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Dog Shih Tzu: description of the breed, nature and health

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Dog-Chrysanthemum, Buddha's dog, a lion dog bringing happiness to the house - all of this is about shih-tzu. The history of the breed is thousands of years old. There are so many legends about Shih Tzu that all the breeds of dogs taken together can envy them. Nobody will remain indifferent when you see this beautiful woman, a long mustache and beard, a head decorated with a top note with a beautiful bow, a luxurious coat that streams on the ground with a royal train, a tail cast back on its back, smart eyes staring into the soul ...

Shih Tzu Dog

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Nature of the breed

Shih Tzu

This breed is in many ways unique. The nature of a miniature shih-tzu is truly a lion's. From the outside, it may seem that she is excessively proud of herself and even arrogant, but this view is erroneous. Shih Tzu simply can not stand inattention to himself. In this case, it will never become intrusive. Always understand when it is possible to approach, and when it is better to leave the owner alone. However, one has only to look in her direction - her tail immediately starts to move affably. As she understands that you can finally pet it - it's not known, but it's just that. He ran up, licked, from an excess of feelings, he would bit his hand, glance into his eyes, but then he would obediently depart, if he understood that it was time for the master to do business.

For thousands of years the Shih Tzu have been educated in palaces,First - in the palaces of Chinese emperors, then - in the chambers of European kings. Of course, this affected their character. They are not only exceptionally clean, but, besides, they are not troublemakers. A melodious and quiet barking of these dogs does not disturb the peace of the owner and his neighbors, so the shih-tzu is often called the eastern princess.

The dog will be a joy and a reliable friend forElderly people, an ally in games and pranks for children, a medicine in stressful situations, when the mood is at zero and do not want anything. Affectionate and playful, gentle and serious, as if foreseeing the desires of the owner, shih-tzu will help restore mental balance.

If you already have pets at home, Shih Tzu withJoy makes friends with them. He will never offend anyone, but he will not hurt himself. It's amazing how much in this little dog is of courage, patience and endurance.

Comfortable dog

Communicative and small size shih-tzu in combination with a cute appearance and unpretentiousness gave the breed an incredible popularity.

This dog can even be trained in inclement weather to do their "tricks" in the cat tray.

The Shih Tzu dog is mobile, fun, does not require the owner of a special physical fitness, but will gladly make him a company in long walks, hikes, trips to the country.

Increasingly, an increasing number of representatives of this breed are participating in agility. And no wonder - these dogs are very smart, intelligent and easy to train.

Health Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu dog is distinguished by excellent health and notTimes fell into the lists of long-livered dogs. But in order for the pet to continue this glorious tradition, one must constantly monitor his eyes, the state of his teeth and gums. Eyes should be wiped with cotton pads from the outer corner to the nose. For each eye - its own disk. If necessary, the owner must remove tartar from his teeth.

Another sore point of the "eastern princess"Ears. The fact is that in Shih Tzu they grow long hair, and because of this, air circulation is disrupted, long hair inside the ear tangles and closes the ear passage. Of course, this leads to inflammation.

To avoid the sad consequences, overgrownThe wool must be cut with scissors with blunt ends or carefully pulled out. Do not forget to wipe the ear canal after washing the dog to remove any moisture that has accumulated there. Keep track of the weight and general condition of the pet. Shih Tzu are predisposed to fullness, so when increasing weight, reduce the portion and come up with new games, more often take the dog out for walks.

Shih Tzu Wool

The pride of shih-tzu is her wool, flowing longStrands - becomes the main problem of the owners, especially those who, having chosen the breed, did not think about how difficult it is to take care of the "hairstyle" of the pet.

The wool of shih-tzu, like that of their brethren,Yorkshire terrier, close in structure to the human hair. So, it will not be hammered into the carpet, stick to the clothes, cover with a thick layer of furniture. This also allows people with allergies to make friends with the shih-tzu.

Nevertheless, our little hero can notTo be counted among animals, which it is sufficient to wipe with a damp cloth. To the dog was beautiful, it is necessary to look after her hair constantly. Therefore, anyone who wants to have a shish, but does not like to hold a brush (or someone who is just too lazy to do it) should immediately decide whether he can regularly visit the hairdresser's saloon with the pet (and this is quite expensive).

Seeing a little fluffy lump, a rare manWill not feel the desire to press against him, protect and do not let go of this furry miracle. But how painful it is to see dirty, in coils and an unhappy dog. So think ten times before deciding to buy a puppy, and ask yourself if you are ready to give your pet a decent care. Answered in the affirmative? Then forward - to study the basics of grooming the beautiful shih-tzu.

So, the wool of dogs of this breed should be cleanAnd combed. In the exhibition copies, whose hair style is very special, the haircut itself is reduced to a minimum - the hair is cut under the nose and the "cat's paw" is formed. For hygiene purposes, hair is cut around the anus. Remember: if the wool is dry and dirty, it can not be combed at all - it is fraught with damage to the hair itself.

So how often do you need to bathe shih tzu? If dogs of other breeds are washed usually twice a month, and some - and even less often (as pollution), then the shaggy pet needs regular water procedures (at least once every two weeks). Dogs with short haircuts can afford and more rare bathing (once a month). But those dogs who regularly attend exhibitions, should swim every seven days.

If you do not pay attention to the pet's hair for a long time, it becomes untidy, confused, fragile and dull. However, for one washing and combing the dog's "hairdo" will not be able to give a decent appearance.

The effect of life and strength of the hair can be achieved only with the regular care of the hair.

Before you start washing, you needPrepare two containers (one for shampoo, another for conditioner), two sponges, several towels, a brush, a comb, a hair dryer. At the bottom of the bath it is desirable to put a rubber mat (the paws will not slide, which means that the dog will behave calmly and feel confident).

First, the wool is moistened with water, and then the solution of the shampoo is applied to it with a sponge and massaging evenly distributes it. Keep water and shampoo out of the eyes!

The shampoo is washed off until the water is clean. Then the procedure is repeated. If the dog does not walk along the street, and you wash it constantly, then you can apply shampoo once.

After rinsing, the coat must be perfectlyClean and thoroughly washed from the shampoo. Check it out easily. Take a wet strand and squeeze between the fingers - it should squeak. In addition, with pure wool, water flows down like droplets of dew.

Well, cleanliness is achieved! Now you need to restore the structure of the hair. To do this, use a conditioner-rinse, containing the necessary nutrients and amino acids. After conditioning the conditioner, the wool becomes elastic, elastic, extraordinarily beautiful and shiny.

The conditioner is rinsed off after 3-5 minutes. The water should be absolutely clean, the hair to the touch - elastic and in no case soapy.

Wash the dog with a towel. The animal needs to be pressed, as it were, and not wiped, so as not to entangle the coat.

Then the dog is wrapped in a dry towel and starts to dry. The head and groin of the dog are most sensitive to hot air. Save them.

My advice - do not regret money - buy a good oneProfessional hair dryer. The flow of air leaves it under great pressure, and this has a beneficial effect on the wool. Moisture is blown by a warm air stream, which does not burn hair, "dismantles" koltuny and straightens hair.

Do not leave the dog wet after washing! This is dangerous for her health, besides, her hair is not brushed wet collapses in the tangles.

And here is your shih-tzu washed, dried, combed,The wool streams like a train of the most expensive silk dress. On top of the head is a top note, which ends with an intricate crown. With such a hair style, the shih-tzu looks truly regal. The long coat (skirt) is trimmed so that it does not interfere with the movement. Your pet is ready for "coming out".

Spare no time in caring for shih tzu - and your efforts will be rewarded. The dog will become the object of your pride - a real oriental princess!

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