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English Bulldog: Breed description, character, photo, price of puppies

Bulldog, English Bulldog

Imposing English bulldog Does not seem at all agile, but rather resembles a sturdy stocky farmer than a soldier. But, in fact, he is able to surprise anyone with his quickness.

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In the 13th century in England the breed acquired the presentThe name of the English word "bull" is bull. The bulldogs were flooded. English bulldogs are terribly powerful dogs. When they need something, they will sweep everyone out of their way. When in 1835 baiting, tied by bulls by dogs were forbidden by law, the breed of English bulldog almost disappeared. Fortunately, a group of fans of bulldogs saved the matter. After that, they began to bring out dogs, the nature of which became more suitable for the companion's dog.

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English aristocrats with admiration watchedThe way powerful dogs drive huge bulls. They remembered that before the appearance of bulldogs, smaller and less powerful dogs were let out into the arena by a pack, from which almost all dogs perished under the heavy hooves of a wild animal, leaving no money for the wealthy masters or money for fun.

Bulldog, it is often called EnglishBulldog, is a friendly, calm good-natured dog. English Bulldog is very confident in himself. Where other dogs will look back at the owner for support, the bulldog will say: "In any case, I can manage myself." The English bulldog became an unofficial symbol of the American Marine Corps.

Today, the English Bulldog is a dog, 100% human hand creation. Today, such loving English bulldogs, in ancient times, were so cruel that they were forbidden to appear on the streets of Rome.

The English mastiff and its reduced copy, which served British butchers, cattle-traders and guttravels as a working dog resembling a Rottweiler and a Bullenbeyzer, claimed the role of the "bullshit".

Among the first "bulldogs", however, metDogs of different sizes, colors and with different jaw structures. "Natural selection" produced bulls, destroying unsuitable animals, and a man watched the fights, and then fixed and developed in dogs those qualities that contributed to the creation of a perfect quadruped fighter.

So, the mastiff usually grabbed the bull by the ear, scruff or neck and tried to knock down the enemy. But because of their large size, the mastiffs often hit the bull on the horns or under the hooves.

But "butcher dogs" due to longSelection better protected themselves from a formidable opponent and had another remarkable feature - the desire to grab the bull by the nose. And since the ungulate giant is the most sensitive place, it was the bulldog, who was clinging to the bull's nose, was able to completely paralyze his will and discourage his desire to resist. The battle, by the way, was considered complete if the bull fell or ran away from the arena.
"Dog is an obsequious dog"

Bulldog, English Bulldog

Bull-hunting was prohibited by law in 1835 - and a large number of bulldogs turned out to be "out of work". But for a short time - the quality of dogs has already been appreciated.

Bulldogs quickly turned from "gladiators" into excellent bodyguards, defenders, watchmen and just worthy companions.

However, after the appearance in the houses and royalThe fearless bulldogs still had to sacrifice something - their uneasy character. Aggressive dogs the English sent to the plantations in the New World, and those dogs that remained to protect aristocrats, tried to re-educate - aggressive, angry bulldogs in secular interiors were inappropriate.

Since the "classical" gentleman mustTo be a "respectable" dog, the preference of the breeders of that time was given a balanced, loyal to outsiders (to a certain extent) and reliable bulldogs. Unfortunately, fearlessness and persistence in the process of "re-education" suffered.

Of course, the bulldog today, without hesitation,Intercedes for his master. But of that inflexible warrior who went out into the arena one-on-one with a mighty bull, we are hardly likely to see. However, so what? The main thing is that enterprising and wise Englishmen gave the world a faithful and reasonable friend.

Breed description: character, size, life expectancy

The bulldog has a funny face with all the wrinklesAnd cheeks. But do not be mistaken. The English Bulldog is a very harsh dog. The jaw protrudes forward and opens the teeth. Leather in the folds helped the dogs in battle - even if the enemy grabbed, still maneuverability remained in battle. Folds on the muzzle are needed so that blood does not fill your eyes during a fight. Broad shoulders, a large head create a squat appearance.

