/ / French Bulldog: a description of the breed, the nature of the dog, its size - height and weight, the price of puppies, photo

French Bulldog: a description of the breed, the nature of the dog, its size - height and weight, the price of puppies, photo

French Bulldog

The ancestors of these dogs were fine guards andTook part in brutal dog fights. Defiant character, powerful jaws and a stern look - with such a pet you will not! But soon European enthusiasts wanted to turn a fierce warrior into a good-natured and energetic companion. A few decades later a charming decorative dog appeared - a French bulldog. A affectionate animal with large ears, similar to locators, smart brown eyes and a huge variety of colors quickly won the love of people across the planet.

French Bulldog

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History of the breed

Historians unanimously believe that the ancestorsFrench bulldogs were four-legged soldiers and hunters. But the origin of the breed is not so easy to determine. There are no reliable information about the grandparents of the charming babies.

For a long time, England and France competed for the title of the homeland of these little puffing handsome men.

The English word "bulldog" ("bull - bull, dog -Dog ") residents of the Foggy Albion called the dogs who participated in the persecution of bulls. These fighting dogs originated from the ancient Molossian Great Danes, who were sent to the UK from ancient Athens.

Of course, the Athenian emigrants were chaoticSelection. They were held by noble people, and poor people, crossing with a variety of local breeds. But still in the appearance of the French and the first Old English Bulldogs you can find much in common. For example, relief musculature and a truncated trunk.

Baby against the bull

Descendants of Athenian tetrapods fromTime diminished in size. But it was precisely these creatures that were destined to become the most ferocious gladiator dogs. They have entertained the English nobility for centuries, driving large animals to death. In the fierce games even miniature tom-bulldogs weighing up to 20 pounds participated.

Bloody sport boulevard was very popularAmong gambling aristocrats. The competitions were traditionally held twice a week and for many decades became a national spectacle of England. The most brave and hardy dogs the rich bought from their owners for a lot of money.

But in 1802 the parliament banned these cruelentertainment. True, the decree did not apply to dog fights - and the Bulldogs set out from the Colosseum to the rings. Ironically, here the breed did not last long. It turned out to fight with your own kind, you need mobility and flexibility, which four-legged fighters with bulls did not possess.

Instead of a cat

Photo of the French Bulldog

In the mid-19th century, England was also bannedAnd dog fights. So, the bulldogs were out of work. The same fate befell their owners. People in the factories were replaced by machines and machines. Therefore, crowds of unemployed Englishmen decided to try their luck on the mainland. Some of them went to France, taking with them their favorite tom-bulldogs.

This was an important turning point in the history of the breed. In their new homeland the "Frenchman" ancestors found a new job. It turned out that they were good at hunting rats. Since the Europeans, who survived several centuries of the Inquisition, treated superstitiously with cats, the dog-catchers who arrived from England were very welcome.

Four-legged "English" became very popularAmong the poor in France. London dealers have earned fortunes on the supply of these dogs to Paris and the surrounding area. Export completely eliminated the number of bulldogs in the Foggy Albion. But the French completely accidentally gave this breed a new look and a new life.

Spaniards and not only

It is believed that it was in France that the bulldogMade friends with his Spanish counterpart - Alan. This now extinct breed was popular on the Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages. For some time, Spanish bulldogs were used to escort and protect cattle. But then four-legged shepherds changed their specialization and, like their English colleagues, became warriors.

The most popular center whereCompetition on the corral of the bulls, became the city of Burgos. Here the dogs, whose head corresponded to the head of modern French bulldogs, fought for death, and to death.

But they actively crossed not only withBurgosian dogs. It was also mixed with the blood of terriers and pugs. As a result, a unique compact dog with a short, snub-nosed muzzle and proprietary large ears was developed.

Mom for piglets

A charming bulldog named BabyBecame famous for being at various times a foster mother for kittens, rabbits and even a raccoon. A year ago she began to patronize six wild pigs. She warms them and cares for them, like puppies.

How to get into the upper world?

