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English cocker spaniel: description of the breed, the nature of the dog, photo, price of the puppies, where to buy

Cocker Spaniel, English Cocker Spaniel, Temperament, Size, Moulting, Care

English Cocker Spaniel - Hardy hunting dog, which is laid downIn genes, bring game to its owner. Read further the breed description - Propensity to training, Mind, Moult, Watchtower and Security qualities, Popularity, Size, Agility, Attitude to children English Cocker Spaniel.

English Cocker Spaniel

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English Cocker Spaniel

A distinctive feature of the spaniel from the majorityModern breeds are long ears. Therefore it is logical to assume that his ancestors were ancient dogs with the same structure of ears. But in fact the English cocker spaniels originated from ordinary dogs with small ears, and only as a result of not natural selection, but of the selection work of man, such luxurious ears were obtained.

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History of the breed

Ancestor of this breed - ashA dog that lived back in the Bronze Age. These dogs performed hunting functions and are considered the progenitors of all modern hunting breeds. They were called "ash" scientists, since their well-preserved remains were found in ashes. Apparently, the ancient people brought the gods of hunting a sacrifice of dogs, burning them on bonfires. But, of course, most of the dogs were left alive, because they were indispensable helpers on the hunt.

Over the centuries, people have learned to anchor the bestHunting qualities in the breed and create the same kind of pedigree type. So there was a breed of spaniels, which then were not yet divided into national varieties: English, American and Russian. It is interesting that the origin of spaniels is attributed to most of the researchers with Spain. It is believed that they originated from small long-haired Spanish hunting dogs, with which people hunted partridges.

But this version has opponents,That one phonetic similarity in the words spaniel and Spain is not enough for a serious statement about the origin of the breed. They believe that the spaniels originated from British dogs known as agass, small, with excellent flair and long hair. The mention of spaniels, as special dogs for hunting, is found in written sources dating from the 4th century AD. E.

The English found for the origin of their breedEven more interesting explanation. They tied the word spaniel to the phrase "spen spain", which translates as "one who jumps high." This name really corresponds to the behavior of spaniels on the hunt, when they jump out of high thickets or stand on their hind legs, stretching into a string, ready at any second to jump high.

But the second word in the name of the breed of discussion is notCauses. Kokker is a forest bird, a woodcock, for hunting, which was an English cocker spaniel. If the origin of the first spaniels can not be reliably confirmed and one can only conjecture about the region in which their ancestors lived, the formation of the English cocker spaniel breed is firmly connected with England.

With the breeding of the breed, the canine spanielists beganActively engaged in the early 19 th century. In 1885, they formed a club of English spaniels, the purpose of which was the official recognition and popularization of the breed. In this country the breed was registered in 1893, and in 9 years the official breed standard was approved. In subsequent years there were several revisions of the standard, and its latest version appeared in 1969. In 1974, the breed was recognized by the FCI, and an international standard has emerged, which is breeding the English cocker spaniels around the world. Interestingly, in England, the breed is called simply a cocker spaniel, and in America so called American Cockers.

In Russia, a foreign breed did not take root immediately. The first English cocker-spaniels appeared in our country in the early 20th century. But for a long time there were so few of them that the breed practically did not develop. Wide public interest in cocci appeared only in the 70's. Most of the first thoroughbred dogs were brought to our country from nurseries of England and Finland. Especially popular were these beautiful and funny dogs in the early 80's, they were permanent exhibitors, they were brought not only by hunters, but also by dog ​​lovers.

The progenitor of all modern cocciBlack male, born in 1879 in England and left numerous offspring. From his son Obo 2 came the breed of American cocker spaniels.

First, the breed appeared in English exhibitions called "field spaniels". Then, in their homeland, the unofficial name "cheerful cocker" was fixed.

Breed standard: basic characteristics

The appearance of the English cocker spaniel conveysThe vigor of his character. The body of the dog is approximately square in size, the shape of the muzzle resembles a rectangle. The skull has smooth outlines, looks moderately light and moderately heavy. The nose is wide enough.


Eyes of a dark color: brown in different shades. They are large, but without bulge. The expression of the eyes is good-natured and intelligent. In the eyes there is a cheerful shine.

At the eye level, ears are planted, which hang down and are flap-shaped. Thin ears are completely covered with silky hair.

