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Orchitis in dogs: symptoms, treatment

Orchitis in dogs is called testicular inflammation. Most often the disease affects adult dogs, on average at the age of four, but the animal breed does not matter.

How to treat orchitis in dogsIt proceeds as chronic, but more often in acuteForm and, as a rule, caused by scrotal injury. Although this disease can be caused by infection, including viruses such as plague, or infections that cause inflammation of the bladder (eg, cystitis) or inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis).

Also, bites can lead to the development of the diseaseInsects into the scrotal area. Other causes may be dermatitis in the testicles, inguinal hernia, torsion of the spermatic cord, granuloma - sperm-filled formation, hydrocele-edema of the testicles, neoplasia.

Symptoms of orchitis in dogs

Symptoms of orchitis are localized in the scrotum areaMale. The disease can be recognized by swelling of the testes, irritation on the skin of the scrotum, as a result of which the dog constantly licks it. On examination, open sores may be found.

How to treat orchitis in dogsWhen the testes feel the dog is testingSevere pain. There are also non-localized symptoms, such as pain and fever. The dog sleeps a lot, refuses to go and eat. He sits very gently, and his hind legs are clearly tense. With a chronic orchitis, the dog may be infertile.

For correct diagnosis it is necessary to allocateDog to the vet. He will examine the animal and prescribe tests to exclude various diseases that could cause orchitis. With an infectious orchitis in a dog, a blood test can have an elevated level of white blood cells.

With cystitis or prostatitis in urine analysisThere will be blood, an increased amount of proteins or pus. An antibody test will show if infectious organisms can be the cause of orchitis. An ultrasound examination of the testes and the prostate can also be prescribed. If the dog has an open wound on the testis, it is examined for bacterial infections.

Treatment and care

How to treat orchitis in dogsTreatment of a dog from an orchitis depends on,Whether the dog is used for breeding puppies. If the dog does not participate in breeding, it is better to castrate it. If the problem also affects one testicle, a good way out of the situation is partial castration. After the operation, the dog needs to give antibiotics within three weeks.

Treatment with antibiotics without castration toRecovery is rare. But even one-sided castration can lead to infertility. In any case, after treatment after three months, the spermatozoa of the dog will be checked for viability. That the dog does not remain barren it is better to inspect it regularly and on time to treat wounds and prevent infections.

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