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Dogs eat stones: why, what to do

Some masters fall into despair, seeing howTheir pets eat stones. This habit is dangerous for the dog's body. Stones are not digested, they damage the teeth of the animal and the soft tissues of the mouth, stomach and intestines.

In addition, the dog can choke and suffocate.

Why do dogs eat stones?

This behavior is called a perverted appetite. There are many reasons for it. Most often this is a deficit of certain nutrients, for example, iron. Also provoke an unhealthy "appetite" may upset the gastrointestinal tract - the same heartburn that the dog tries to soothe with the help of stones.

Another reason may be differentDiseases, for example, diabetes. To accurately diagnose the health of the dog, you need to contact the veterinarian and conduct a comprehensive examination of the body. Another block of reasons for eating stones can be a consequence of behavioral problems. For example, thus, a lonely dog ​​can simply attract the attention of the owner. And it does not matter whether it's positive or negative.

Why does a dog eat stones and what to do in this case

Or the dog just wants to chew something periodically, especially for puppies that have teeth.

How to deal with such a habit, what to do to the owner?

  • In this situation, it's pointless to scold a dog. And if the reason for her behavior is to attract the attention of the owner, then a "reprimand" from him for the animal will be a reward. And she will continue to do what she's been after, and then talk to her.
  • When the dog is caught right at the "crime scene", you can scare her with a water pistol or a loud noise. But she should not see who scares her.
  • A bored dog needs to walk more often, carry around the city, play with it.
  • If a puppy's teeth are chopped and he needs somethingChew, always need to keep a few chewing toys at the ready. They need to be periodically changed and hidden, so that the baby is constantly with some new toy and he was not distracted by foreign objects.
  • An animal should change its diet - check whether all the substances are balanced in its feed. Good food is high in fiber.

However, to transfer to a new diet isConsult a veterinarian. There are also medicines that help with perverted appetite. While this problem is being solved, it is necessary to closely monitor the dog, not letting it out of sight. It is better not to let her off the leash, to remove all stones and other objects that the dog can swallow at the permanent place of walking.

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