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Toxocarosis in dogs: symptoms, treatment

Toxocarosis is a parasitic disease, which the larvae of the ascarids - toxocars cause in the dog. It lasts a long time and affects several internal organs.

Toksokary - worms up to 18 cm long are localized inSmall intestine and stomach of the dog. Parasites live up to 6 months, laying over a day more than 200 thousand eggs. They fall into the soil where maturation continues. Eggs can keep their infectiousness in the soil for several years.

Also toxocarosis can be transmitted from a pregnant womanDog fetus. The born puppy becomes a source of infection for other dogs. The source of infection can be and rodents, birds, pigs, sheep, earthworms, whose meat can be eaten by a dog. From a dog with toxocarosis, a person can also become infected with a household contact.

Symptoms of Toxocarose in Dogs

How to treat toxocariasis in dogs

The signs of such a disease depend on the intensityInfection of the animal. Most often this disease affects puppies. For them, this is a deadly disease and kids under the age of 2.5 months usually die. The main symptoms of toxocariasis in puppies are:

Upset of the digestive tract, resulting in the dog loses its appetite,

  • She develops exhaustion,
  • anemia,
  • Often there is vomiting,
  • diarrhea,
  • flatulence,
  • Perversion of appetite,
  • Nervous phenomena.

When vomiting can be thrown whole ballsToksokary.Takzhe signs of intestinal colic, bronchopneumonia, epileptic seizure. The puppy can bark for no reason, scream and bite. Infected puppies lag behind in development and growth. They strongly violate blood counts: the amount of hemoglobin and erythrocytes decreases, eosinophils and leukocytes increase.

In adult dogs, it is not possible to detect pronouncedClinical signs. Diagnose toxocariosis in a complex way, for its confirmation it is necessary to investigate feces according to the method of Füleleborn for the presence of eggs of helminths. Posthumous diagnosis is established by finding a toxocar in the intestine.

Treatment of toxocariasis in dogs

To treat this disease, drugs are used that also treat nematodes. These are such medicines as:

  • Salts of piperazine,
  • Levamisole,
  • Drontal,
  • Pyrantel,
  • Nilverm,
  • Fenbendazole,
  • Mebendazole,
  • Dronzite,
  • Azinoks plus,
  • Drontal plus, etc.

In order not to start the disease, especially dangerousFor the puppy, it is necessary, at the first alarming signs, to contact the veterinarian and diagnose the animal. To get infected people, you must exclude close contact with the dog and always wash your hands before eating.

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