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Estonian Hound - breed description and photo, care, price

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Estonian Hound

The Estonian hound was bred by crossingSmall Swiss hounds with beagles and foxgounds. Beagles gave the new breed perseverance in the work, cheerful character and strength of the paws. Hounds - small height and good voice.

The appearance of the Estonian hound

The Estonian hound is not a tall dog with a dry sturdy build. The males are slightly larger and grow to 45-52 cm, females - up to 24-49 cm.

The breed standard assumes three kinds of color: Black-piebald, brown-piebald and black-piebald with spots. Strongly expressed krap is permissible, but at exhibitions it is considered a lack of breed. The most common black and piebald color with various stains.

The Estonian hounds are characterized by dense and shiny hair and a weak undercoat development. The tail is covered with rather dense hair and therefore it seems thicker than in reality.

Dogs of this breed have strong musculature andDeveloped strong skeleton, skull rounded, rather long muzzle with a wide black or dark brown nose. Ears with rounded ends rather long, hang down, snug against the head, brown eyes, scissor bite.

Life expectancy is 10-12 years.

Advantages of the breed

The representatives of this breed have a good sense of smell. They are very persistent and in a short time can find the beast and persecute for a long time, untangling its cunning. Estonians are able to keep the beast on the trail for up to three days! This gambler has a beautiful, sonorous voice.

If the dog is properly trained from the earliest childhood, then from 5-7 months they start working.

Owing to its hunting qualities, the Estonian hound quickly established itself in the Soviet Union as a whole. This is an executive and obedient dog, always responsive to the owner.

Its small growth - an excellent advantage in hunting in the forest, they run without hindrance under the spruce forest and penetrate into the fallen tree, where the animal often hides.

Estonian Hound

Now it is most often used in hunting for haresAnd foxes, although hunting for roe deer, wild boar. At the same time, the spitefulness that it manifests in the form of potential prey does not manifest itself in relations with people.

At home she is calm and balanced. This is an excellent companion for a mobile, active person who is able to provide a dog with high physical loads. Under such conditions, the Estonian hound may be kept even in a city apartment.

Although the best dog is suitable for living in the country, where he can run a lot.

Care for the Estonian Hound

This is a completely unpretentious dog and caring for it is not complicated. It feeds on a standard natural food or dry food for active dogs of the right age.

When caring for the hair, it is only sometimes enough to comb the hair with a special glove with bristles. To bathe it is necessary only as necessary in case of strong impurities.


Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Purebred puppies of the Estonian hound without documents are of the order of 100-200 dollars. Exhibition copies are evaluated From 250 dollars.

Photo of the Estonian hound

Estonian Hound Estonian Hound Estonian Hound Estonian Hound Estonian Hound Estonian Hound Estonian Hound Estonian Hound Estonian Hound Estonian Hound Estonian Hound
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