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Sharpei: description of the breed, the nature of the dog, photo, price of the puppies


At first sight Shar pei Can seem like a very funny dog,Clumsy and clumsy. The most important feature of the shar pei is, of course, its unique, numerous folds of the skin. Thanks to these "wrinkles", shar pei has become one of the most popular breeds in the world, but of course this is not only the merit of an unusual appearance, but also of its excellent characteristics.

Many famous and popular breeds of dogsHave Chinese roots, sharpei is no exception. He even looks a little like a well-bred, highly intelligent, Chinese-wielding emotion. This breed is so ancient that its history is intertwined with the history of the Celestial Empire during the reign of the famous Qin dynasty.

Sharpei: characteristics

Tendency to training
The mind of Shar Peya
Molting shar pei
Watchtower qualities
Security features
Shar pei's size
Attitudes towards children

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At all times Shar pei was differentImpeccable watchful qualities, courage and strength. Despite the average size, this dog will be an excellent protector of your family and your home. She is calm, measured, self-confident, royally noble, intelligent and extremely loyal.

Returning to the folds sharieya, we can say that,Thanks to them, this breed is considered the owner of the most unusual appearance. But it is worth noting that deep "wrinkles" and folds serve not only for beauty, they are necessary for the dog to protect all its internal organs during cruel battles. After all, shar pei is a fighting breed. In translation from the Chinese "Shar Pei" translates as "a skin made of sand." In other words, the name of the breed says that the dog has a hard and short fur that, together with subcutaneous fat, is a reliable and excellent obstacle for any attacker.

These numerous folds became a meritChinese policemen who want to create a guardian dog that could protect houses and pastures, and also participate in dog fights, where its "bumpy" skin acted as armor. If before the breeders tried to cultivate in this breed as much aggression and fighting qualities, today dog ​​breeders prefer to bring up a calm shar pei-companion.

Despite the fact that Shar Pei is a medium-sized dogSizes, she has developed the qualities of a security guard and a watchman. They actively protect their territory, as well as members of their families. Sharpei can easily replace any security system, because with the help of sensitivity and unique hearing, they will be able to recognize even the smallest danger.

History of origin

This breed is so ancient that all the details of itsOrigin unknown to anyone. There is evidence that the great Chinese emperor Qin Shihuandi deliberately destroyed all records and tribal books that described the history of shar pei. The motives remain unknown until now.

There is an opinion that Sharpei originated from the mostAncient mastiffs and smooth-haired chow-chow. But only anatomical similarities and some common features of nature speak of this. There is only one exact statement, which was obtained as a result of the study of Sharpei DNA - this breed has existed on earth for more than three thousand years. Therefore, it can be concluded that shar pei became one of the 4 primitive descendants of the very first dog.

The history of this breed, which managed to be kept onPaper, very interesting. For many centuries, these dogs were common only on the coast of the South China Sea, as well as in the provinces in southern China. In the 3-2 century BC shar pei were the most popular dog among the Chinese people. This is confirmed by the numerous clay figures found during excavations of ancient Chinese tombs, which depict a serious frowning dog covered with skin folds.


For several centuries this breedRemained the most popular, both among members of the dynasty, and among ordinary peasants. In the 30s of the last century shar pei survived the peak of their popularity, when a "wrinkled" pet could be found in almost every home. Everything changed after 10 years, when the Communist Party came to power in China. Politicians decided that having pets (including shar pei) is an unjustified luxury. Mao Zedong ordered the mass destruction of "unnecessary" proletariat cats and dogs. Killed hundreds of thousands of innocent animals, and the shar pei were almost completely destroyed.

The breed was already on the verge of extinction, whenThe Second World War began. Cold and hunger significantly reduced the number of remaining sharieev. There are reports that in the early 50's in China there were only a few litters of this dog. And only in 1971 the first shar pei was brought to the "New Earth". He was so fond of his breeder and his numerous colleagues that his photo was printed in a well-known magazine, and from below it was signed - "The last remaining shar pei in the world". Activists and breeders decided, by all means, to restore this beautiful breed.


In order to revive the breed and substantiallyTo increase the population of these dogs, for 5 years the dog breeders searched in remote Chinese villages for pureblood shar pei. It was possible to find only 8 dogs, which became the founders of the modern breed.

But even in spite of the fact that it was possible to startThe process of rebirth, the existence of Sharpei remained under threat. It was decided to cross the shar pei with all breeds that had at least some resemblance to this dog. It took several decades to bring the gene pool of the breed back to normal, but at the same time, that these dogs meet all the standards of appearance.

