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Thai Ridgeback: a description of the breed, the nature of the dog, the price of the puppies, photo

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If on the street you will meet a wonderful dogBlue color, do not think that your eyes have deceived you. In fact, you are lucky to see a very rare and unusual breed - Thai Ridgeback. The first representatives of this breed were brought to our country in 1998. Some time later, in 2004, in the kennel "Mirage of Thailand" the first litter of Thai Ridgeback puppies was received. For today in the country there are only about 400 individuals of this beautiful and amazing breed.

History of Thai Ridgeback

Thai Ridgeback

Thai Ridgeback belongs to one of the mostAncient breeds of dogs, this is an aboriginal breed, a dog-pariah. Ridgeback is a national breed of Thailand and outside the country is almost unknown. Archaeological research proves that the history of Ridgebacks is three to four thousand years old. In the ancient rock carvings found in Cambodia and Thailand, archaeologists have found images of dogs with a thin crescent-shaped tail and standing ears. The first written mention of Ridgebacks is found in Thai manuscripts of the 17th century.

Its origin derives from wild dogsdingo. The Thai Ridgeback has preserved the original type for centuries, as it has never been crossed with dogs of other breeds. Thanks to the long isolation of Thailand from the rest of the world, it was possible to preserve the purity of the breed, which in our time is considered one of the most original and original.

Western dog breeders first encountered thisBreed in the XIX century, on the colonized island of Fu-Quoc. Then it was suggested that the dogs on these islands were brought by Thai fishermen. Studies of dog scientists, undertaken to establish the exact origin of the breed, determined that dogs living in Thailand are of a more ancient origin than individuals common in the Vietnamese and Cambodian islands.

For the population of the country, dogs were an important partLife. They went with the owner to hunt, guarded the dwelling, accompanied their owners during long trips. The dogs were used to hunt deer, wild boar, tapir, and poultry. And, unlike Rhodesian Ridgebacks, the Thais do not drive prey, but pursue and finish it on the spot.

The dogs helped the shepherds, were used inAs draft force, were guards and defenders. Their lives were difficult and full of dangers. Thanks to natural selection, only the strongest and strongest individuals survived, so modern Thai Ridgebacks have excellent health.

Despite its ancient origin, the breedRecognized officially only recently. In 1989 it was made by the Union of dog breeders of Asia, in 1990 - the club of dog breeders of Japan. And, finally, in 1993 the Thai Ridgeback breed was registered by FCI officially, under number 338. Now Thai Ridgeback is successfully bred not only in Asia, but also in many countries of Europe and America. At the same time Ridgebacks registered officially, there are no more than 2000. Therefore, the breed is considered one of the rarest in the world.

The appearance of the Thai

Thai Ridgeback

Thai Ridgebacks are medium-sized dogs, withAthletic build, developed and strong muscles. They have a short dense coat, along the back it forms a characteristic ridge (ridge). This is a strip of wool that grows against the rest of the hair. Ridge (crest) begins at the top of the hull and descends the back down along the ridge. The comb may be of different length and shape, but it should be symmetrical from the spine and not go over to the sides.

The Thai has different types of wool:

  • Velor is super short (no more than 2mm)
  • Wool velor type (from 2mm to 1cm)
  • Standard (from 1 to 2 cm)

In dogs of this breed four types of color are common:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Isabella
  • The black

Thai Ridgeback

The most common form of color is red. In the livestock puppies of this color are found most often. This is explained by the fact that the breed comes from red wild dogs that were domesticated by humans. In puppies with such a color, stable pedigrees and ridges on the back are well-defined and wide.

Black color is considered dominant. In this color, the skin, claws, and nose must also be black. A healthy coat looks glossy and glossy.

Blue color is rare. The first generations of blue Ridgebacks had long black hairs among the solid silvery wool. But later, as far as the generation of new generations was concerned, this shortcoming disappeared.

Isabella is a very rare color. It combines the shades of tea rose, vanilla and pink grapes. In such dogs, the color of the nose corresponds to the tone of the coat, the claws have a brown color.