Scissor bite.

Neck without suspension, medium length. Beautifully placed on the shoulders.

The thorax is highly developed, but not wide. Shoulders are put obliquely and as if merge with the body.

The forelegs are powerful and short, which provides the dog with a firm support, but does not reduce its performance. Paws are covered with wool.

The body is very strong for a small dog. The ribs are convex, the loin is short and strong. The line of the top is even and firm, only slightly bent toward the rump. Croup is wide, roundish and muscular.

The backbone of the hind limbs is strong, the knee joints have a good bending amplitude, which ensures rapid movement. Paws with soft cat's pads.

The tail is very mobile, set slightly below the level of the back. In the mobile state is at the level of the back and never lifts up. It is docked mainly for hunting purposes, not too shortly.

The wool on structure reminds silkyHair without stiffness. The coat is long, but not curly and not curled. Color is diverse: black, roan, spotted. If the color is solid, then the white spots on the back and sides are considered a disadvantage.

Movements are fast, free, moving with energetic jumps.

Height at the withers of males is 39-40.5 cm, bitches - 38-39.5. Weight is admissible in the range from 12.7 to 14.5 kg.

English cockers can make a stand on an airplane flying in the sky, taking it for a bird.

Character of the English cocker spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel

In the breed, the English cocker-spaniel combines three basic qualities: intelligence, kindness and cunning. These qualities determine the behavior of the dog and its nature.

In many respects the character of the English cocker spanielLeft a mark on his hunting past. Therefore, for a quiet urban life, it can seem excessively mobile and agitated by the dog. For example, on a walk, he can smell something interesting and follow the call of nature for an intriguing smell, running away to a decent distance from the owner. Kokkers are accustomed to act on the hunt not only on the team, but also on their own, so they can make an independent decision by going to perform an important mission, in their opinion.

However, dogs of this breed are extremelyObedient, but they do not have slavish obedience and desire to curry favor. They are obediently somehow nobly, trying to keep on with the master on an equal footing and fulfilling his demands as a friend, not as a servant.

English cocker spaniels are very funnyAnimals. They like fun, movement and noisy companies. It is unlikely that your pet will be bored or modest in the society of other breeds of dogs, he will necessarily become, if not the beast, then one of the most active participants in all dog fads.

With dogs, dogs of this breed like to play: Run with them in catch-up, like playing with the ball. But if the children are very young (under 7 years old), then this process should still be controlled by an adult. The heated cocker can bite or scratch the baby. Of course, these dogs have no natural aggression, and they are very good-natured, but with their excessive playfulness and activity little children can not cope.

Vigor and cheerfulness of EnglishCocker-spaniel made him a cheerful companion and friend of man. He is easy to train, peace-loving, and gets along well with other animals. Only some members of the breed, for the most part, inveterate hunters, may show unfriendliness to small animals.

English cocker spaniels love to drive cars. They can even jump inconspicuously into someone else's car to ride with the breeze.

Care and maintenance

This breed of dogs is quite suitable for keeping inApartment mainly because of its small size. But, like any dog, it needs a certain care. To bathe cockerers is not necessary too often, it is enough to wash their paws after walking. But if your pet is very dirty, but you should remember that the cockerel as a true hunter can spoil in something bad or just gambol in puddles, then it should be bathed using a special shampoo.

The appearance of the cocker is supported byRegular combing and plucking tuft on the head. This process is especially labor-intensive, when the cockerel fills for the first time, it takes about 6 months. Avalanche avalanches come down from the dogs, which must be removed in a timely manner so that it does not spoil the further growth of the coat.

Long dog ears also require care, they canOften get dirty during walks or during meals. For these dogs you need special dishes for eating, on a stand, so that your ears do not climb into the plate and do not rub against the floor.

Also, the cockerel needs to periodically cut the wool on the paws, cut the claws and pull out long hairs on the muzzle. More attention to appearance should be given during the preparation for exhibitions.

English cocker spaniels work in the police and customs, looking for drugs and other illicit substances. Other persistent smells, for example, gasoline, can not deceive the cockerer's instincts.