By 1870 the appearance of the new breed was completelyWas formed. However, immediately she did not cause enthusiasm among the majority of Parisians. This dog still served as a rat-catcher and guard on the working fringes of the city in the families of the poor, cabmen and employees.

The French bulldog managed even to get badFame, when he fell in love with Parisian girls of easy virtue. They were photographed on their advertising cards with these charming dogs. It was thanks to such advertising that bulldogs got into high society.

The dog instantly became noble andRespectable. It turned out she had not only a pleasant appearance, but also a beautiful character. Prices for puppies jumped sharply. Representatives of bohemia and the aristocracy laid out for the favorites amounts equal to the cost of the new car.

Strengthened the fame of the French Bulldog famousSecular lion and Don Juan Leopold de Carneillard la Tour. He bought three dogs and often walked with them along the Champs-Elysées. And their puppies gave rich women, whose hearts they wanted to conquer.

French BulldogFavorite duchess

The most famous dog of pre-revolutionary RussiaWas a French bulldog Ortino - a pet of the Grand Duchess Romanova, daughter of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II. Alas, a devoted dog was shot with the royal family during the revolution. For a long time the breed was banned in the USSR - it was considered a relic of imperialism.

Thank you, King.

English King Edward the 7th was famousA connoisseur of good style and elegance. It was he who forced the local nobility to take a closer look at the merits of the French bulldog when he rode through the streets of Paris with him.

Return to Foggy Albion

In 1880, the first club appeared in ParisLovers of the French bulldog. Its president was the well-known breeder Marcel Roger. Five years later, outlandish four-legged "Frenchmen" appeared at exhibitions. True, they were shown along with the bulldogs. But already in 1898 the breed standard was approved.

In 1903 in Paris was a large-scale dog show, where were represented as many as fifty French bulldogs. They were demonstrated as an independent breed. The public rejoiced!

But the British breeders for a long timeRefused to accept the "French freak," endowed with undesirable traits. The protruding ears, the wavy tail and the frog's face seemed unattractive to them. In addition, local cynologists considered bulldogs to be a national treasure and could not tolerate such blasphemous breeding of the bulldog.

Only in 1904 the nurseries of the breed appeared inEngland. Breeders were forced to recognize the charm of the "French dandy", but tried to refine his appearance. For example, they managed to shorten the tail of a dog.

Standard French Bulldog: weight, height, color, description of the breed

The breed standard has changed many times. The latest version was adopted in 1995. According to this document, all French bulldogs should weigh from 8 to 14 kg. Not too little for a compact decorative dog growing to 35 cm, right? Everything is explained by the fact that this is a very strong animal with a muscular back and hind legs.

The front paws are shorter, so the dog with the body raised from the rear looks slightly stooped.

Probably, because of this feature, all the French bulldogs adore lying, stretching their hind legs back. And the English call them jokingly frog dogs

But the most notable in the breed is the squareAnd a broad head with a convex wrinkled forehead and a snub-nosed short nose. The eyes of the French bulldogs are convex and large. Look alive, intelligent, good-natured. And the ears are very big with rounded tips. On the neck and under the throat are traditional folds for bulldogs. And, of course, do not forget about the huge variety of variegated colors: homogeneous, tiger or spotted. They range from brown to reddish-brown. But there are also white individuals. In general, such a prominent handsome man with no one is confused!

French bulldogs are one of the most loved. The ideal variant of an urban dog. He is among the three most popular dogs in the world. A French bulldog does not require much space, they do not need it. The French are not athletes, they were not taken out to become champions. Forget about the skipping labradors. Because of the heavy top, they can not swim, reminiscent of an anchor, not a float.

Because of the characteristic crumpled muzzle of the FrenchBulldogs are referred to short-headed dogs. So they call dogs with a short nose. The French have a very short head compared to the length of the skull, often this is the result of an elongated or split sky. Short-headed dogs, dogs with flattened muzzle can have many health problems. Because of this, they have a loud and labored breathing. For this reason the French bulldog feels bad in the heat and is not ready to frolic for hours. Special conditions of breathing lead to the fact that French bulldogs like snoring. The charming shape of the muzzle leads to another charming feature of the French - these are wrinkles.

