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Pincher - from the rules of care to the price review of the breed of dogs (list with photos)

Pincher dog

Pincher - a dog bred on the territoryGermany, which quickly gained popularity in the homeland and European countries. Pets are endowed with a pretty appearance, a playful temperament and genuine cheerfulness. Pinschers will become excellent companions and loyal friends. The advantage of the breed is its unpretentiousness to the conditions of detention. We will get acquainted with the group of pinscher closer, having considered all its representatives.

Pinscher - from small to large

Pinscher - a dog known as the "Stiff Griffon" Because of their skills to catch rats. Thanks to the developed guarding qualities and sonorous voice, the dogs often became assistant coachmen, accompanying the carriages. Animals have a strong temper and are able to repel even a rival, superior in size and combat power.

The modern group of "pinscher" includes the following breeds:

  • Dwarf pinscher - a miniature dog with strong paws and a muscular body, has a short coat of black and red color, the international standard requires the tail and ears to be closed;
  • Doberman - a medium-sized dog (about 50 cm at the withers), was introduced by Friedrich Dobermann, belongs to the number of service breeds, combines an elegant appearance and power;
  • German Pinscher - the dog has an athletic build, high ears and an elongated muzzle, the coat is smooth, usually black and red;
  • Australian pinscher - a dog with a "shepherd's" past, was used as a hunter for rats, has an elongated fur coat of various colors;
  • Affenpinscher - a miniature dog that has an external resemblance to a monkey, which is reflected in the name of the pet, has a fluffy beard, expressive eyes and hanging ears.

Doberman - ferocious and peaceful at the same time

The animal belongs to the category of service,Thanks to the predisposition to training and quick learning. Dobermans have a muscular, but light body. With external aggressiveness, dogs have a subtle inner world, differ in boundless love and devotion to the master.

International Standard:

  1. Head - the form of a blunted wedge, a pronounced transition from the forehead to the muzzle, the lips adhere tightly, the bite in the form of scissors;
  2. Eyes - the average value, the classical color is considered to be dark colors;
  3. Ears - standing, subjected to the process of cupping;
  4. Body - muscular neck, high withers, strong back, thorax of oval shape, tight stomach;
  5. Limbs - the elbows are pressed against the chest, the pasterns are short, the hips are broad and muscular, the hind legs are arched;
  6. Tail - stops in the area of ​​the third vertebra;
  7. Wool - hard, with a shiny drop, dark brown or black.

Dobermans have a stable and calmMentality, they are easy to manage, especially if their upbringing has been given due attention. The idea of ​​Dobermans as an evil and tough dog was formed due to the screen image, where the breed is represented as a formidable guard, without a hint of pity and compassion.

Dobermans are really goodDefenders, but they will only show aggression in an emergency, when the territory or the security of the owner is at stake. In the rest the character of dogs can be called good-natured and complaisant.

Care of the pet is very simple -Thanks to a short coat, the moulting periods are almost unnoticeable for the household. To bathe the dog should be as necessary, but not more often than twice a half-year. As measures to prevent various diseases, it is recommended to inspect the ears of the pet for contamination and inflammation, as well as brushing your teeth every week.

Feed the dog can be both natural andReady food. In the first case, you can give almost everything, the main thing that the "dishes" were prepared by cooking without adding salt and spices. It must necessarily be meat products and offal, porridge, dairy products, boiled vegetables, sea fish.

Dobermans are endurance and strong health, but the breed is prone to diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the development of heart failure.

Pinscher puppies are sold in specializedNurseries, the cost of the baby with the documents will be about 35 000 rubles. Doberman without a pedigree will be much cheaper. An example of a kennel with a good recommendation in Moscow is "IzGavaona".

Dwarf pinscher is a pretty pet with a lion's heart

The breed is a small copy of the GermanPinscher, which retained all the virtues of its "older brother". The dog combines developed musculature, mobility, sharp mind and wit. Dwarf pinscher is very fond of playing and caressing by the owners, to achieve their attention he will be in any way, including barking and petty dirty tricks.