English Bulldog is a dog with a massive head andSmall pelvis. Because of its shape, an English bulldog often can not give birth to puppies without the help of a veterinarian. Puppies do not pass normally through the birth canal and therefore most often the dogs are given a cesarean section. In addition, English bulldogs are brachycephalic dogs, which means a dented nose and head.

Because they breathe with their mouth open andThey swallow a lot of air, they often release gases. It is necessary either not to pay attention, or to stock up the air freshener. Let it not the most gentle dogs, but English bulldogs amaze imagination. They remain the national dog of England. During the Second World War, the Bulldog was considered Churchill's dog, because he personified the courage and strength of England. True, Churchill had a poodle, not a bulldog.

English Bulldog is a real homebody. He likes to spin around the sofa and is ready to sleep the whole day. It does not apply to dogs that like long walks. He prefers to spin around the house. English Bulldog is very stubborn. If he does not want to do something, then you have to spend a lot of effort to get him to do it. His amusing behavior will surely make you smile often. The English Bulldog establishes a very strong bond with the children and behaves well with them. He loves to gnaw different things and that this trait of his character does not become destructive, give him many toys for chewing and hide his slippers.

In general, an English bulldog does not tolerate heat. If you live in a hot climate, an English bulldog will not be the best choice. An English bulldog is great for living in the city. They do not need constant physical exercises, they do not need to run for an hour. The majority is sufficient once to move well or walk for 20 minutes 2 times a day. It all depends on the dog. Those who are younger need more work than older ones.

English Bulldog is not suitable for those who can not stand drooling and smell. But if this dog approached you, this is love at first sight. They love being with the family.

The size

English Bulldog refers to dogs of medium size. Growth at the withers is 35-40 centimeters. Weight of an English bulldog: males about 25 kilograms, females - 23 kg.


English Bulldog is considered one of the mostSick breeds of dogs. He has a lot of congenital or hereditary diseases. They may have various problems with the heart, as well as with the musculoskeletal system.

English bulldogs live about 8-10 years.

Education and training of English Bulldog

Bulldog, English Bulldog

Unlike many other breeds, in whichBlood craving for freedom, bulldogs, appearing at your home, adapt for several days or even hours, as if in a previous life you slept on your rug or ate from the bowl you prepared. And although they learn quickly, like intuitively, bulldogs, like other dogs, need upbringing. Otherwise, one day you may realize that you have grown a dowager, a stubborn, or even a threat to others.

The first rule of the "bulldog caster" is to beDog friend. If you put the pet on a chain or "conclude" in a cage - you will lose the trust of a dog, which, in order to grow up as a worthy companion, it is necessary to stay close to people all the time.

Nevertheless, you need to immediately show the bulldog, "whoAt home the owner. " Otherwise, you will not have time to recover, as you become "subordinate" to your dog. Bulldogs like to luxuriate in an armchair, on the couch, on a comfortable bedding. But do not let them do much - the day after tomorrow your pet from your beloved "boy" will turn into a mature "husband" of impressive size and with frightening jaws. This and does not notice how to move you from the couch, turning to another barrel. Therefore, it is better to immediately arrange for the dog a place where it will be cozy and it will not hurt anyone. By the way, bulldogs generally understand the language of rewards rather than punishments. Therefore, if the puppy ate your favorite sneakers, just sit next to him squatting and firmly, but calmly explain that he did wrong.

If you are persuasive enough and, of course,Stop to leave sneakers next to the place of your pet's meal, an unpleasant "incident" will not happen again. For reliability it is possible to buy a bulldog of chewing toys - this will entertain him, and will save him from ill-considered "manipulations" with furniture, shoes and clothes.

A bulldog is not hard to train if you areAgree with him. He can be stubborn, because he wants to do things his own way and that's enough muscle and strength for that. English Bulldog is not the dog with which nothing can be done, but not the one that wants to please you. Bulldogs live by their own rules. They are very, very lazy.

They like to lie around everywhere, but sometimes they canTo run about. They like to play, but by their own rules. The English Bulldog seems to live in its own world. You are here to feed and entertain - no longer what for. They want to be who they want. To train an English bulldog, you have to understand its incentives. If it's food, praise, whatever, if you find that it works on your dog, use it. Because if you want to play by your own rules, do not get far.

