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Itching of the skin in a dog is strong: the more you take off, the treatment

The skin itch in a dog arises from excessive irritability of the skin. It can spread to the entire body or affect only certain areas of the skin.

The dog scratches itself with claws and bites, rubs against the door jambs and other objects, combs the itchy places to the blood. In this case scabs form on the animal's body.

Causes of itching in dogs

Causes of itching in various parts of the dog's bodyCan be very much. If the itching has appeared suddenly, most often it is a reaction to a change in diet (spicy or fatty foods), an allergy to some product. The cause of itching in different parts of the body may be parasites:

  • Fleas,
  • Lice,
  • Subcutaneous mites.

If the dog constantly scratches his ears, it can beA sign of the appearance of an ear mite. A dog can also scratch itself if it has some kind of skin disease. There can be a lot of such diseases. In order to establish the exact cause, it is necessary to take the animal to the veterinarian and carefully examine it.

The accuracy of the diagnosis will depend on the prescribed treatment and the speed of recovery of the dog.

Treatment of pruritus in the dog

In the presence of extensive lesions and severe itching, it is necessary to give the animal corticosteroid hormones:

  • Hydrocortisone,
  • cortisone,
  • Dexamethasone,
  • Prednisolone and others.

The dog is very itchy. What to do and how to treatOnly these drugs can relieve severe itchingWithin the next 4 - 12 hours. However, such hormones have potentially dangerous side effects, so they should not be used for long - not longer than a week and in the most serious cases. With diagnosed allergies, antihistamines are used.

Although their effectiveness in dogs is close to40%. In this case, it is necessary to try not one version of antihistamines, each giving within two weeks. So the most acceptable is revealed. Antihistamines also have side effects, they cause drowsiness, but are less dangerous compared to corticosteroids.

Most commonly used are:

  • Tavegil,
  • Dimedrol,
  • Suprastin,
  • Diazolin.

To remove the itch, caused by an allergy, also helpsEnriching the food with fatty acids. First of all, it is fish oil and evening primrose oil. These are natural anti-inflammatory drugs that relieve skin itching. They can also be used in combination with antihistamines.

For a variety of causes of itching,And external means. Colloidal shampoos and applications with oats draw inflammatory toxins out of the skin, alleviating the condition of the animal. Solutions with sulfur well destroy skin parasites. They also help to treat bacterial skin lesions and dermatomycosis.

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