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Scottish Setter Gordon: character, photo, price

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The Scottish Setter (Gordon) - a hunting dog - a pug girlfriend. She is very hardy, energetic and mobile, with a steady psyche. Used for hunting birds.

The Scottish Setter

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Security features
The size
Attitudes towards children

History of the breed

Scottish Setter Gordon

Gordon - this is one of the breeds, the resultsBreeding breeding. The origin of their pedigree is derived from black dogs, common in the north of Scotland and England. Two hundred years ago, the blood of the Irish setter, bloodhound, pointer, laying spaniel began to inculcate in gordons, which fixed a black suit with tan marks.

A little later the breed was unsuccessfully crossed with the collie, and then for the correction again began to mix blood bloodhounds. The breed was completely formed by 1860.

In Russia they became very popular in the 80s of the 20th century, as excellent hunters.


The Scottish Setter has a harmoniously developed body with good musculature. This is the most densely folded strong animal of all setters. Its height at the withers is 69 cm, and its weight is about 30 kg.

The wool of the gordon is thick, long, shiny,Soft, paws and ears wavy. Color - raven's wing (black with a bluish tint) with mahogonovymi or bright nuts tan. On the neck and chest, small white markings are possible.

The character of Gordon

As a hunter of the Scottish Setter, he has a very good flair, which makes him work perfectly in any area. Quickly adapts to different weather conditions.

This is a very loyal companion, who needs constant attention of his master. It is good for all family members and their friends, it plays with children with pleasure.

In relation to strangers and other animals behaves delicately.

This is absolutely not an aggressive dog, driven and obedient, which will rush to the rescue only if the danger threatens someone whom he loves.
Ability to train in this dog is above average and in only 15-25 repetitions, it assimilates a new team.

This bold, self-confident dog and in the company of dogs prone to leadership. If the owner is not an obvious leader, then the dog will try to dominate him.

Features of care for Scottish setters

Scottish Setter Gordon

It is better not to keep such a dog in the apartment, because it needs to move a lot. Best of all, she will feel in the courtyard of a private house, but, of course, not on a chain.

In addition to walking, the Scottish setter needs active games and special training. If the owner likes cycling or running around in the morning, the dog will be happy to accompany him.

Wool setter needs daily care whenHelp a good steel comb. Also periodically this breed needs to be trimmed and bathed. For a monthly bathing is better to use a soft dog shampoo or human, designed for dry hair. After washing, it is desirable to use a balm rinse. You can dry it with a hairdryer.

Health and disease

Dogs of this breed live up to 10-12 years. In general, they are quite healthy, although due to the rather large weight there is a tendency to dysplasia of the hip joints. Eye diseases such as cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy are also common.

Inclined Scottish setters and bloating, so you need to feed them fractional - a few small portions a day.

Price of the puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Puppies of the Scottish Setter stand From $ 320 to $ 930.

Photo of the Scottish Setter

Scottish Setter (Gordon) Scottish Setter (Gordon) Scottish Setter (Gordon) Scottish Setter Gordon Scottish Setter Gordon Scottish Setter Gordon Scottish Setter Gordon Scottish Setter Gordon Scottish Setter Gordon Scottish Setter Gordon The Scottish Setter Scottish Setter Gordon Scottish Setter Gordon
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