By the way, the standard for shar pei was approved only in1976 year. In the same year, the first thoroughbred pedigree was withdrawn. Now sharpei is very popular in Europe and America. And only in the early 90's, Chinese pets are on the territory of Russia.

It should be noted that shar pei was listed in the Red Book as the rarest breed of dogs. At that time (1978) the cost of Sharpeya puppy could reach several thousand dollars.

Standard of Shar Pei

Photo sharieja

Recent changes in the standards of this beautifulThe breeds were introduced in 1999. The general description suggests that shar pei is a very mobile, active, sociable dog with a strong, dense physique. The growth is average, the format is square. Muzzle is a bit like "hippo". The body is covered with numerous folds of the skin. The sizes of males are much more impressive than the sizes of females.

The head of a shar pei should look a bit bigIn relation to his body. Skull is flat and wide. Skin folds are even on the head, on the cheeks and on the forehead. The nose should be wide and large. Nostrils are large, well opened. Color can be black or in tone to the main color of the dog.

The muzzle of a shar pei should be broad, but, in no wayCase, not pointy to the nose. The lips and tip of the nose have a special swelling. It is assumed that the lobe of the nose may have a small elevation or tubercle. An obligatory and distinctive feature is the dark blue tongue, the sky, the gum and lips. But the tongue of some shar pei may be rosy-spotted, but the evenly bright pink color of the tongue is not allowed at all.

The jaw of this dog is very powerful and strong. Scissor bite.

The eyes of shar pei are another distinguishing feature. They are almond shaped and dark in color. But the most important thing is the look of the dog: it is always gloomy.

Ears small, dense, triangular in shape. The skull is set high enough. The tips of the ears are slightly directed towards the dog's eyes and are slightly rounded. They are widely spaced, but close to the skull. Standing ears are considered a deviation from the standard.


The tail of the shar pei should be round and thick, andIts tip is slightly narrowed. A characteristic feature of this breed is also that the tail is planted high enough on the back. It can be bent, or twisted, or thrown on the back or side. A serious drawback is the total or partial absence of the tail.

The front and back sharps are even,Are widely and parallel to each other. On the limbs and paws there should be no folds. Also, folds on the thigh, lower leg, ankle are unacceptable. Sharpei must move "trot". But, at the same time, all his movements should be harmonious, balanced and free. During the run, a strong push of the hind limbs and a wide sweep are noticeable.

Sharpey's wool is his "armor". This is another special feature of the breed, its main distinguishing feature. The woolen cover must be very stiff, bristly. The coat is short, straight, raised above the skin, but in the area of ​​the limbs tightly fitting. There is no undercoat in this breed. The length of the hair should not exceed 2-2.5 cm. Color can be the most diverse, but not white.

The size

The preferred weight of shar pei is from 18 to 25 kg; Height - from 45 to 50 cm. Naturally, the males are much larger than the females and have a more square shape.


Sharpei lives on average 9-10 years.

To serious shortcomings that can affect the "purebred" shar pei can be attributed:

  • big ears;
  • Absence of scissor bite;
  • Low-set tail;
  • Pointed muzzle to the nose;
  • Spotted tongue (except spotted-pink);
  • Too soft and long hair.

Intelligence of the breed of shar pei

Sharpei needs early socialization, otherwise theyCan become excessively aggressive. In general, shar pei gets along well with other pets, but some shar pei are very aggressive towards other dogs. And although the appearance of such wonderful dogs can bring up beautiful companions, they are initially aggressive.

Shar pei training

In all existing descriptions of this breedEmphasis is placed on the mind, ingenuity and development of shar pei. It is worth noting that, in combination with their delicate, calm but firm character, Sharpei's mind extols him over other four-legged.

Sharpei is very devoted to his master and his family. Therefore, they painfully tolerate the presence of strangers in their territory. It can be said that shar pei is the owner who will never share the most expensive things that he has. This man can also become dear, that is, his master. It was thanks to this character trait that shar pei became excellent defenders and guards.

There is a stereotype that shar pei is verySlow and indecisive dogs, but this is not so. They are brave and brave, in a matter of seconds these dogs can make their own decisions and proceed to action. All this is due to their intellect and athleticism, of course.

It is worth noting that another great qualitySharpeya, which allows you to keep this dog in an apartment, is self-control. In other words, if you had to leave the shar pei for a while alone, then you do not have to worry about your furniture and shoes, since it will not exactly chew and spoil her shar pei. Despite the fact that he really needs to communicate with people, he misses and misses alone, he will not get dirty, but he will wait patiently for your return.

