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Miniature Schnauzer (zwerg): description of the breed, the nature of the dog, photo, price of the puppies, where to buy

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general description

Miniature Schnauzer

Compact size and unshakable confidence inIt is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the duckweeds. Despite its small size, the zwergschnauzer can be considered a serious service dog. Her thick and long eyebrows hide a very attentive and vigilant look, she is always on watch. Watch and fighting qualities of this dog do not allow to refer it to the number of small room or "pocket" dogs. She is very brave and brave, intelligent and sensible, attentive and wary. Miniature Schnauzer or dwarf schnauzer takes an honorable 7th place in the list of the most popular dogs all over the world. Such popularity is due to the excellent characteristics and simplicity of the content. After all, a duckweed can be kept even in the smallest apartment. This is a very miniature official breed with a weight of no more than 7 kg. Why service? Because she managed to establish herself as an excellent "employee" of the police, namely, in search of drugs, weapons, explosives, etc.

Miniature Schnauzer

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Protective properties
The size
Attitudes towards children
Although its size and stern expression on the faceCan seem pretty even amusing, but do not underestimate the possibilities and intentions of the duckweed. Miniature Schnauzer completely copes with all canine duties. He can become both a wonderful watchman, a guard, and a true friend for you. Zverg gets along very well and cope with small children, so you can safely leave it with the kids, and he will become for them both a "nanny" and a cheerful companion in active games and entertainments.</ P>

History of the origin of the breed

Miniature Schnauzer

The historical homeland of the Zwergschnauzer isGermany. Translated from the German word "zwerg" and "schnauzer" are translated as "dwarf" and "muzzle". Despite the fact that the roots of this breed go back to the distant Middle Ages, it is considered to be relatively young. The origin of many breeds is a mystery, the history of the Zwergschnauzer was no exception. There are several theories that are based on one common fact: the ancestors of the dervishes were Mittelschnauzer. As for the modern representatives of the breed, they first appeared in the 19-20 century in one of the regions of Germany. To achieve excellent qualities, ideal appearance and temperament, breeders had to spend a lot of effort and money. Breeders made many crossings, including with spitz, poodles and affenpinchers, in order to substantially change all the characteristics of the zwergschnauzer. For the first time, a miniature zwerg turned up at a dog show in 1890. Then the dog made a splash and gained popularity among many breeders. In the same year, the breed standard was recognized.

Appearance and variety of doves

Miniature Schnauzer is a small dogSize, chunky, square shape, but very elegant. It is very similar to the Mittel Schnauzer, only in a smaller copy. At the crest a very large head with dense long eyebrows and a stern gaze. It may seem that the zwerg is complicated disproportionately, but in fact everything is in harmony with it. The standard recognizes 5 acceptable colors:

  • the black;
  • white;
  • Black with silver;
  • "Pepper and salt";
  • Chocolate-tan.

What is the nature of the Zwergschnauzer?

Miniature Schnauzer

The character of the zverga is completely opposed to himA miniature appearance. If you are not familiar with this breed, then at first glance you will find that this cute dog that needs protection and care and never offends anyone. You will be wrong! This funny fluffy dwarf, who loves you and your family immensely, plays nice with the young children and sleeps on your lap, at first demand will attack the enemy and in seconds can turn into an evil monster. Zverg is very scrupulous and attentive to everything that concerns his master. If he feels the slightest threat, then it will be very difficult to stop it. Although if the time to do training, then he will faithfully wait for your team to aggression. In principle, zwergschnauzer can be subordinated, but only to those who are stronger and smarter than him. Therefore, the owner should be for him an authority. Miniature SchnauzerThe Miniature Schnauzer is the strong spirit of a huge dog inA small body. He is brave and brave. Without thinking, it will tear apart everything that threatens his family. He is always in a wary state, in his eyes there is distrust and vigilance. Zverg likes to communicate with other dogs, regardless of their size. He is not afraid of big dogs and "respects" very small dogs. The dwarf schnauzer is very energetic, incredibly smart and unlimitedly devoted to his master. Zverg assumes the duties of a guard and a watchman at the puppy age. He will never miss the opportunity to protect you from potential danger. His desire to save and protect can be so zealous that sometimes it must be stopped. This is due to the temperament and natural qualities of the fighter. But with all his guarding qualities, the Zwergschnauzer has incredible charm, he has a very cheerful and playful character. He can be very gentle, affectionate and sensitive. As in the case of many other breeds, the dwarf schnauzer needs a mutual relationship. If he does not feel the proper attention and love from his master, he can become a very aggressive and disobedient dog. It is necessary to communicate with him constantly and spend time with him.

