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Breed of Chongqing

Chongqing - the oldest "resident" of China

Chongqing Is the representative of one of the rarestBreeds of dogs. Even in China, in its historic homeland, the number of animals is estimated at several hundred. A distinctive feature of the breed is its natural origin, the blood of other dogs was not added to the gene pool of the pet. Chongqing is an excellent hunter and guard. Representatives of the breed are valued for their courage and fearlessness, are devoted friends of the family.


A unique story

The history of the pet begins in the southwest province of China, which served as the name of the dog. Animals Appeared more than 2000 years ago, And is the oldest representatives of canine. Chongqing arose naturally, that is, animals did not cross with representatives of other breeds to obtain better external features and character.

For a long time the dogs were isolated,So they are the owners of a unique exterior. However, this also caused a mutation and a number of hereditary diseases, because of which it is difficult to keep a pet at home.

Rare breed was held only in palacesEmperors and was a sign of the nobility. It was used to hunt badgers, foxes and birds. Pet has a developed instinct that allows to accurately locate the victim. Excellent manifests itself for hunting with water.

The first owners of the dog is the dynastyHan. In the tombs of the family were found statues of the animal, as well as wall drawings depicting the faithful pet. Keep chongqing allowed only noble estates, dogs were also used as reliable guards.

For a long time the breed was not widely spread, thatResearchers connect with the isolation of Chongqing. China is a very closed country for foreigners, so the migration of dogs to the countries of America and Europe was virtually eliminated. Even today the registered representatives of the breed outside the historical homeland are numbered in units.


Appearance and characteristics of the Chongqing breed

The rarity of the breed and its minimal spreadOutside of China is the main factor why it was not recognized by the FCI. Therefore, the appearance of dogs does not have an international standard and common criteria. Chongqing is a medium-sized dog, whose growth reaches 34 cm at the withers. The average weight of the pet is 23 kg.

Pets are long-livers, which isA rarity for the Chinese breeds of dogs. Despite the presence of a mutation gene, and a number of hereditary diseases, animals live more than 15 years. With proper care, the age of a pet can reach 20 years. Chongqing are covered with medium-length wool. The traditional color is brown or the color of mahogany. In this case, among the representatives of the breed there are individuals completely or partially devoid of wool. What makes them the ideal pets for people with allergies.

The ears are planted high, have a straight form. The dog's body is rectangular, strong, muscular. Despite its size, chongqing is distinguished by agility and dexterity. The limbs have good proportions with the body, the back is straight, the ribs are clearly defined, the thorax is wide. A scissor bite is characteristic of the breed. A slight undershot is acceptable, but the teeth should not be visible when the mouth is closed.

The dog's eyes are round in shape, located at a considerable distance from each other. The color of the eyes should be in harmony with the coat palette.

Chongqing dog

Psychological picture

Chongqing is calm and balancedA breed that combines the features of independence and independence. However, this does not prevent dogs from keeping boundless devotion to the owners. Animals have extraordinary mental abilities and understand the household with a half-word.

Key character traits:

  • Courage - pets are excellent watchmen andWell suited for the protection of a country house. To the strangers, dogs show increased alertness and will not miss the "guests" to the territory without the permission of the owner;
  • Insight - animals in a striking mannerDetermine the nature of a person, can adapt to the character of the owner, show communication and readiness to make compromises. As animals feel, for what purposes come strangers into the house, they can "warn" the owner about this non-standard behavior;
  • Signs of aggression towards other dogs - chongqingIs a nice and affectionate pet in the family circle, but he can show aggression towards other dogs. To choose other pets in the house should be approached very carefully. Animals do not get along well with fighting dogs, they do not like cats;
  • Caring for children - chongqing is very tolerant of not always good children's games, takes care and love. Kids can be left under the supervision of a smart dog;
  • Instincts of a hunter - a breed for millenniaDrove prey, so when keeping chickens, rabbits, geese and other domestic animals, you should take care of their safety. Always close the cages and pens, otherwise the dog's instincts can take up and damage the economy;
  • Leadership inclinations - dogs elephants takeIndependent solutions, so for a successful training the owner must have a strong and emotionally balanced character. Only then does chongqing recognize a leader in man. Therefore, starting chongqing as the first dog is not recommended. For education of the right character, experience and an iron grip are necessary. Even the "experienced" master can not cope with the correct formation of the pet's personality;
  • Vigor - dogs like activity, do not sit around, are enthusiastic about games with the host.

Conditions of detention


Chongqing need constant monitoringOwn territory, so it is extremely undesirable to get such a serious dog in an apartment. The recommended option is a country house with a large adjoining territory. A high fence must be erected. The maintenance in an apartment is possible, however for this purpose long walks and the big physical activities are required. Note that the enclosed space of an apartment can cause depression in dogs and even provoke aggression.

If you are the owner of a country estate,Then putting the pet on the chain is by no means impossible. This will be tantamount to the housing content. Aviaries are contraindicated to the breed, which is distinguished by self-love and independence.