The males of the Thai Ridgeback are usually larger. At the withers they should have a height - from 56 to 61 cm, bitches - from 51 to 56 cm. The weight of dogs reaches 28 - 32 kg, the bitches are much lighter.

Nose in dogs usually large, dark, eyes - dark brown or amber. There are wrinkles on the forehead and neck of dogs. The ears are large enough, set high and slightly inclined forward.

Characteristic wrinkles on the forehead and standing ears attachAnimal intelligent and serious expression. The dog is very emotional and all her experiences immediately reflect on the muzzle. She can depict both deep sorrow and a joyful smile.

Dogs are very graceful and beautiful, amaze theirExotic appearance and unusual, soft as velvet wool. Another highlight is the ridge (ridge) on the back of different shapes. Animals are athletically stacked, unusually agile and jumping. Thai Ridgeback barked little, practically does not molt and has no smell. The average size assumes a moderate intake of food.

Ridgebacks have good intelligence, differStrong emotional attachment to the owner, and are always ready to protect him and his territory. Dogs have a thick and velvety voice, but bark very rarely, so many owners admit that they never heard the voice of their pet.

Character of the dog

Thai Ridgeback

Thai Ridgebacks are independentCharacter, they are unobtrusive and tactful and their behavior is more like a cat. Thais are comfortable for apartment maintenance, their short wool has no smell, dogs are very clean, not slobbery. Males are independent and independent, and bitches are more affectionate and flexible. This dexterous and quick-witted dog does not tolerate loneliness, so it is not suitable for enclosure. She is very attached to family members and loves the attention of the owner.

To other people, the Thai is wary andDistrustful, does not like their touch and caress. Aggressive and snooty males are very good guards, a stranger actively bark. They have excellent vision and hearing, dexterity, grace and courage. Ridgebacks can have their own opinions and make independent decisions, do not tolerate rude treatment. Therefore, acting by force, it is impossible to obtain the desired behavior from the dog, but it can be outsmarted by caress and encouragement and thus made to execute the commands.

Pet animals are characterized by ingenuity andResourcefulness, quickly learn and the relationship with them must be built on the basis of trust and respect for the owner. They are able to analyze the situation and sometimes in the learning process can simply be stubborn and do not want to execute commands. Thais are distinguished by early development of abilities and good memory, they like to learn new things, but they can get bored when it comes to repeating the same commands many times. Dogs are very observant, they have a good ability to imitate, they are excellent companions for their master.

Thai Ridgeback

In a domestic setting, Thai people get on well withOther dogs and get on even with cats. But outside of its territory the pet is not averse to driving street cats and hunting for small rodents and birds. On a walk, the Rijeka behave loyally towards other dogs, they never attack first, but they can respond to open aggression. Thais adore children and are very affectionate with small family members. A child can do anything with a dog, a Thai will tolerate and will never harm a child.

Dogs are distinguished by their vigor and mobility, they like to run and take part in dog sports (freestyle, frisbee) with excitement.

Thai Ridgeback is a dog that is verySensitive to emotional impact, she does not tolerate ill-treatment and requires the master of patience in education and communication. This breed can not be kept nervous, angry and unbalanced people. Dogs are extremely fond of freedom, they are arrogant and stubborn and they can be conquered only with patience and love. Ridgeback will not rush with manifestations of love for a stranger, he treats strangers very wary. At the same time, he will always take care of members of his family, especially those who are courted and live in the same territory.

In the Thai character there is a lot of feline, he does not alwaysFavorably treats guests and looks at new people for a long time. Just like a cat, it differs by its territorial type of behavior, feels calm and confident only in its territory and does not like to leave it. Another feature that brings Thais closer to the cat's tribe is dislike for water. Even on a hot day, Ridgeback does not want to swim in a pond and does not like rainy weather. But the heat and heat easily tolerates.

Thais are able to evaluate people, someone immediatelyCauses the dog sympathy, and somebody does not take it sharply and can growl menacingly and show teeth. Ridgebacks are naturally hunters, and sometimes they can leave their master far behind and go for a walk on hunting grounds. Such undisciplined individuals should be taken out on a leash or walking with them in a fenced area.

