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Bedlington Terrier, photo and description of the breed

Bedlington Terrier, photo and description, puppies, prices

Bedlington Terrier certainly belongs to the numberThe most original species of the world. The dog has a body structure similar to a hound, a pear-shaped elongated head shape, a snow-white color of a lush and curly coat. Due to this set of qualities, a pet is often compared to a cute sheep. However, with all its charm, the dog can in a flash turn into a fierce fighter and an implacable defender. For such a discrepancy of external data and character traits, the dog is called "A lamb with the heart of a lion". We invite you to familiarize yourself with the unusual breed in more detail.

Bedlington Terrier - a fierce hunter in "sheep's clothing"

The origin of the "lamb"

Bedlington Terrier - a fierce hunter in "sheep's clothing"

The breed was bred in the 18th century in eastern EnglandIn the town of Bedlington, in honor of which the pets got their name. Animals were removed as a rescue from rodents and pests, which densely populated the mines and caused a lot of problems to its workers.

However, on this application of the pet is notStopped, the dog was used as an assistant on the hunt, the breed was often bred by poachers, the animal took part in competitions of catching rats. Dogs were often kept by gypsies who taught them various tricks and even pickpocket skills. Bedlington-terrier is credited with a lot of amazing opportunities that make the breed mystical.

Residents of medieval England, occupyingThe picturesque glades that border on the forest were often attacked by wild animals. According to one legend, three dogs Bedlington Terrier could prevent the appearance of a wild bear in the village, killing the beast. Other stories say that the cute dog easily ripped more than a hundred rats for 10 minutes. A third argue that the dog can dodge, even from a shot at close range.

It would seem that urban legends have nothingGeneral with reality, but most dog handlers tend to believe stories. The fact is that the breed is extremely controversial. Behind the pretty appearance lies a clever, merciless and powerful hunter, who can cope with even impossible tasks.

The first mention of the breed

The first mention of the breed dates back to 1825In the book "The Life of James Allen", but most scientists agree that the dogs appeared several hundred years earlier. The breed quickly gained traction and finally found itself in an atmosphere of luxury and wealth. Bedlington Terrier attracted the attention of the Queen of England, becoming her pet.

In 1867 the first internationalStandard, and the dogs began to take an active part in various exhibitions and competitions. Later, the appearance of the pet changed several times in order to improve the exterior and give the animal a subtlety. Along with external changes, corrections were also made to the nature of the animal.

However, not all connoisseurs of the breedLike these changes, so in England was founded a club of fans of purebred Bedlington Terriers, who retained working qualities and hunting character. Some time in the homeland of the pets there were several types of breed, today all the differences between them have practically worn off. Now the dog has gained wide popularity all over the world.

Bedlington Terrier - English manners and original appearance:

  • Bedlington Terrier - English manners and original appearanceHeight at the withers - 21 cm;
  • Weight - up to 11 kg;
  • Life expectancy - up to 15 years;
  • General appearance - graceful animals of medium size, harmoniously combined, the silhouette resembles a lamb, their movements are very dynamic and swift, the key feature of the breed is the arched back;
  • Movements - dogs move at a rapid gallop, the limbs are parallel to each other, when the pace of movement slows down, they become light and springy;
  • Head - pear-shaped, not wide, has pronounced superciliary arches, occipital hillock practically not prominent, skull is rounded, stop hardly visible, muzzle slightly lowered;
  • Nose - broad dark brown lobe;
  • Lips - dry, close to the jaw, color, usually black or sand;
  • Cheekbones - practically do not stand out;
  • Jaws - strong, developed, the presence of a full set of teeth with linear incisors;
  • Eyes - planted deep enough, have a triangular shape, shades range from brown to nutty colors;
  • Ears - low planting, thin, triangular shape, have rounded ends with fringe, covered with velvety fur. The ears hang down and snug against the cheeks;
  • Bedlington Terrier - appearanceNeck - high landing, muscular, smoothly passes into the withers;
  • Body - the top line forms a characteristic arch for the breed, the withers are not pronounced, the back is short and protruding, the breast is oval, deep, with projecting ribs, the belly forms a tightened arch;
  • Tail - has the shape of a saber, long enough, reaches to the hock, has a thick base and a thin tip, in a calm state, the tail hangs;
  • Limbs - paws placed slightly closer to each other, obliquely shoulder, long forearm, abdominals adjoining the chest, inclined hips, low-lowered hocks;
  • Wool - a dense coat with a silky texture,It does not adhere to the skin too tightly, it forms pretty curls. A "hat" of wool, lighter and softer than the cover on the rest of the body, appears on the head. The ears are covered with a short layer of soft hair;
  • Color - the breed has traditional colors: White, white with opal, sand, beige, red-brown. Puppies of the breed are born darker, but by the age of one they change the children's fur coat to an adult light color.

