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Diseases of the eyes in dogs: symptoms, treatment, photo

Quite a lot of eye diseases can be in a dog. Some are more likely to happen to puppies, others are more likely to occur with age.

Symptoms of eye diseases of dogs

  1. First of all alarm dog ownerThe appearance of unnatural excretions from the eyes, as well as abnormal excess lacrimation, should occur. Most often it is peculiar to puppies and young dogs, as well as representatives of certain breeds.
  2. Also, the eye itself can change - inflamed tissues and swelling, depressions on its surface, opacities or white spots appear.
  3. Around the eye or in it there may be an unusual neoplasm or a noticeable trembling of the iris.
  4. Also, the owner can notice that the dog has photophobia, and it can not normally look at the light and hides in dark places. It is not excluded and loss of vision.

Major eye diseases in dogs: symptoms and treatment

It happens that puppies are born with a twist of the century(Usually the lower one). Eyelashes of this century rub against the cornea of ​​the eye and irritate it. There is lacrimation, even the cancer of the cornea can develop. In dogs with muzzle skin, which hangs freely, the eyelid turns out often, when the edge of the lower eyelid is turned outward from the eyeball. It can be a birth defect or the result of a trauma, but can with age because of the loss of muscle tone.

If the eyes swell and there are discharge,First transparent, and then purulent, it is possible to suspect conjunctivitis - an inflammation of the membrane that covers part of the eyeball and lines the eyelids. By the nature of the discharge, one can judge the cause of the disease. So they are transparent and liquid, then the cause is wind, foreign body or allergy.

If the secretions are thick, pus-like, thenConjunctivitis was due to bacterial infection. German shepherds often encounter pannus (a form of keratitis), noticeable as a pinkish-corporal film in front of eyes. In addition, the dog can have such diseases as:

  • Adenoma of the third century,
  • glaucoma,
  • Corneal ulcer,
  • Keratitis,
  • cataract,
  • Dislocation of the lens,
  • Dislocation of the eyeball,
  • PAS - progressive atrophy of the retina.

Treatment of eye diseases in dogs

  1. When lacrimation, it is necessary to detect and exclude the source of irritation.
  2. It is necessary to wash the eyes and the nose and tear duct, the use of antibiotics.
  3. If the eyes irritate the extra eyelashes with which some dogs are born, it is better to remove them surgically, otherwise with age they will increasingly annoy the animal.
  4. With enpropyon (eyelid twist), as with eyelid eversion, a plastic surgical operation is necessary to exclude infection of the eyes.
  5. Conjunctivitis in a dog is treated withEliminate its cause. Usually, antibiotics for the eyes are needed for treatment, which are dripped or poured in the form of ointments. So, tetracycline ointment is popular.

Major eye diseases in dogs: symptoms and treatment

Adenoma of the third century is treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, although in most cases surgery is necessary, as in glaucoma, cataracts, lens dislocation.

The eyeball falls out as a result of an injury,In order to save the dog's eyes, it is necessary to insert the eye urgently into place, apply a cold compress to it and urgently take the animal to the veterinary clinic. With keratitis and corneal ulceration, you must urgently contact a veterinarian, otherwise the dog may lose sight.

For the treatment of pannus, medicinal andSurgical means, although there is no evidence of a lasting recovery from this disease. Since PAS is a genetic disease in which retinal cells die, it always leads to loss of vision.

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