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Russian Black Terrier: description and photo

Russian Black Terrier

Black Terrier - a legendary dog ​​hails from the USSR. Appearance and nature of the pet. Advantages and disadvantages of the breed. Recommendations for content. Price review of puppies.

Black Terrier - the legendary dog ​​of Stalin

Black Terrier is a unique breed thatIs the pride of domestic cynologists. The shaggy and powerful pet has a unique grace, excellent fighting qualities, developed mind and devotion to the owner. With such a dog, you will never be left alone with troubles, because the animal is a reliable companion and a loyal friend. Russian black terrier, "Created" by the order of Stalin himself, Has a lot of advantages as a pet and can take a proper place in the life of your family.

"The Soviet past"

Black Terrier - the legendary dog ​​of Stalin

Russian black terrier is one of the mostYoung domestic breeds, which became not only a faithful watchdog and official dog, but also a domestic companion. A pet can be safely characterized by the word "universal" - it easily adapts to various environmental conditions, to indecency is not whimsical in care.

The history of Chernysh goes back to the distant 1920s, whenCattery "Red Star" received an unusual task - the breeding of a special breed for human service. The main requirement for a new type of dog was the ability to serve in any climatic conditions. In addition, the pet required increased performance and a powerful constitution of the body.

Other requirements submitted to the breed:

  • Strong jaws;
  • High limbs, so that the dog can run fast;
  • Wide pads of the paws, which will allow you to safely move through snow-covered terrain, without falling into drifts;
  • Thick coat with coarse undercoat, allowing the dog to be in a severe frost;
  • Controlled ferocity;
  • Innate penchant for obedience and obedience to orders.

Russian black terrier is one of the fewBreeds, the gene pool of which consists of many other qualities of other dogs. More than 15 breeds participated in the development of Chernysh, which, according to their external and internal features, most satisfied the requests of the leadership.

The most vivid and expressed characteristics are takenFrom the Moscow water dog, Rottweiler, Newfoundland and Risenschnauzer. The result of the work of the cynologists was a strong and consistent animal, with invulnerable immunity and complaisant character.

Black Terrier was called upon to join the ranksThe official dogs, whose number was significantly reduced in the postwar years. The dog came to the aid of the national army, often acted as a watchman in the camps. Thanks to the aggressive attitude to outsiders and obedient submission to the orders of the owner, Chernysh has become widespread and popular. The dog was given the nickname "black death", as she attacked swiftly and mercilessly, grabbing the victim in her arms from behind, remaining invulnerable to retaliatory strikes.

The breed became available to ordinary lovers inLate 70-ies, when the national army was provided with a sufficient number of dogs. On the world arena the dog appeared in 1975 at an exhibition in Budapest, after which European countries became interested in it.

Black Terrier

Exterior breed standard black terrier:

  • General view: massive skeleton, proportional build, developed musculature, sexual type of breed is well expressed, average height is 71 cm at the withers;
  • Head - an elongated form, has an extension inCranial parts, cheekbones rounded, pronounced, superciliary arches hidden, flat forehead, barely noticeable transition from forehead to muzzle, muzzle narrows to the nose, has a mustache and beard made of wool, which gives the form of the head some angularity, large and fleshy lips, lobe Nose of large size and dark color, on the gums there is black pigmentation;
  • Ears - hang on the cartilages, but are set high, the classical shape is the triangle, which edges adheres to the cheekbones. The hanging part thus does not have dents and folds;
  • Eyes - oval shape, set wide, eyelids fit tightly, dry;
  • Teeth - a complete set of teeth (42), the incisors are arranged in one line, the bite has a scissor-like shape;
  • Neck - its length is equal to the length of the head, massive, differs developed musculature;
  • Body - a broad and deep chest, has a convexRibs, the lower part of the breast is located on a level with the elbows. Withers stand out sharply, well developed, differ in length. The back is straight with developed muscles, the loin is rather short, slightly convex, the moderately long and wide groats;
  • Tail - it is customary to stop the tail at level 3 of the vertebra. The tail is set high, has a thick base;
  • Limbs - parallel and straight, scapulaeSet at the right angle, long. Shoulders of medium length, set vertically and in parallel. The elbows are strictly down. Broad hips with long shins, the angles of the hock are pronounced;
  • Paws - rounded form, claws of dark color;
  • Wool - rough structure, fur coat has a breakLength about 6 cm. Brightly expressed decorative hair, which forms a mustache and beard in the pet. The main hair is coarse enough, the undercoat has a soft texture;
  • Color - black terrier, judging by the name, should have an exceptionally black fur coat. Small inclusions of gray hair are allowed;
  • Dynamics - the dog moves at a gallop orFast trot. At the same time the legs move straight, the joints of the limbs freely unbend. The pet makes long jumps thanks to a strong push of the hind legs and a significant swing of the forelegs.