Thus, to teach an Englishman to behave himself is not difficult. Especially important are the first two or three months of attention and patience.


Be careful!

Much more excitement the host will have to survive during the growth and formation of the young bulldog's organism. And this is not surprising, given the unusual appearance of the Englishman.

He has a short and flat muzzle, why yourA pet can snore deafeningly in a dream. By the way, this is another reason why you should "move" the dog from the couch to the floor, or, better, to an empty room.

In addition, due to the special structure of the body, the bulldogSuffers from shortness of breath and has a weak heart, therefore, is not capable of long and hard work, and therefore, will not become an ideal companion for those who like hiking or daily long runs.

You can not let a puppy get out of the way. Overloads in puppy-age - both mental and physical - have serious consequences, which often turn out to be irreparable.

And, finally, bulldogs are prone to obesity. And it's not just that the British love to eat, but also in slow metabolism. And given the weak joints, a heavy young bulldog can earn a serious injury - a common phenomenon in the sprouts of this breed.

Another "trouble" of mighty dogs is an allergy. Moreover, irritation in some bulldogs is caused by flowers, grasses, pollen of plants, and the burning sun. Therefore, when the first signs of an allergic reaction appear, you should contact the veterinarian, who will advise how to protect yourself from the "misfortune".


Bulldog, English Bulldog

The moulting process of an English bulldog puppyStarts at about 9 months. Moulting can be eased by regularly cleaning the dog. During cleaning, you remove dandruff, dust and dirt from the English bulldog's coat, which also falls on the skin. If you do not do regular cleaning, it is more likely that the dog will develop skin diseases.

Cleaning is also a kind of massage thatUseful for English bulldog, since after it the blood flows to the skin, which in turn stimulates metabolism. In addition, the dead hair is removed.

English Bulldog should be cleaned 1-2 timesin Week. For this purpose, a bristle brush is ideal. After that it is recommended to smooth the dog with a cloth brush or a special mitten. This procedure ensures the purity of the wool is not worse, and perhaps better than washing. Still, as an option - cleaning an English bulldog with a vacuum cleaner.

At first he can resist, but enoughQuickly get used to this procedure. In summer, when it's hot, an English bulldog can be slightly moistened with water (do not recommend using shampoos). Especially the dog likes this event after walking on the street. It is very important to ensure that the dog after washing is not in a draft.

It is better not to bathe an English bulldog, whencold. The rest of the time you can bathe it once every 2 months. In order not to harm the skin and coat of an English bulldog, it is important that the water is not hot, not more than 34-36 degrees. For washing, you need to use a special shampoo. After this procedure, it must be wiped dry. Go for a walk is allowed only when the woolen cover is completely dry.

In winter it is useful to "bathe" an English bulldogPure snow. In the summer it will be nice to wash the house with frequent bathing in open water (preferably if it is in running water and with gentle banks). This procedure should be carried out in places not intended for bathing people and where watering of cattle is not carried out. Remember that the front of the bulldog's body is heavy. Because of this, they do not swim well.


It's no secret that balanced nutrition is an indispensable condition for the proper development and growth of the dog. Given the tendency to obesity, bulldogs in it especially need.

What to feed the pet, dry food classSuper-premium or natural food, it's up to you. The main thing is to stick to one scheme of building a diet, do not forget about vitamins and mineral supplements (if you give a bulldog natural products) - and love your big little friend. Perhaps, it is the love of the master that makes a warrior and a "bull dog" a devoted and obedient, real gentleman.


Do you want to buy an English bulldog? You can certainly search for information on Internet sites or in newspapers with advertisements. But first of all you must understand for yourself, with what goals you acquire a dog. Do you need a future champion of exhibitions or a pet? This will determine the value of your pet. Puppies from parents of champions are expensive, companion dogs are much cheaper. In this regard, and this range of prices.

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

The cost of English bulldog puppies varies from 10 000 to 50 000 rubles.

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