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Schipperke: a description of the breed of dogs, photo, price of puppies

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Schipperke is a breed of huntingA dog, very tiny for hunting mice and rats. Its predecessors, it seems, were German spitz with the same pointed ears and compact build, and Belgium was the birthplace. In the Flemish dialect, Schipperke means "shepherd".


Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Security features
The size
Attitudes towards children

History of the Schipperke

Dogs of this breed were first shown inBrussels at the exhibition in 1690. Then schipperke was the favorite dog of shoemakers and workers in the Brussels quarter of Saint-Jerry. They were adorned with intricate copper collars and completely cut off the tails. Now the breed is recognized in many countries of the world. Recently it appeared in Russia. In Belgium schipperke was used not only to combat rodents, but also to protect ships and barges. For a long time they accompanied the sailors and even got the nickname of the "little skipper". With proper training, the hairpins can be hunted for moles or rabbits.

Standard of breed, dog size: height, weight

Schipperke at the withers reach a height of 33 cm, their weightUp to 9 kg. The head of a dog is similar to a fox with a broad forehead and a tapering snout. Dark brown eyes are oval in shape. Small triangular ears are highly placed, very mobile. The body is stocky with a wide loin and a tight belly. The tail is stopped or missing from birth. The coat is thick and plentiful. At the front of the limbs, the body and head are short. On the withers and chests are longer, forming a mane and collar. Color is always black.

Nature of the schipperke

This energetic cheerful dog that isIn constant motion. She dislikes strangers and at the slightest suspicious sound barks barkingly. She loves her master and children. These are inquisitive dogs, which in fact remain puppies of 5 years of age. Of these, good watchdogs are obtained, decisively defending their territory and the owner. Easily digest all the necessary commands. Nevertheless, it is better not to start a representative of this breed to an inexperienced dog breeder. These are independent and self-assured dogs, for which the owner should always be an indisputable authority. They are clever, but wayward dogs. Poorly or not properly trained may not be tolerant of very young children. Schipperke, like many dogs, need early socialization.

Care and maintenance

Schipperke photo

Schipperke are very active, hardy, loveLong walks. Their high level of intelligence, small size and unpretentiousness make it possible to keep these dogs in the house, in the garden, and in the apartment. The wool of these dogs is of medium length and very dense. It is long and without much difficulty remains clean, does not require trimming and haircuts. All you need is to comb the dog with a brush two or three times a week. And, if necessary, bathe the animal. Considerable care for the dog's fur is required only during moulting, which occurs three times a year and lasts for 10 days. At this time, the dog completely changes the undercoat and needs to be combed twice a day. Schipperke need a lot of physical activity. It is necessary not only to walk for a long time, but also to allow daily running, for example, behind the owner's bicycle. Also, the dog needs to regularly brush his teeth and ears, cut off his claws and rub his eyes. The life span of schipperke is 12-15 years. In general, they are quite healthy dogs. Most often representatives of this breed are prone to such diseases as epilepsy, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, Legg Calve Perthes disease, progressive retinal atrophy, cataract. In 15% of the schipperke population, mucopolysaccharidosis type 111B is found. This connective tissue disease is associated with hereditary metabolic abnormalities, which leads to various defects of the cartilaginous, bone and connective tissues.

Price of puppies schipperke

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

This is a rare breed of dogs in Russia and therefore its puppies are quite expensive. Price starts from $ 1,300.

Photo schipperke

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