To keep the breed on the street you will need a boothQuite spacious sizes. At the same time the litter should be regularly changed or washed. The matter is that the breed is prone to skin diseases and in conditions of insufficient sterility problems can arise.

In winter, the pet is recommended to "settle"In the house, otherwise even slight frosts can cause serious damage to the health of the dog. During walks outside the yard, it is necessary to use a collar and leash that will limit the "freedom" of the pet and prevent it from chasing the chase.

Recommendations for care:

  1. wool - care is minimized, since the dogLives in the fresh air. Moulting, as a rule, passes unnoticed for the owners. However, the pet's propensity for various diseases "forces" to carry out preventive combing with a rubber brush 1-2 times a month. Such a procedure not only protects the pet from possible skin diseases, but also makes the fur coat shiny and silky;
  2. bathing - bathing procedures are conducted no more often than 1 time in7-8 months. Dogs are very clean. As cosmetics, you need to buy shampoos for sensitive skin or special products based on herbs, as the skin of the pet is highly sensitive. After bathing, it is recommended to cover the skin and coat of the dog with cream. Do not let the pet go outside until it dries completely. The use of a hairdryer is not desirable;
  3. teeth - brushing 2-3 times a month is necessary. Care for teeth and gums is especially important in adolescence and the elderly age of the dog. Chongqing does not like this procedure, however the flavor flavors of the pasta (chicken, beef) will help to carry it more painlessly for the pet;
  4. Ears - should be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in vegetable oil, 1-2 times a month. Deep cleansing is not advisable, as you can damage the ear canal;
  5. Claws - the haircut for the breed is not necessary, since the pet dwells in the street and sticks its claws on its own;
  6. eyes - Regular inspection is recommended. Dirt and dust often accumulate in the lacrimal canals, so it is necessary to remove contamination with a piece of cloth without lint.

Balanced diet

Food for the dog should be natural, in the extreme case - mixed. Dry food is not suitable for animals and significantly reduces life expectancy. The basis of the favorite menu should be meat:

  • a hen;
  • horsemeat;
  • beef.

Pork should be abstained, since thisA variety of meat causes an intestinal obstruction. It is recommended to choose meat with an abundance of tendons. This will be more useful for the dog than cutting or fillets. To include in the diet of the breed should include offal:

  • liver;
  • lungs;
  • Heart;
  • Kidney.

A useful dish for an animal is porridge withThe addition of butter. Buckwheat and rice are preferred. You should also add different vegetables to the menu. You can give them in raw or baked form. Among the most useful vegetables are the following:

  • Power Chongqingpumpkin;
  • carrot;
  • beet;
  • Zucchini;
  • cabbage;
  • spinach;
  • Lettuce leaves.

Several times a week it is allowed to pamper chongqing with fish and eggs. About 20% of the diet should be dairy products. Especially useful for the breed is milk and cottage cheese.

Rye biscuits and cheeses are for the petDelicacy. With caution should be approached to smoked products. Their number in the dog's diet should be minimal. Avoid following products:

  1. potatoes;
  2. corn;
  3. bread;
  4. Beans;
  5. peas;
  6. Flour and salty dishes.

Feed the adult should be several times a day. The number of meals for a puppy is 5-6 per day. Do not forget to add vitamin supplements to your diet. Pisces will be very useful for fish oil.

Chongqing. About the health of the breed

Chongqing is distinguished by strong health, howeverThe isolated development of the breed led to inbreeding. Therefore, pets are prone to various mutations and skin diseases. Proper care and a balanced diet will help to avoid problems in keeping the pet.

Strong immunity protects the breed from viralDiseases. Animals do not tolerate the cold, during this period they become vulnerable to a number of ailments. "Achilles heel" are the organs of vision, "thanks to" the dog needs regular preventive examination.

Features of training

Chongqing is not a breed for beginners. Self-sufficient character requires a strong hand of the owner, which the dog "agrees" to submit. A person should have authority for a dog, otherwise she will refuse to execute commands. In the formation of the right character, early socialization and acquaintance of the puppy with the surrounding world play an important role. Otherwise, an adult may manifest a sharp aggression towards other animals.

During training it is recommended to forget aboutRigid methods of education. This can make pets petty and aggressive. Measures of encouragement and loyal attitude are the key to success of the breed training. To achieve the goal, lessons with the dog should be regular.

Buying a puppy of Chongqing

Buying a puppy of Chongqing

It is quite difficult to become a holder of a breed in view ofIts rarity. Domestic breeders do not breed chongqing, so to purchase a puppy, you will most likely have to go to foreign clubs. In this case, sellers carefully check the conditions of detention before selling (the presence of their own home and stuff).

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

The average cost is About $ 3,700, But it is very conditional and dependsFrom a number of additional factors. When buying a dog, you should also consider the cost of international calls and a possible trip to China. It is also recommended when buying to take the help of a specialist who will determine the breed quality of the puppy.

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