One of the main reasons for their ingenuityIndependence and independence. That's why Sharpeya should never be locked in a cage or in a cage, because he must feel his importance and that the whole territory is under his control.

Character Shar Pei


Shar pei is recommended for people with a strong andSolid character. This is due to the fact that shar pei adore to lead and "top". If you do not put the dog on time in time, do not show who is the boss in the house, then the dog will definitely take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and will start to rule everyone and everyone around. But it should be noted that, despite their desire to command and resolve all issues independently, all their actions are completely devoid of aggression. They are very obedient, patient, loyal and intelligent.

Sharpei has a slightly menacing and gloomy exteriorView. But this is only a "wrapper", behind which lies a kind, sociable and needy caring and caring creature. Sharpei adores a good company, including small children. With his family, the dog is more than friendly and intelligent. But this does not mean that the pet will be happy to fulfill all your requests and whims. In connection with the fact that Sharpei, from the very puppy age, strives for independence, he will be guided all his life solely by his preferences and considerations. Because of this, it may be mistaken to think that the dog is very stubborn, harmful and unsociable.


Pets of this breed are always waryTo any attention to their person from outside the person. They even do not allow to approach them, let alone that the stranger stroked it. Therefore it is important to engage in the socialization of the dog in a timely manner. The process of education should begin from the first days of the appearance of the puppy in your home. The only thing that can interfere with the successful adaptation of a dog in society is modesty and the desire to be in a quiet environment, instead of creating an enthusiastic fuss around.

Like all other Asian breeds, shar peiAre the owners of excellent intuition. We can say that they are psychologists. These pets are able to catch a wave of mood of the owner and family members, can practically from the first sight recognize the threat in a person or other animal.

Just remember that if you decide to becomeA happy master of shar pei, then prepare to become a real "leader". Because this dog throughout your life will test you for patience and self-control. The owner must have a "cold" head, a "firm" hand and an "iron" will. Only then can you find a loyal, faithful and reliable friend.

Care and maintenance features


The fact that Shar Pei is a small dogSize and fairly calm temperament, allows you to keep her in an apartment. Only then the main condition will be the need for daily walks and physical exertion. Walking will have 2 times a day, for an hour or more. Walking should be active and time-consuming.

To maintain athletic form, shar pei shouldSubject to balanced physical activity. It is desirable that the dog was walking not only on the lawn or on the grass, but also on the asphalt and even on the pebbles. This will facilitate the natural grinding of the claws, as well as the formation of a correct posture.

Since the representatives of this breed are dense,But athletically built and strong body, sometimes a dog can offer not just a quiet walk, but a joint jog or even a bike trip. Sharpei likes to frolic, pursue the ball. They are very kind to their relatives, so from puppyhood the dog can be easily introduced to other shar pei who will help your pet to acquire all the necessary behavioral skills.

Care involves combing the hair and bathing. But it should be noted that shar pei short wool without undercoat, so often comb it is not necessary. Will be enough and 1-2 times a week. As for water procedures, you should know that all shar pei, with rare exception, do not "carry" water in any manifestation. Whether it's a swimming pool, bathing bath or even rain. To drag him to swim or drag him out into the street in rainy weather is a "heroic feat", requiring a lot of effort. But, despite the discontent of the pet, it should be bathed at least once a month.

During water procedures, be careful with hisEars. It is advisable that the ears are preliminarily closed, since water can cause inflammation. Due to the peculiarity of the skin and the fur of shar pei, it is not recommended to use shampoos and soaps. You can dry the skin, resulting in unpleasant irritations. After bathing the pet must be dried. Between the folds of the skin there should be no water, as this can contribute to the development of microbes and the appearance of skin diseases.

It is also necessary to clean your ears 1-2 times a week, wipe your eyes and nose. Once a month, cut your claws.

Training, training and education of the breed of shar pei


In general, shar pei are cute, sociable andIntelligent dogs that can get along well with other pets and with people. But this is possible only after correct and timely socialization. Otherwise, the dog can become aggressive, which will fully correspond to its gloomy appearance. In order to raise from Shar pei a wonderful companion and a true friend, you will have to work hard and hard.

If you are a beginner dog, then learning shar peiMay seem impossible for you. But this is not so. These dogs remember teams and requests perfectly, the only problem is that, often, they resist these commands and do not want to fulfill them. All this is due to their stubbornness and an innate sense of independence.