Breed standard: basic characteristics

Thai Ridgeback

Representatives of the Thai Ridgeback breed shouldMeet a certain standard. Their appointment is a hunting dog and a companion dog. They are medium-sized, with short, velvet hair and ridge (crest) along the back. The length of the dog's body is usually greater than the height at the withers. Representatives of the breed are active, have well-developed muscles, are easily trained. Thais perfectly jump, they are strong and agile. They are very attached to the owner and are devoted to their family. The dog's constitution must meet the following requirements:

Head. The shape of the skull between the ears is flat, when viewed from the side - slightly rounded. If the dog is alert, wrinkles appear on the forehead.

Muzzle It has a wedge shape, its size should be shorter than the upper part of the head.

Lips Well stretched, pigmented.

Back Nose Straight, long enough. The nose must be black. Blue ridgebacks have a bluish nose.

Jaws Strong and strong, are equipped with large teeth that have a scissor bite. Language Should be black or have black spots.

Eyes Large, almond shaped, brown. In dogs with blue hair, the eyes are of amber color.

Ears have a triangular shape And the average size. Stand up, with a slight inclination forward.

Thai Ridgeback

Neck Muscular, very strong, highly and proudly set. It is slightly arched and has an average length.

Housing. The dog has a strong, straight and even back, a broad loin and slightly inclined groats. The chest is rather deep, its shape is not barrel-shaped, the ribs are well arched, the stomach is tightened.

Limbs Straight, well developed, paws oval, claws black. If the wool light color claws can be brown.

Woolen cover Smooth and short, the comb on the back shouldWell stand out against the back of the rest of the wool. It can have a different size and shape, but it is symmetrical and does not go over to the sides. At the beginning of the ridge, the presence of wool curls is entirely permissible.

Color Must be continuous: black, blue or light-pale yellow (isabella) color.

Any, even insignificant deviation fromListed points is considered as a drawback and is estimated from the degree of expression. Disqualifying vices include individuals without ridge, with long hair, with aggressive or shy behavior.

Maintenance and care

Thais are great for keeping inApartment. Dogs of this breed do not smell, do not drop drooling, molt only once a year (during 2 weeks in February-March). Woolen cloths do not stick to carpeting, they can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner or a brush.

Thai Ridgeback

Like all hunters, Thais are very active andMovable, especially this applies to puppies. But the physical load for the puppy should increase gradually. It is superfluous to overload a young, fragile dog, otherwise it will negatively affect the development of its skeleton and ligaments. The owner should give the puppy a lot of time, engage in upbringing, introduce him to new people and animals, train and instill useful skills. An adult dog can be safely taken with a bike ride or a long run. With it you can engage in active sports, the Thais perfectly move and jump, they are strong and agile.

Dogs are very clean, on the street they bypassPuddles and dirty places, so after a walk it's enough to wipe the dog's paws. It is enough to wash the Thai four times a year. It is recommended to comb the dog with a special rubber glove, it is necessary to comb the hair regularly during moulting.

Young dogs need physical activityAnd long walks, which should take up to two hours a day. Adult dogs have two daily walks for 30-40 minutes each. But in the weekend it's better to take the dog out to the countryside, or to walk with it longer. During the walk, the pet behaves calmly, walking with him is nice, he does not pull the leash, does not jerk sharply off the spot, carefully bypasses dirt and puddles. Thais are absolutely not suitable for street or aviary content, they can not live in isolation from the owner and family members.

Education and training

Puppy Thai Ridgeback from the first momentFinding in a new family will try to build hierarchical relationships with people and other animals. Unquestionable authority for the dog is the owner and those who take care of him, walk and feed him. At a young age, dogs are very active, they like to run and play. With age they become calm, lazy, like to sleep next to the owner.

Thai Ridgeback

You can train a puppy from 3-4 months old. Training, education and socialization of the dog is better to do together with the coach. This freedom-loving breed and its representatives like to show independence of character. The master must be ready to deal with the stubbornness of the Thai and find a common language with him. From the first days of the puppy's stay in the house, it is necessary to establish a clear boundary and to give the dog to understand who is the master here and who should obey. Thais must be trained to clearly execute commands and give the puppy to understand that he must perform certain actions only with the permission of the person.

