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South Russian Shepherd Dog: breed description, photo, price

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South Russian or Ukrainian Shepherd is similar toA huge lap dog. It is snow-white lamb with a very long coat covering its face. But behind the innocuous, at first glance, appearance hides a brave, independent and rather aggressive "bear". And this is not surprising, this dog is designed for guard duty and shepherd's service.

South Russian Shepherd Dog

It is assumed that the ancestors of this breed lived onPeninsula Crimea and are known since the 18th century. In the formation of the breed participated Asian Molsozoids, greyhounds and now extinct Crimean greyhound and Crimean sheepdog.

South Russian Shepherd almost disappeared during the Second World War, but it was saved and in 1996 it won worldwide recognition, the breed was registered in the FCI.

Appearance and size

Dogs of this breed have a height at the withers of 60-68 cm and weigh up to 56 kg. They have an elongated head with small, ragged, triangular ears.

The special pride of this breed is her wool. It can be white or smoky in different shades. When the smoky color of the undercoat should be light gray. Occasionally there are white dogs with a dark blue undercoat, although they look pure white. White color can also vary from pure white to dirty white and yellowish.

On the paws of the South Russian shepherd is very thickWool and looks like a felt boots. The head is also completely covered with hair, the bangs reach the lobe of the nose or may be even longer. A short fringe or a rare wool on his legs indicates a dog's non-thoroughbredness. The fur itself is soft and silky, in summer it becomes coarser and more wavy. In males, wool is often shorter.

Character of the South Russian Shepherd

It is self-sufficient and self-confident dog. She is mobile in the game and smart. There is also sufficient maliciousness. True, she males weak after four years.

Yuzhak is a strong, desperate and fearless defender,Always ready for his master to give his life. When planting this white "bear", it is necessary to remember that it is a dog of one owner. She can only condescend to other people in the house out of respect for the owner. And the owner of this dog can have only one, because it can not be transferred "in good hands," especially after one-year-old age. This will cause the dog psyche irreparable harm. The South Russian Shepherd does not forgive the offenses inflicted on her master and her. She will certainly remember the offender and can even take revenge.

She considers her house and family to be her property andWill be guarded from the very childhood. Appearing in the house from infancy, the southerner will get along with all household members, including animals. But everyone will be divided into "higher" and "lower beings". Therefore it is very important to accustom him from the very beginning to the idea that he is the lowest creature in the new "pack". Adult, strong and spiteful beast will be very difficult to explain who is the leader in the house. The upbringing of the South Russian Shepherd requires hardness, unlimited patience, but also justice.

South Russian Shepherd Dog

This breed is clearly not for everyone. It is better not to start people of advanced age. It's not for "teeth" she and a weakly person otherwise he "sits around his neck" and the whole family will dictate their living conditions. In addition, if the southerner does not recognize anyone for the master, this situation can end very tragically for people.

Also, the southerner should not be made impatient and unbalanced people. They can not raise a normal dog. It will become overly aggressive, uncontrollable and unpredictable.

Do not give puppies of this breed to children. The dog will take the child under his care and will become dangerous for everyone around him, including for the child himself, who will not be able to keep the dog that rides at all. And when the child tries to control the dog by herself, she can regard it as an encroachment on her high hierarchical position. Therefore, the Yuzhak from the first days in the house must be explained that even the youngest member of the family in the "pack" takes a more privileged place than the dog.

Completely mentally and physically the South Russian shepherd is formed by two years. And all the time of her childhood you need quite a lot of strength and patience to apply to grow a healthy dog.

Care for the South Russian Shepherd and content

Regular care requires a dog's coat. So the bang of the southerner should be carefully cut with scissors so that he can see better.

In March, you need a special scallopCompletely comb down. If this is not done, the wool falls into felt and in the summer the dog will have to cut it. After shearing, the fur of the South Russian sheep dog grows completely only after 2 years. Therefore, the dog must be taught from the early childhood to the procedure of combing.

Southern Russian Shepherds live up to 15 years. Despite their solid growth, they eat very little, they differ in their unpretentiousness and rather good health. You can keep them at home or on the street. Due to thick wool, frosts are not terrible to her and therefore the dog can be an excellent guard of the household plot.

Price of the puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Puppies of the South Russian Shepherd are standing From $ 250 to $ 1,000 Depending on their ancestors and the purpose of the dog.

Photo of the South Russian Shepherd

South Russian Shepherd Dog South Russian Shepherd Dog South Russian Shepherd Dog South Russian Shepherd Dog South Russian Shepherd Dog South Russian Shepherd Dog South Russian Shepherd Dog South Russian Shepherd Dog South Russian Shepherd Dog South Russian Shepherd Dog South Russian Shepherd Dog South Russian Shepherd Dog
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