At the age of 3-4 months sharieya can safelyBegin to train. If from the same age to accustom a pet to unfamiliar people and other animals, it will be possible to significantly soften the natural dominant nature of the dog. It is necessary to acquaint a small shar pei with all: with cats, with representatives of other canine breeds, with people. It is necessary to constantly involve the pet in the game with the children. If everything is done correctly, then growing up, Sharpey will become much more patient and calmer.

Only judicious severity canTo overcome temper and temperament sharieya. Even the very first fundamentals of training and obedience base must begin with "firm" intonation and decisive action. At the first stage, you should learn from the dog such commands as "To me", "Place" and "You can not!".

But strictness in no case should notGo into aggression, and even more so into violence. After all, shar pei are very sensitive animals, so even the slightest hint of rude treatment can cross out all prospects for friendly relations. Remember that strictness should be fair. The process of training and training should not take place in fear, but in full trust and respect for each other.

What to feed the Shar Pei


As for feeding, there are someFeatures. The fact is that some representatives of this breed do not have a good appetite, and some even refuse the food offered to them. Improve appetite can be through exercise, walking. But sometimes the pet simply refuses to feed, despite the feeling of hunger. In this case, you need to change the feed.

Sharpei is quite sensitive to quality andComposition of feed. They can not be overfed, since they can turn into a sluggish and lazy creature, and also it can negatively affect the health of the kidneys of a dog. This breed is very prone to food allergies, so do not change the feed frequently and introduce significant changes to the food system.

Up to a year and a half shar pei is recommended to feedSpecial dry food with additives, vitamins and minerals. And only when the dog is 1.5 years old, and when her appetite starts to deteriorate noticeably, then you can switch to traditional natural food. Ideally, it can be 2 types of meat (beef and chicken), several types of vegetables and cereals. It should be noted that all food should be thick or dry. Sharpei is strictly forbidden to give liquid soups or broths. To ensure that the food was balanced, a couple of times a week a pet can be pampered with eggs, fish or yogurt.

The food should be two meals a day. Sharpei is prone to excess weight, so if you notice that your dog has gained extra pounds, then cut the rump and carbohydrates in its menu. Of course, dry food is considered more practical and balanced than natural, but the thing is that monotony in eating shar pei can quickly get bored.

Possible diseases and congenital pathologies


In general, shar pei have excellent immunity andAre ill very rarely. But there are such special cases when even experienced veterinarians can not determine the cause of some of the symptoms. A healthy dog ​​should not exude an unpleasant smell of "dog", its folds must be dry and clean, eyes shiny, the nose wet. Since the shar pei's ears are poorly ventilated, this can cause some problems. Therefore, for prevention 2-3 times a week it is necessary to inspect the dog's ears, clean with a cotton swab and close them during water procedures.

If Shar Peya's food was wrongBalanced, he may have a food allergy. It is expressed by the reddening of the eyes, inflammation of the ears, intestinal disorders, strong tear and salivation. On the skin, eczema and blisters can appear, tufts of hair may wilt, the muzzle of the dog will swell, the temperature will rise, the dog will become sluggish.

With improper skin care, between foldsNumerous microorganisms and fungi will develop actively. To wipe every day the skin is not necessary, you just need to bathe and dry thoroughly. Often the folds of the skin hang over the eyelid and rub the cornea. In this case, use special brackets, with which the fold of the skin is lifted upward. It should be noted that more than half of the puppies need such surgery.

Also, the shar pei often happens to wrap the eyelid inside. A timely operation will also help here.

There is one more specific disease thatCalled "sharia fever". It is peculiar only to the representative of this breed and is characterized by a sharp increase in temperature, tremor of the whole body, swelling of the joints. In such a situation, it is recommended to make a dog injection of analgin, dimedrol and no-shpy.

How to choose a puppy and where to buy a dog


First, find a reliable and trustedA breeder who can provide you with all the documents and references. After you saw the plush magnificence, consisting of "wrinkled" lumpy-goats, it's time to be guided by useful advice:

  • The age is 1.5-2 months;
  • Average size (not too small and not the largest);
  • Clean ears, eyes, moist nose;
  • Shiny coat;
  • Well-nourished appearance;
  • Active behavior;
  • a good appetite;
  • Absence of obvious defects and lameness;
  • Absence of an umbilical hernia (soft growth in the abdomen);
  • Square head and blue tongue.

But, of course, the most important thing is mutual attraction and sympathy. The puppy should not react aggressively to his future host.

The price of the breed of shar pei

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

The cost of shar pei puppies varies from 8000 rubles For a dog without documents and from 40 000 rubles For puppies with a good pedigree, in which parents are champions of prestigious dog shows.

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