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Drinking bowl for a dog: automatic, dry mustache, road

Many dog ​​breeders believe that instead of drinking waterThe old dish will go to the dog. But this error may even lead to injury to the oral cavity of the dog, for example, on the edge of glassware with a crack or cleft.

What are drinking bowls for dogsIn addition, there are drinkers of specialAppointments, from which the dog is comfortable to drink, for example, on the road. Or the most suitable for animals of certain breeds. When choosing a drinker, you need to consider different factors: the size of the dog, its physiological characteristics, the length of the coat and even the character.

Shoulders should be high so that waterNot spilled. A small dog needs a big bowl too. It is better to pick up a larger dog with a bigger one and with a stand in the kit. This is especially important for the puppy, so that when he grows his spine is not deformed from the fact that he strongly leans.

Types of drinking bowls for dogs

The most common type of drinker isa bowl. It can be made of ceramics, plastic or metal. Plastic bowl is the most budget and safe option, but it is too light and unstable, and short-lived. Metal bowl is heavier and more stable, it lasts longer. There are options with rubber pads on the bottom or legs.

What are drinking bowls for dogsThis ensures their immobility. Ceramic drinkers are also resistant and can be of very different design. A more convenient type is a non-spillage bowl. It is very convenient not only for a drinking dog. The owner of a smart puppy or a hyperactive dog does not have to constantly wipe out puddles of spilled water. On the road, a special drink is especially convenient for pet travelers. There are different types of road drinkers.

For example, one type consists of a bottle withWater and bowls, which form will repeat the bottle. The bottle is put in a bowl and so the place in the bag is saved. It can also be attached to the dog's leash with a special latch. If necessary, to give the dog a drink, the bottle turns over the bowl, the lid turns off, and the water immediately pours into the bowl. T

Also there is a type, like automatic drinkersfor dogs. This electronic device from a special reservoir supplies the pet with water in a given amount and at the required time. For breeds of dogs with long hair on the muzzle (Maltese lap dog, Yorkshire terrier, shit-tsu, etc.), the "dry mustache" is especially convenient for drinking. When drinking from it, the pet does not get wet on the muzzle, which means that it does not sow, grows better and does not have an unpleasant smell.

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