Main characteristics of the breed:Main characteristics of the breed

  1. Slopes to be stubborn;
  2. Quickly develop, ready for early socialization;
  3. Need periodic intellectual and physical loads that will save the household from the mass of problems in the content of Bedlington Terrier;
  4. Dogs slopes to tough fights if necessary;
  5. With developed intelligence poorly yield to training;
  6. Inexperienced owners are not recommended to establish such wayward pets;
  7. Dogs are attached to only one person;
  8. Like all members of the family of terriers, they like to dig the ground;
  9. Adore chasing other animals by pinching their legs. They can show similar skills of the shepherd and in relation to the person.



Bedlington Terrier behaves like a realGentleman, does not tolerate rudeness and cries. The breed can safely be called a small knight, who will defend his masters until his last breath. Dogs are very clean. They will not run through puddles and intentionally "climb into the mud." They appreciate their dignity and impeccable appearance. In addition, the pet is practically odorless and is not susceptible to molting, so even the people with allergies can get the Bedlington terrier.

Animals are extremely sensitive to children,Ready to tolerate their antics and even become their plaything. The dog is not inclined to dirty, behaves quietly and calmly even alone. This breed will not surprise you with an unpleasant surprise when you return home.

Bedlington Terrier is characterized by energy,The breed is easy to climb, ready to accompany the owner on walks and jogging. Pets like to jump and perform physical exercises. It is recommended to deal with representatives of the agility breed. Without playing sports, a pet can turn into a lazy dog ​​with a bad character. The English easily tolerate travel, ready to go with you even to the resort.

Terriers do not tolerate disrespect forItself. If in educational purposes you use force, then be prepared that dogs can snap and growl. Dogs have a developed memory, so the offense caused by the master will be stored in the terrier's mind. Sometimes the breed can be vindictive.

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier is very playful and loves toys,However, he is an eerie owner and will not allow them to be used by other animals in the house. Pets love to be next to the owner, and they will not burden you with their attention if you are busy. The dog will lie near the master, watching his actions and guarding his safety.

Englishmen easily find contact with othersPets at home, but they will always pretend to be the main favorite. Terriers are jealous and can be offended if, in their opinion, a different "fellow" gets a big "dose of attention". Cohabitation of dogs and rodents (or other small animals) is contraindicated.

Bedlington Terrier likes to be in the centerAttention, welcomes guests. The breed has an innate insight, it easily determines the character of a stranger. Therefore, some friends of family members can show dislike.

On walks it is recommended to put on the petCollar and use a leash. Due to developed hunting instincts, a dog can chase a squirrel, another dog or moving object. It will be extremely difficult to stop it with commands.

Features of the content:

  1. Features of the contentLivability - equally well reside inConditions of a city apartment and a country estate. If the dog starts in its own house, then keep it on the street in winter is prohibited. The breed does not tolerate frosts;
  2. Activity - the English do not need intensivePhysical exertion and long walks, but this does not mean that you can ignore the paddock's walking and playing with it. Representatives of the breed love water, be sure to take it to note and your pet will be immensely grateful;
  3. Wool - dogs must be combed once inWeek, trimming procedures will be needed at intervals of every few months. The dog is distinguished by its high cleanliness, even in the fireside of an active game, it will not allow itself to enter a puddle or smudge its paws. The English, to be sure;
  4. Bathing - due to cleanliness, such procedures are minimized (not more than 1 time in half a year). Frequent bathing can smooth the pet's hair and deprive it of its natural charm;
  5. Eyes - regularly wipe the eyes of the pet with cotton swabs soaked in clean water. Slope breed to the development of eye ailments;
  6. Diet - the liver's weak point is the liver, so the menu for it should be based on natural foods that are maximally enriched with vitamins. Dry food is contraindicated in English;
  7. Preventive visits to the veterinarianMost of the breed's species there is a development of urological diseases that do not manifest themselves externally. Therefore, it is necessary to make scheduled inspections of the veterinarian, as one of the points of keeping the terrier.

Training Bedlington Terrier

Training Bedlington Terrier

Educate in the terrier of an ideal pet - heavywork. Despite the developed intellect, the pet is famous for its stubbornness and desire for freedom. For training, you need iron willpower and perseverance. The use of physical force to the representatives of the breed is contraindicated. Bedlington-terrier has got used to respond to aggression by aggression, therefore can snap even at the owner.

But the dog is very susceptible to affection and praise. Terriers quickly become attached to people, trying to please them "whims". Therefore, it is recommended to use a kind attitude as an incentive. The execution of commands becomes more interesting for the dog, if they are supported by goodies.

Where to buy a puppy? Price

Where to buy a puppy? Price

An amazing breed still remains rare inOur regions. Official nurseries Bedlington-terriers are not represented on the territory of the country, so you can buy a puppy only from a private breeder. An alternative is to visit dog shows and competitions, where representatives of the breed take part.

However, private individuals can not provideDocuments and certificates confirming the pedigree of the baby. Therefore, there is a probability of buying a mestizo. If you do not plan to train a dog and participate with it in international performances, then the presence or absence of documents will not be a principal factor for you.

To buy a puppy "blue blood with documents,Will have to go to European countries, where the breed has long been popular, and the number of quality nurseries is estimated in dozens. The original appearance, silky coat and pleasant character makes the breed very expensive. The cost of a small "lamb" starts from $ 750 without documents.

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