Black Terrier: general information, advantages and disadvantages

Black Terrier

The Russian black terrier is born for work, soIs in need of it and is bored with idleness. If you do not need a working dog, then the companion can be "loaded" with sports, agility, for example. The minimum daily load is half an hour, provided that you live in a private house in the courtyard. If the black terrier is a city dweller, then the necessary time for activity is doubled.

The breed is a bit stubborn, so petsNeed a hard hand of the master, which will not allow breaking the rules. From nature Chernysh differ extremely suspicious and wary character. If we give them lessons of early socialization, then the dogs will be tolerated to strangers, however, one should not wait for a warm welcome.

The kindness of black terriers is revealed in relation toTo children - dogs are ready to give their children all their attention, carefully play with them and act as a caring nurse. Despite the rather harsh nature, pets are ready to forgive children of any pranks and act in the role of their toys. However, even the most accurate terrier can accidentally harm the baby due to its size, so leaving the children and the dog alone for a long time is not recommended.

Advantages of domestic breed:

  1. Practically no moulting;
  2. The most developed watchdog qualities that make a terrier the ideal guard of a country house;
  3. Fast learner, developed memory, the desire to fulfill commands and please the owner;
  4. Great strength and large size will ensure the safety of the owner in almost any situation;
  5. Increased endurance and ability to work;
  6. Balanced character;
  7. Excellent health and strong immunity;
  8. Unpretentiousness in content;
  9. Easy dog ​​handling;
  10. Livability with other pets;
  11. Rapid adaptation to climatic conditions.

The shortcomings of the breed can beAn aggressive temper of the pet, which can make problems on walks. The use of a leash and muzzle is an obligatory component when "going out into the light". The black terrier is rather shallow and requires attention, he will not sit on the chain, he needs a family company.

The pet is a working dog, so forProper training and education requires experience. The breed is not suitable for beginners in the "animal world". The dog does not have a characteristic odor and does not shed, but caring for its fur coat is still an indispensable element of the content.

Owners need to cut and comb the dog. The increased alertness and hostility of the breed towards strangers can create problems when visiting guests' homes.

Character in detail

Russian black terrier has earned glory wellGuided, fearless and devoted dog. Peculiarity of pets is fast adaptation, both to hot climate and northern winds, that's why it's possible to start a terrier in almost any corner of the country.

The Black Terrier perfectly perceives the team, but has a dominant character. For a comfortable stay, you need a person's hard hand so that the dog does not protect the family as the main one.

The notion that terriers are only suitable forProtection - overly exaggerated. Today, the nature of the pet is "corrected" in the direction of greater loyalty. The dog will become a real friend and reliable protector. Terriers are powerful and distrustful, but they are not at all dangerous, which is confirmed by thousands of reviews of their owners.

The Black Terrier is a working breed of dogs, therefore for its character following features are inherent:

  • Russian Black Terriera responsibility;
  • activity;
  • Reduced fatigue;
  • Quick reaction to what is happening;
  • high efficiency;
  • Agility;
  • controllability.

Terriers have developed intelligence, which inA company with an independent character is an essential advantage of the breed. Pets treat the owner with understanding, sensitively catching his mood. If you are not in the spirit, the terrier will not get in the way. If the households are in high spirits, then the animal will demand attention to itself.

To members of the family the black terrier treats with deepRespect and even trembling. Despite the cliche around the breed, pets have a cheerful character. Distinctive features of the pet is courage, prudence and calmness in any situation. Therefore, the dog can not be deceived or bribed.

In case of danger, the pet quickly and coollyReacts to the threat, independently assessing the situation. At home guests the dog reacts depending on the behavior of the host, but the first reaction is always distrust. The terrier is quite silent, rarely barking for no reason.

Black Russian Terrier

The breed was originally derived as a universal,So the cynologists devoted special attention to her invulnerability to ailments. The Russian black terrier actually has strong immunity and a long life expectancy of up to 15 years. Pets practically do not suffer from cold diseases, they are resistant to most viral diseases.

However, the breed has a weak point -Hereditary diseases. Most often, hip dysplasia occurs. This disease is "popular" among large breeds of dogs. Quite often, a kid can be affected by a kid.

Russian black terrier, photo

Care and maintenance of black terrier

Care of the dog does not require professional skills and knowledge, it is as follows:

  1. Wool - regular combing and washing of fur coat,Which the terriers do not like. However, to preserve the hair in a "decent form" it is necessary to accustom the pupils to the procedures from childhood. Owners of Chernysh need regular trimming. Haircut will also become part of regular grooming, it is necessary to begin to make it after reaching the age of six months;
  2. Bathing - once every two weeks or as it gets dirty;
  3. Ears and eyes - constant examination, wiping with a moistened swab;
  4. Teeth - use of pasta for animals several times a week. As a preventive measure for the formation of tartar, add more solid food to the ration of the terrier;
  5. Paws - cutting of claws three times in half a year, afterEvery walk, look at the pet's paws. Between the fingers and pads, it is recommended to cut out the wool on which the coils can form and cause discomfort when walking.

