/ What kind of dry food to feed the dog? Home fodder preparation

What kind of dry food to feed the dog? Home fodder preparation

At the moment, everything in our country appearsMore different feeds for pets, and the question "What kind of dry food to feed the dog?", "What kind of dog food is better?" Becomes more urgent. We will try to answer these questions in this short article.

In order to understand how to properly feed your pets and what dog food to give preference to, let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of different types of dog food.

The most extensive group of feeds areReady-made dog food or as they are also called feed of industrial production. Such food can be made in dry form, or in the form of canned food. They are made from secondary meat and fish products with additives of fats and vitamins.

You can buy them in specializedStores of goods for animals, in cynological stations, in supermarkets, etc. The advantages of such feeds include ease of use and, when choosing a quality product, no need for additional use of vitamins. If we talk about the drawbacks, if the dry food is misused, the animals can develop a number of diseases.

Another, no less important problem is theDifficulties in choosing dry food for dogs of good quality. Indirectly, the quality of feed can be estimated by its price category, but not always the price is directly proportional to quality, especially in our country. Recently, even among the premium dog food, many fakes can be found. Help in choosing a high-quality feed can be provided by an experienced veterinarian or a cynologist. Do not hesitate to contact them for advice on regular vaccination.

What is the food to feed the dog? Important details when preparing homemade food

What is the food to feed the dog?

To another, not less widespread group of foragesIt is possible to carry a forage of own, "home" preparation. If you decide to feed your pet "at home", do not forget that dog food should be balanced.

Pets should be given cereals, meat products of various kinds (pork veterinarians are advised not to give, because it contains too much fat), and vegetables, cottage cheese and fish.

This is the minimum list for normal developmentPet, especially when it is in the phase of active growth. Dog food should contain all the necessary vitamins, fats, proteins and carbohydrates and be balanced at the same time.

In order to provide an optimal petBalance of vitamins when using the feed "home" cooking in it you can add special vitamins for animals, which you can buy in the same stores of goods for animals.

And finally - choosing food for dogs, it should beBe sure to pay attention to the requirements of a particular breed for specific vitamins and minerals, and also do not forget that depending on the season and the development period, your pet needs a different amount of food.

Do not hesitate to consult a veterinarianOr a cynologist, specialists will always advise the optimal type of food for your pet and, if necessary, vitamin supplements. Having adopted all the recommendations mentioned in this article for you it will not be difficult to determine what kind of dry food to feed the dog.

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