With the English cocker spaniel for hunting

English Cocker Spaniel

Do not discount the huntingThe ability of the English cocker spaniel. They are diverse and interesting. A dog with passion searches for game, likes to swim and dive, collecting all the wretches. A small cockerer will not take up much space in the boat, his coat will not allow him to freeze in cold water and protect him from prickly twigs in thickets. They perfectly drive the beast with a voice, so sometimes they are used even when hunting a hare and a wild boar.

But, of course, the main specialization of EnglishCocker spaniel - this is wood game: woodcock, pheasant, quail. The dog moves quickly and easily over swampy swamps, in pursuit of water chicks and ducks. They deftly raise the game, giving a sign to the hunter in a voice. Kokker is called the "bird hound", but his abilities can be expanded. Dogs of this breed are excellent on the blood trail, they are able to smell it, even if 15 hours have passed since its appearance. Therefore, the cocci lead the hunter to a wounded large animal, for example, an elk or a roe deer.

Despite the innate hunting instinct, the dogIt is not enough just to bring it to the forest to awaken its abilities. It must be specially taught the art of hunting, or, as the hunters say, to train. Training begins with basic commands that will be useful in everyday life and hunting: "To me!", "Place!", "Foo!", "Sit!", "Lie!", "Give!", "Near ! ».

To work out the upper instinct, that is, the abilityTo catch smells in the upper stream of air, it is recommended to do the following exercise from the first months of life. Put the cheese on a surface 1-1.5 meters high and give the command "Look!". You can also teach the dog to look for a hidden thing, giving it a thorough sniff, and then hiding it in the apartment. By the way, a cocker can teach you how to use this method to help you look for socks that are lost in the morning.

Nataska spaniel lasts about one season. He must learn how to raise the game, but not to drive it, get used to the shots that will be a signal for him to search for the trophy, and properly serve the game, gently taking it across the carcass.

In addition to hunting, the working qualities of the dog are tested in field trials, where the following abilities are assessed:

  • flair,
  • The manner of chaos;
  • Search;
  • Mastery of podvodki;
  • Perseverance;
  • innings;
  • obedience.

Properly trained dog can be an experienced hunterOr specialist cynologist. This takes into account not only the breed quality of the dog, but also its individual characteristics: temperament, the degree of initial training.

At the exhibition of hunting dogs in Moscow in 1978 there were only 12 English cocker spaniels.

How to Choose and Where to Buy a Puppy English Cocker Spaniel

If your goal is to buy not just any dog, butIt is the English cocker-spaniel, then you need to search among litters with a pedigree. Let this puppy not necessarily be from the parents-champions, but at least its origin will not cause doubts. It often happens that a dog without a pedigree outwardly conforms to the standard, but the character and habits are completely uncharacteristic of the breed, which really upsets the owners.

When you come to a meeting with a dog,Which is going to buy a puppy, then pay attention not only to the dogs themselves, but also to the behavior of the owner. A real breeder of cocciks will not rush to sell a puppy at all costs, he really cares about his pets. Unfortunately, there are situations when the owners of bitches sell puppies grown incorrectly, undernourished feed and vitamins. The mistakes of such a dog breeder are very difficult to fix, because the first months are the most important for the development and design of the dog.

In each litter there are usually promisingPuppies and babies for the soul, who have some serious and not very deviations from the standard. Usually prospective puppies are sold more expensive, but at such a young age it is difficult to determine whether kings of the ring and hunting will grow out of them. If you are not sure about the sincerity of the breeder, then bring along a specialist who will help you choose a puppy that matches your goals. It's a shame when you dream of a breeding bitch, but you get a dog that is certainly not suitable for breeding, even though there are well-known ancestors in the pedigree.

A clearer question is the choice of sexualAccessories of the future puppy. Cocker boys look more effective, as lovers of this breed say, are "well-dressed," but they are more independent in their ways. In addition, they like to walk in search of love, which gives their owners a lot of emotions. The girls are more elegant, obedient and affectionate, but when you plant a bitch, you have to calculate your strength: do you have the time, money and, most importantly, the desire to engage in matings, maintenance and attachment of offspring. Although some dog breeders pledge that they do not plan anything, they often have to babysit couple of months with puppies instead of traveling to the sea.

Price of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Puppies without documents, that is, without puppy cards, can not cost More than 10 thousand rubles. The cost of purebred English cocker spaniel puppies An average of 15 thousand rubles.

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