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Puppy does not drink water: why and what to do

The dog's organism is more of water, therefore it is very important for it to maintain the water balance. The puppy should always have access to clean fresh water, whatever he eats.

But if it is fed with dry food, then this rule should be even stricter. If suddenly the puppy stopped drinking water, it should be delivered to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Why does the puppy drink a little?

There may be many reasons for this behavior, but the most unpleasant is that all of them can have serious consequences for the dog's organism. Puppy can stop drinking for a variety of reasons. Most often this is:

  • Getting into the stomach of a foreign body;
  • food poisoning;
  • A strong viral infection;
  • Intestinal obstruction;
  • Disruption of internal organs

To determine the cause of the puppy's failure of water,It is necessary to analyze what could happen to the animal in the last few hours. Did he swallow an object, could he not eat something wrong: pick up on the street, get to drugs, chemicals or missing food.

You should carefully examine the puppy for other symptoms:

  • Decrease or lack of appetite,
  • Lethargy,
  • Redness of the eyes and others

Why does not the puppy drink waterWhat if the puppy drinks little or refuses water at all?

Refusal of water is a very disturbing symptom,Because it leads to dehydration of the body. As a result, the dog can not drink at all, and its condition becomes even more severe. In such a situation it is already impossible to pour water violently into the puppy. He will not be able to take it and will end up with just vomiting.

When dehydrating the puppy is placed a dropper with a physical solution, sometimes a liquid is injected directly under the withers. But it can already be done by a veterinarian.

If you take the dog to the doctor quickly impossible, you can try to ease the condition of the pet. Puppy should be placed in a cool place to prevent overheating of his body.

It is necessary to constantly wet the dog's mouth with water,To moisten its mucous membrane. If the dog suddenly woke up with thirst, and she began to drink - immediately a lot of liquid she did not need to give. You can drink in small sips, little by little, but often.

But in any case, you can not refuse to visit a veterinarian, because the cause of dehydration, probably did not disappear and the dog should at least be inspected.

Always be careful to look afterA small pet. His body is still very weak and prone to viral attacks and infections. Also, a curious toddler plays with everything he reaches, and can swallow a foreign object.

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