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Gelakan for dogs: instruction manual, price, reviews

Gelakan is a collagen arthro-intestinal, helping to cope with various ailments of joints, ligaments and tendons of dogs, prolonging their active longevity.

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Its advantage is the active substance -High-quality natural hydrolyzate of collagen. It is a product of enzymatic hydrolysis of tissues containing collagen - the skin of animals, bones. It also contains glycine and proline, which form the basis of cartilaginous tissue.

The drug strengthens the bones, restores tissueJoints, as well as tendons and ligaments. It is able to prevent diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system, which often occur in dogs of any gender and all ages as a result of working or sports loads, with aging or overweight.

It is shown in the following cases:

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  • With injuries of tendons and ligaments,
  • After operations on the musculoskeletal system,
  • Dysplasia of the hip joints.

Instructions for use of Gelakan for dogs

Instructions for use and reviews for the preparation Gelakan for dogsThe drug can be given to puppies, nursing andPregnant females, aging dogs, as well as adult dogs that receive increased physical exertion. Gelakan is made in the form of a powder with meat taste (Plus Darling) or chocolate-flavored syrup (Darling Biosol).

The powder is pre-dissolved in water and inThe diet of the dog is introduced gradually, daily increasing the dose. It is better to mix it with the usual food. The course of treatment should be at least two months and be repeated two to three times a year. Although it is possible to use Hecalan continuously.


Packaging for 500 grams of the drug costs about 4000 rubles.

Reviews for the preparation Gelakan for dogs

Reference number 1

I bought Gelakan Baby with meat taste forHis puppy German Shepherd. Very rapidly, he began to grow and become heavier and there was a danger that he would suffer his joints. This drug was recommended to us by friends from the dog breeders' club. Here I feed for the third month and I hope that the puppy grows correctly, and its paws are protected from incorrect development.

Marina, Yekaterinburg

Reference number 2

We breed Alabai, and always the problem was likeDemineralization of the skeleton of a bitch when bearing and feeding puppies, and the correct growth of babies. For three years we have been giving birth to bitches and puppies Gelakan. And when we distribute the puppies, we advise the owners to feed them with this medication before the end of bone growth.

There is a lot of phosphorus and calcium, and most importantly -Irreplaceable collagen. Then the dogs correctly form the skeleton, and the joints of the paws are strong and no dysplasia is terrible for them. You can give this drug to your dog all your life if she runs a lot, goes for hunting or sports.

Igor, Moscow

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