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Concussion in dogs: symptoms, treatment

A concussion of the brain is a rather dangerous condition for a dog. It can arise as a result of the animal's falling from a height, a blow to the head or accidental falling on the head of a heavy object.

Often a brain concussion is received by the dog.

Symptoms of concussion in dogs

  1. The main signs that the dog could get a concussion, is vomiting, staggering gait, loss of coordination of movements, spinning on the spot.
  2. Loss of consciousness is also possible.
  3. If after a head injury, a fall or a strokeA dog animal (after a blow to the head, trauma) does not respond to the call of the owner, it has lost interest in the world around, is indifferent to everything and is sluggish. This, most likely, means that the animal has a concussion.
  4. Not infrequently brain damage is manifested by waving limbs and their trembling.
  5. The dog can snap the air or people nearby.

Therefore, immediately after receiving an injury, the animalIt is better not to iron, and the jaws can be tied with a strap. If the injury is weak, within a few minutes the dog regains consciousness and no more painful symptoms are seen.

If the case is severe, the dog loses consciousness andCan die without recovering. Her pupils are wide open, eyes run out, and eyeballs tremble. The animal can spontaneously excrete feces and urine.

First aid

With such symptoms and if exactly before this wasHead trauma or fall, the animal should be delivered to the vet as soon as possible. If the dog has lost consciousness, it needs to be laid on its side and necessarily unfastened the collar. It is best to apply a cold compress to the head of the pet, if possible - a packet of ice.

The dog's tongue must be put out so that it does notFuse in the throat and the animal did not die as a result of suffocation. As soon as the dog regains consciousness, you must immediately call the vet on the house or take the animal to the clinic.

Treatment of concussion in dogs

Treatment is prescribed by a veterinarian after gradingThe severity of the concussion. So, in order to reduce the possible edema of the brain, an intravenous solution of calcium chloride10% is injected into the animal. Often in such cases apply the drug traumeel.

It is administered 2-3 times a day in the body of the dog inFor 14 days. It is also recommended to use special bioadditives, which help with concussion. At the time of treatment of the dog with such a trauma, she should ensure complete peace: exclude active games and long walks, any sports and training.

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