International Standard:

  1. Appearance - growth at the withers up to 30 cm with a weight of 4 kg;
  2. Head - elongated form, black nose;
  3. Eyes - black, almond-shaped;
  4. Ears - set high;
  5. Body - developed musculature, good proportions, strong back;
  6. Tail - docked (in EU countries, stopping is forbidden);
  7. Wool - thick coat without undercoat, the main color is black, red and reddish spots may be stained.

Dwarf pinscher gives the impression of a pranksterFate and a pocket dog, but in reality the dog has a wayward character, is distinguished by courage. The developed working qualities and sharp mind make him a frequent participant in various exhibitions and competitions.

The dog quickly finds a common language with all membersFamily, but constantly trying to dominate even the hosts, if they let him take the small pranks from hand. With other animals Pinscher gets along rather badly, claiming the rights to the championship and the status of leader.

Care of the pet can also be attributed to the categoryLungs - it is necessary to periodically comb out the dog, wash the paws after walking, bathe as necessary, conduct hygienic procedures for the care of the ears and mouth.

The health of a dwarf pincher is not as strong as that of his fellow humans. For the breed is characterized by epilepsy, baldness, dislocations of the knee cap, dysplasia of the hip joints.

How much does the pinscher cost:

  • Up to 10,000 rubles for a puppy without documents or with signs of "marriage of the breed";
  • Up to 20 000 rubles for a puppy with a pedigree;
  • From 20 000 rubles for the kid, whose parents have distinguished themselves at exhibitions and are champions.

German Pinscher - home favorite with ambitions

Pet has a strong character, soTo curb it requires an experienced owner who knows how to put in place. At the same time, the spirit of adventurism lives in the dog, it will gladly go in search of adventure, will accompany you on walks, jogs and any sorties from home. Pincher is an extremely sympathetic friend, he will share with the owner all the sorrows and ups.

International Standard:

  1. Head - elongated shape, lips closely fitting, cheekbones practically not expressed;
  2. Eyes - the average value, the classical color is considered to be dark colors;
  3. Ears - hanging;
  4. Body - proportional addition, growth at the withers up to 50 cm, straight posture line, muscular neck, tucked up abdomen;
  5. Limbs - the hind legs and fore legs are parallel to each other, they have strong bones;
  6. Wool - short wool of a monochromatic brown color.

Pets are very smart andSmart, quickly understand the rules of the house, but they do not always follow them. Pinschers need lessons of early socialization, which will allow to nullify a wary attitude towards other animals and strangers.

The dog needs a high level of activity,So get off a simple ten-minute walk at home will not succeed. The pet quickly becomes attached to the owner and is ready to spend with him all the time, however, the pinscher is not intrusive.

The animal is not choosy in terms of care. You should only wipe a short coat after a walk and bathe completely as necessary. It is recommended to clean the mouth with a toothbrush.

Pinscher food should be balanced withSeasonal adjustments, so the ideal option will be ready-made premium foods. The health of the pet is strong, hereditary diseases are virtually excluded.

The breed is quite popular in Russia,So you can buy a puppy, both "with hands" and with specialized breeders. In the first case, the question of the authenticity of the breed will be open until the pet grows full and acquires all the characteristics of the German pinscher. The average price for a puppy varies between 27,000 rubles.

Australian pinscher - a guest from abroad

The Australian is the most independent andIndependent of the whole group of pinschers. It has long been used as a guard dog, so it can not be called friendly to people and other animals. However, with proper upbringing and socialization lessons, the dog may well become an affectionate and loving domestic pet.

International Standard:

  1. Head - pear-shaped with a wide skull, short muzzle with closely fitting lips;
  2. The eyes are large and expressive;
  3. Ears - triangular, standing;
  4. Body - growth to 47 cm at the withers, large neck, deep thorax;
  5. Limbs - arched paws, strong bones;
  6. Tail - set high, curled in an arc;
  7. Wool - adjacent, short, solid color of brown, yellow and black.

Australians are very devoted to family members, howeverTo strangers are treated with a great deal of mistrust. Start pinscher should be in a private house with an adjacent territory. In apartment conditions, dogs feel bad due to a lack of activity.

