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A collar or harness for a puppy, what to buy an adult dog?

A four-legged baby has appeared in your house, and it's time to start taking it for a walk. What to buy as a gift puppy - a collar or a harness? What collar to buy for an adult dog, given her temperament?

You need to focus on the age, nature and breed of the pet. Collars for dogs are made of a variety of materials:

  • Leather,
  • Nylon,
  • Fabric,
  • Velor.

The most common everyday collars are chosen according to the size of the dog's neck, they, accordingly, should not be too loose or tight.

Collar or harness

Basic rules for choosing a dog collar

  1. To properly choose a collar, you need to measure the circumference of the dog's neck and add to this value 2-3 cm.
  2. You can not tighten the collar too tightly - 2-3 fingers should fit between the dog's neck and the neck.
  3. The collar should not hang around the neck of the pet - dogs are very good at twisting and jumping out of the collar if necessary.
  4. When buying a collar it is not worth saving - it's the main thing of the dog's inventory.
  5. It should not be decorated from the outside with protruding decorative elements, because such excesses can cause injury to other dogs during the game.

Collar-strikers are used for naughty andVery active dogs. These collars are tightened around the neck when the dog pulls, and loosens the tension when the dog calms down. Do not buy such collars for puppies or small dogs.

Strong collars

Such collars are mainly made ofMetal. They are equipped with special "thorns", not allowing dogs to pull and tear. With a sharp breakthrough, the dog experiences unpleasant sensations. Such collars can be used in the process of training and when walking particularly active and aggressive dogs.

It is better to first consult a cynologist, andThen decide whether to buy a strict collar. One should also remember one nuance: dogs quickly get used to a strict collar and after a week they stop noticing the inconveniences associated with it. Therefore, do not use the collar with spikes too often.

Do not put on the dog a strict collar, when youGo with your pet to the dog platform. Some owners turn out strict collars spiked outward, believing that their dog will be more comfortable. So do not in any way impossible, because during the game the dogs grab each other by the neck. Turned inside out metal "strugach" can cause serious damage to the health of another dog.

Advantages of the harness

The harness is convenient because it does not put pressure on the dog's neck,When the animal goes quietly, and almost does not feel when moving, giving the dog the illusion of freedom. Walking on the harness forms the backbone and muscles of the puppies in a special way. Therefore, before you choose a harness or collar more suitable for your pet, consult the club or the breeder.

Remember that some breeds of harness are necessaryFor correct development, and some categorically contraindicated. The harness is a must for equipment for sled dogs, so if you decide that your adult dog can act as a sled dog for children, do not use a collar - just a harness.

When choosing a harness for a dog,So that the straps are comfortable and wide enough. The harness should sit tight, do not bump into the body when pulling, do not hang around and do not rub. Therefore, it is best if you come to the store to choose a harness along with your pet.

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