These wrinkles are of genetic origin. During the breeding process, the bulldogs acquired these wrinkles to make the blood drain from the eyes in case the dog gets a wound during a fight. Another mandatory element - the ears, like a bat. Initially, the people who were breeding, gave preference to drooping ears, but at the present time, all French bulldogs have ears, like a bat. And finally, the French bulldogs have serious problems with reproduction.

The usual mating is not for them. The dog, named after the most romantic country in the world, does not use the standard dog position. Due to the heavy top, narrow thighs and weak paws, males can not successfully climb onto the female. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to artificial insemination. But even more remarkable - because of a larger head in relation to the body, during the birth the puppies often can not get out into the light, because the passage is not wide enough. All this makes reproduction multiplying and more expensive. For that, you can be sure that the birth of French bulldog puppies will be planned.

Dog and son

White French Bulldog has become the hero of oneJapanese blog. Young mother Aya Sakai has been taking off for a month the life of her son and his four-footed friend. The history of this family in pictures is the best proof that the "French" love children.

Character of the French Bulldog


As for the character, in this matterFrench bulldogs are often compared to English bulldogs. We spread myths: the temperament of two breeds is very different. The four-footed "Englishmen" are restrained and calm. But the brisk and funny "French" like to play tricks and have fun from the heart. No wonder they are called the most talented clowns among dogs. On the other hand, these are very patient and affectionate dogs, who get along well with young children. They will become perfect companions for the whole family. They do not have a single bit of anger or aggression, but courage does not take this breed. The baby can fearlessly approach a foreign dog and get acquainted. And domestic cats, he will drive with excitement.

However, it is not necessary to be afraid of pranks and disobedience. The French bulldog is very amenable to training. He will be a little stubborn, but you can agree with him if you turn training into a fun game. And to curb the hot temperament, you can accustom the pet to agility - a competition with an obstacle course.

Education and care of a French bulldog

But do not burden the bulldog with physicalExercises. Remember, dogs of this breed have very short nose, and in this connection there are difficulties with breathing. In addition, the specific structure of the respiratory system causes snoring during sleep and frequent sniffing. Yes, and colds in the "French" is not uncommon. Be careful on the walk! Take care of the winter dress for your pet, because short hair will not save him from the cold.

Take care that the four-footed friend does not injure bulging eyes. And do not let the bulldog to the ponds. Representatives of the breed at all can not swim - a massive head immediately pulls them to the bottom.

Remember that the forces in thisFourteen kilograms of a miracle - nemery. Therefore, in no case do not trust his walking to young children. Hardly they can keep him. And, of course, do not overfeed your pet. Due to overeating, a muscular baby can easily turn into a flabby fat boy.

Otherwise, the French bulldog will not deliver youHassle. It is great for keeping in apartments. You can take it with you on a trip right in your bag. The dog will easily transfer the change of scenery, keep a playful and restless temper.

Palette from Americans

A big role in breed breeding was playedBreeders from the USA. They were guided by their own standards and were able to breed varieties of French bulldogs with cream, red and fawn color.

Dogs that inspire

Bulldogs-Frenchmen are often found in paintings19-20th centuries. For example, portraits of the great Russian singer Fyodor Chaliapin, Prince Yusupov, the imperial family of Alexander the 2nd are known, which are depicted with their beloved pets.

Today the breed pleases and inspires many stars. Among them are Leonardo DiCaprio, Mick Jagger, Malcolm McDowell, Sergei Zhigunov, Martha Stewart and many others. In addition, representatives of the breed starred in many films, including "Titanic", "Armageddon", "Supported lions."

Charming good-natured and funny FrenchBulldogs have given and will continue to give inspiration to their masters, to charge people with optimism and joy. Invite a little eared cheerful person to your house - and he will become your faithful muse in all endeavors!

Price of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

The first question that usually asked the breeder who wants to buy a French bulldog: "How much does the puppy cost?"

Currently the price of French bulldog puppies varies From 10 000 to 30 000 rubles. This is the average level. Although the upper limit can be much larger. The cost is affected by the availability of a pedigree, as well as titled parents.

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