Pets do well with children, but will not giveHimself in insult, not allowing to pull at the tail and wool. They can even slightly bite, so leaving a dog alone with a child is a bad idea. Dogs can cope with the role of guards, but they are not receptive to commands and training. The only training method is praise and tasty encouragement.

Caring for the breed is carried out throughCombing out a special comb to eliminate dead hair. Hygienic procedures in the form of cleaning the ears and oral cavity should also be included in the mandatory weekly plan.

The basis of a dog's natural diet isMeat, cereals, offal and vegetables. Do not succumb to the manipulation of the Australian, he often begs the owners extra goodies, which quickly turn into excess kilograms. It is quite difficult for an Australian to regain his good form again. To do this, he will need long walks and exercise. Genetic diseases and serious ailments have not been identified in pinschers.

The breed is spread only at home - inAustralia, so with the purchase of a puppy, problems may arise. Only the best nurseries of the central cities of Russia are engaged in the sale of Australians. As a rule, you can not just come and choose your favorite baby. Most likely will have to queue up for future litter. To buy a pet, as well as other pinchers, it is possible in official nurseries of Russia. These factors determine the high cost of puppies - from 55 000 rubles. To buy pinscher, trips abroad are possible.

Affenpinscher - Friendly Pied Piper

Affenpinscher is a true friend and assistant of the family,Daily causing at household members continuous smiles. The pretty appearance and cheerfulness of the pet will not leave you indifferent. At the same time, the requirements for care and education for the "monkey" are quite complex, therefore, it is not necessary to start inexperienced dog breeders.

International Standard:

  1. Head - a square shape, hiding behind a beard from a mustache and shaggy eyebrows;
  2. Eyes - round, dark color;
  3. Ears - undergo the docking process;
  4. Body - a miniature dog, height at the withers up to 28 cm, square body structure, tight belly;
  5. Limbs - pronounced joints of the paws, strong bones;
  6. Tail - stop;
  7. Wool - hard wool medium length, the standard provides for black, red and brown color, the presence of white spots is unacceptable.

The breed has clearly expressed hunting instincts,"Thanks" to what they practically do not get along with other animals, especially if they are rodents. Children like pinscher, but when there is a struggle for the attention of the owners, dogs enter into an open confrontation, pulling the blanket over themselves.

In addition, conflicts between pinschers and children canArise and about toys. Dogs do not like to share their "treasures", they can aggressively select their favorite ball, for example. To start a breed in families with small children is not recommended.

Dogs do not tolerate loneliness. They show their discontent with the mess left in the house and damage to property. By nature, the affenpinscher is a leader, seeks to subordinate the household to his rules, so from childhood the dog should be made to understand its place.

Care of the pinscher is also sufficientComplex: regular combing, monthly bathing, ear cleaning and eye care are needed. In food, dogs are whimsical and picky, they prefer ready-made premium foods.

Health at pinschers strong, they are not terrible serious and gene diseases. The only danger is dislocation of limbs and infectious ailments.

Buy affenpinschera - the task is not easy. Even specialized nurseries in Russia can not always offer puppies for sale. Often you have to queue up for future litter. The average price for a puppy is about 55 000 rubles.

Clicks for pinschers - choose the appropriate "name"

Pincher - a group of rocks, considered elite,So from the banal nicknames such as "Rex" or "Ball" is to be abandoned. Choose the original names that will emphasize the individual traits of the character of the pet. Note that the breed was bred in Germany, so German names reflecting the historical origin of the pet will be quite logical.

Popular nicknames for boys:

  • Amur;
  • Artie;
  • Bucky;
  • Bailey;
  • Vince;
  • Dandy;
  • Dixon;
  • Quincy;
  • Madison;
  • Neuro;
  • Picker;
  • Walter;
  • Chester.

Among the popular names for girls are the following: Amanda, Goldie, Giselle, Keti, Lily, Maggie, Naomi, Rochelle, Tess, Fanny, Helen, Cheryl, Emily.

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