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Mycosis in dogs: symptoms, treatment

Mycosis in dogs is a whole group of diseases that cause microscopic fungi.

They actively parasitize in the dog's body andCan be transmitted by contact means through animal care products, litter. Most often, infection occurs in the fall and winter. Spores of fungi are very resistant to environmental conditions and may persist for years.

This disease occurs frequently, but with great difficulty can be treated. Can develop for months and even years.

Symptoms of fungal infections in dogs

  1. Typical forms of mycoses are manifested in the form ofSingle or multiple lesions on the skin with a diameter of 1-4 cm. This can be just a cut wool or small skin lesions on the limbs and head. Such forms do not itch and do not cause special concern to the animal.
  2. There are forms of mycoses (suporativnye), in which there are suppuration on the body of the animal.
  3. At other forms on a skin there are strongly inflamed relief tonsils, pressing on which droplets of pus act.
  4. Atypical forms on the body of the animal appear extensive damage, which are not oval.
  5. In thinning animals, itchy and highly inflamed lesions can be seen.

How to treat mycosis in dogsIn places of damage, the dog loses its hair, the skin thickens, reddens, swells, ulcers, erosions, scratching. To make the correct diagnosis it is necessary to conduct laboratory tests:

  • Microscopy of skin scraping,
  • Luminescent research,
  • Isolation and identification of the culture of the pathogen.

Treatment of mycosis in dogs

Treatment of such a disease is long andBe careful. Often the choice of therapy depends on the form of the disease. With single lesions and forms that occur unsystematically internally and externally, nystatin is used. Enter griceofulvin 50-110 mg per kg of animal weight daily for 6-8 weeks.

With multiple lesions are locally appliedEnilconasol and ketoconasol twice a week for a month. It should be borne in mind that the fungus quickly develops immunity to antifungal drugs, and they stop helping. Therefore, drugs should be changed periodically.

You can start with Candida ointment, then holdSeveral courses nizoral. With a curative as well as a preventive goal successfully used and anti-trichophytous vaccines, which are administered twice at intervals of three weeks. Also, it is necessary to discard the old litter with dog, and treat formal and daily care with the new and all animal care items every day.

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