrect content (unmet needs)

The needs of the animal can both help and hinder the upbringing process. Conditionally they can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Needs of life support - food, drink, defensive, sleep, in the motor load, positive sensations. The dissatisfaction of any one can lead to the death of the dog.
  2. Zoosocial needs - sexual, parental, territorial, in a group and the formation of group hierarchical relationships.
  3. Needs for self-development - in freedom, imitative, in the game, in new information.

The owner of the puppy must remember a simple truth: to get rid of bad behavior, it is sufficient to eliminate its causes.

Any unmet need canTo cause bad behavior, if not to offer the right way to meet it. The most often unsatisfied are the needs for food, motor load, positive sensations, game, new information.

A dog after a walk must necessarily be tired

Hosts often underestimate congenitalThe needs of the puppy and young dogs in movement and physical exertion. A dog after a walk must necessarily be tired! If the dog does not receive or receives an insufficient amount of physical exertion, this need can find its own natural way of spoiling things, furniture, wallpaper, etc.

Very negatively affects the development and formation of the correct behavior of the dog Lack of attention on the part of the owner and lack of communication. A dog by nature is a schooling animal. Loneliness in a puppy or a young dog can very well cause real stress, and if a puppy or a young dog has a strong nervous system, then banal boredom. The puppy tries to escape from loneliness, as a result of which he is looking for entertainment and finds objects of human use. In some cases, the puppy can start just hooliganism. Excessive barking, constant whining as a manifestation of bad behavior, can be caused by a corresponding emotional state or fear.

Attention to the dog by the owner and lack of communication

There is a dog "hooligan" to getAn elementary pleasure. Eliminate unwanted behavior, based on an unmet need, is much easier than getting rid of unmotivated behavior. And such cases occur both in humans and in dogs.

Improper feeding

As a result of an unbalanced diet (oftenIs due to improperly selected dry dog ​​food) your pet is looking for missing food ingredients in the trash during walks, gnawing plaster, in severe cases can eat anything that gets caught (a perverse appetite). The cause of such an appetite may be inflammation of the stomach (gastritis), intestines (enteritis and colitis), worms.

Special physiological condition

Pregnant or in a state of false pregnancyBitches often dig burrows in armchairs and beds, preparing a nest for newborns. A dog in a state of severe hunger or chronic malnutrition can steal food from the table, regardless of the ban, will beg for food in the presence of the owner or family members. During the change of teeth, the dog feels a strong itch in the gum area, which encourages it to gnaw everything.

The dog is gnawing things. What to do?

Age features

The growing puppy simply has to learn the world, inIn particular, in order to determine what is edible and what is not. Puppy is peculiar and necessary games: they serve primarily for learning behavior that will be necessary in life, as well as for physical training.

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