Secrets of preserving the magnificent look of the fur coat

Many owners of terriers complain that the coat of their pets fades, becomes excessively rough. In order to maintain an attractive appearance of wool, the following rules must be followed:

  • Do not leave the pet permanently under the sun without the ability to go into the shade. From the effects of rays, the fur coat loses its rich color and can be covered with a brown tinge;
  • Do not use the hair dryer after bathing the dog. The influence of temperatures leads to the appearance of a gray palette on the fur coat, and also makes the hair overdried;
  • For swimming, use warm water. Too hot will result in the loss of the natural stiffness of the fur coat and make it dull;
  • If the pet dwells in the room, it is necessary to monitor the humidity of the air. Too dry air can make hair brittle;
  • Use a medium-hard comb, otherwise you risk cutting the ends of the hair;
  • Wet hair can not be combed in any case, it is necessary to wait for complete drying;
  • An unbalanced diet is the most common cause of a dull coat.

Ration for Chernysh

Despite the fact that the black terrier isPredator by nature, it can not be fed exclusively with meat. Just do not use only porridge on the meat broth. Balanced nutrition for the terrier is as follows:

  1. Meat of low-fat varieties, it is allowed to give both cooked and raw;
  2. Fish of sea varieties;
  3. Seasonal vegetables and fruits;
  4. Bread (not more than 2 times a week);
  5. Cereals;
  6. milk products.

Russian Black Terrier

Forbidden products are smoked products,Chocolate, fast food. When making a diet of black terrier allowed to use dry food. However, mixing them with home cooking is highly discouraged. The fact is that the ready food meets the daily norms of vitamins and minerals of the animal. For its processing, other receptors of the stomach are required than in the case of home-made dishes. The result of mixing the menu can become indigestion and poor health of the pet.

Features of training

Black Terrier to a greater extent than othersBreed, needs proper education. By nature rough and mistrustful, the dog can become too aggressive, exacerbating the qualities inherent in the breed. To avoid this, it is necessary to build a warm and trustful relationship between the person and the pet, while making it clear that the main thing in the house is you.

When you plant a black terrier, remember that the breedRequires responsible approach to education, otherwise the watchdog potential of the pet can become a problem even for the household members themselves. When training a dog, it is necessary to use short commands and a smooth tone of voice. At the same rudeness and excessive caress are completely excluded.

It is recommended to familiarize the terrier with the surroundingThe world as soon as possible, otherwise the pet can inadequately react to other dogs and people. The first commands for the dog should be "to me", "sit", "next". This will greatly simplify walks and will become a guarantee of safety for other visitors of the park.

Note that pets can not always execute a command. They are obedient, but the developed volitional potential makes the dogs first assess the situation and only then act.

The contents of the puppy are the key rules:

  • Black Terrier PuppiesFeed your baby often, however, without overeating. Otherwise, it will lead to the development of obesity, which will cause a doubled load on the joints. Overeating in childhood can lead to the curvature of the legs in adulthood;
  • Place the bowl on a slight elevation so that it is at the level of the pet's shoulders;
  • Laminate, parquet and linoleum provoke improper development of the limbs in the puppy, so in the room where the baby lives, there must be a carpet or a special path;
  • The puppy should not be stroked on the head, it can lead to incorrect growth of the ears;
  • Toddlers often show increased activity, it is not possible for a terrier to fall off a couch or a staircase - this will immediately lead to sprainage;
  • Combing and bathing the baby is necessary immediately after purchase, it is impossible to accustom an adult to the measures of care.

Black Terrier puppies are effective recommendations for choosing

First of all, it is necessary to determine the gender of the dog. The male demands more attention and persistence in education. Therefore, the owner must have a strong and persistent character, otherwise the puppy simply will not listen to you. If you are not 100% sure of yourself - choose a bitch, she is more obedient and loyal by nature.

The health of the puppy says the brilliance of his coat,Activity and curiosity, good appetite. The pet should feel confident when in contact with other puppies and humans. Defects of the rock are the following features:

  • The tail tilted at the back;
  • Light palettes of the eyes;
  • timidity;
  • Presence of light spots on the coat;
  • Not dark color of nose.

Black Terrier puppies - buy, price

It is recommended to buy a baby at the age of 2 months, by this time the breeder should already have a pet card that confirms the puppy's thoroughbred.

Average Value The pet will be About 500 dollars, If you do not seek to participate in exhibitions and competitions. The dog of the exhibition class costs substantially More expensive - from $ 750.

The ads, which are full of Internet pages,Often offer cheaper prices. This is not necessarily a sign of the negative qualities of the breed or the mixing of blood. Often this indicates that the breeder did not invest in a decent feeding of the baby and the passage of veterinary procedures. Therefore, when buying a terrier should be preferred to proven clubs.

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