It is very important that upbringing is calm,Consistent and persevering. This will help to overcome the natural stubbornness of the Thai. Young dogs are trying to assert themselves, so it is so important to give the puppy to understand his place in the house and outline the boundaries of what is allowed.

Ridgebacks are highly sensitive,So in education requires a firm hand, but without unjustified rigor and rudeness. Rough attitude can lead to the fact that the dog will become closed, cowardly or opposite, aggressive. Affectionate attitude and encouragement gives good results.

Price of Thai Ridgeback

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

This is a rare and therefore very expensive breed. Why is the price of Thai puppies so high? Sometimes, in order to spend breeding, the breeder has to go to the dog to European countries. In addition, you will need to spend on tests (about 1000 euros) and give money for the mating (from 800 to 2000 euros). This significantly affects the price of puppies. On average, the price of a Thai Ridgeback puppy starts from € 1,600 And can reach an astronomical sum of € 20,000. It is clear that not every amateur dog breeder can pay this price. Therefore, the Thais acquire mostly rich and famous personalities.

How to choose a puppy

Before deciding on such an expensiveAcquisition, you should weigh all the pros and cons. If you are a workaholic who spends all weekdays at work, and on weekends dreaming of sleeping off and relaxing on the couch in front of the TV, then such a dog as Thai Ridgeback is definitely not for you. It requires constant attention, it tolerates loneliness badly and misses very much in the absence of the host. In addition, Thai puppies are a clot of energy that requires withdrawal. They need to walk daily, play, communicate and educate.

Thai Ridgeback

If you are willing to give the dog much time andGive preference to this particular breed, you should treat the choice with all responsibility. You acquire a friend and companion who will be with you for many years and will become a real member of your family.

First of all, you should choose a reliable nursery. This can help different Internet resources: dog forums, nursery sites, ads on social networks. If the site offers puppies from visiting matings or born in another kennel, you should learn as much information about the parents. Their exhibition achievements will be of great importance. You should carefully consider all the photos and videos of the puppy together with the parents and be on the alert if the dogs do not have a single title. Perhaps the reason for the hidden vices, then your future pet will also show deviations from the standard.

Do not be surprised that the puppy's body is coveredNumerous folds and the kid resemble a breed of shar pei. As the dog grows, the folds will disappear, and the skin will stretch and become smooth. The folds are retained only on the forehead of the animal. By the age of four months, the puppies get their ears and get the final color of the eye. It is important to remember that in young dogs, the backbone and musculature are not strong enough, so it is better not to let the puppy play with too heavy and active dogs. For feeding puppies recommend a quality dry food for fast-growing dogs, able to provide a rapid increase in body weight.

It is necessary to check the health of the puppy and make a testOn dysplasia. Animals should be vaccinated by age, brands, proglustoneny. Each puppy must have a veterinary passport, FCI documents and a memo for the owner. Well, if you can immediately chip the puppy. Try to pick a pet about collecting as much information as possible, this will help to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Advantages and disadvantages of the breed

The virtues of the breed include the mind, strength,Endurance, cleanliness, good learning. Thai Ridgebacks are very beautiful, harmoniously built and sporty. They are wonderful hunters, guards and faithful companions.

The disadvantage is a pronounced hunting instinct. On a walk in the forest or park, a pet can get carried away after and run away from the owner, in the courtyard dogs can catch birds and chase street cats. In some cases, Thais are stubborn, they have good intelligence and are able to make independent decisions, sometimes going against the wishes of the master. Obtaining obedience can not be force or rough treatment, dogs need a special approach and the ability to negotiate.

Photo of Thai Ridgeback

Thai Ridgeback Thai Ridgeback Thai Ridgeback Thai Ridgeback Thai Ridgeback Thai Ridgeback Thai Ridgeback Thai Ridgeback Thai Ridgeback Thai Ridgeback Thai Ridgeback Thai Ridgeback Thai Ridgeback Thai Ridgeback
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