Breed standard: basic characteristics

General Standards

The Miniature Schnauzer is a compactMuscular dog with a hard coat. Everything in their appearance is designed for functionality. A distinctive feature of the trunk of the zwerg is its tall front body. This kind of "slope" of the body can be seen already at the age of one month. Due to this addition, the zwerg can develop very high speed and run at a gallop. On average, a healthy zverg can live from 12 to 16 years. The weight of an adult schnauzer varies from 4 to 8 kg, the growth at the withers is from 30 to 35 cm. Miniature SchnauzerThe dog's head may seem a bitDisproportional to the trunk, but in fact its mass is fully consistent with the total addition. The transition from the forehead to the nose should be clearly expressed by the eyebrows. The nose has a straight, flat back and a black developed lobe. The muzzle of the duckweed should look a bit like a wedge. She is dull, slightly elongated. Lips are black, always dry, close fitting. Jaws are powerful, scissor bite. The eyes are small, medium in size, oval in shape and should be pointed forward. Color of eyes is dark, eyelids should fit well. The view is always alive. The ears are set high, but hanging. The anterior edge of the ear should lie slightly to the cheek. The neck is very strong, with well-developed musculature. Congestion convex. On the throat, the skin should be tight, without folds. The body of the Zwergschnauzer has a falling line. Back is short, but very firm and elastic. The thorax should be wide and oval in a section. The abdomen is moderately tight, forming a beautiful curved line. The fore and hind legs are different in length, spaced moderately wide and parallel. Paws are powerful and developed. Fingers are closed together, claws should be black and short. The wool of the zwergschnauzer is very stiff, coarse, similar to wire. But, at the same time, it is very dense. A dense undercoat plus a dense moderately long awn will reliably save the duckweed from the harshest frosts. It is noteworthy that on the legs the wool is softer and shorter. Also a short coat on the ears and forehead. The skin to the whole body is quite tight. A distinctive feature of the duckweed is, of course, its famous thick and long eyebrows and the same beard. Eyebrows should shade the dog's eyes a little. Miniature SchnauzerThe color can be black, white,Black and silver, pepper and salt. Movement dwarf schnauzer should be elegant, graceful, free and wide. The forelimbs he sprays as much as possible, and the rear springs spring for a jerk. There are a number of significant shortcomings that do not meet the standards. These include:

  • Round very massive skull;
  • Creases on any part of the body;
  • Too pointed and short muzzle;
  • Short or too long ears planted on the head low;
  • Long back with bend;
  • Soft, wavy, long coat;
  • Brown undercoat or black stripes and spots on the back;
  • malocclusion;
  • Excessive aggression, cowardice, nervousness and constant suspicion.

The most common diseases of Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer

Frequent possible diseases of the dwarf schnauzerAre related to its activity. These can be injuries of the limbs, parasites or poisoning. Because of the weak liver, they also have intolerance to very fatty foods. In puppyhood, small zwergs can face the same diseases that most breeds face. It can be a viral infection or an intestinal infection. Puppies are prone to numerous ailments, so you need to take care of all the proper vaccinations in time. In general, a miniature schnauzer is a very healthy and hardy dog, but there are some predispositions and genetic diseases. These include eye disease. It is almost impossible to envisage this. But, in spite of poor eyesight, the zwerge will never lose its watchdog qualities and will be able to serve you till old age. Also in the case of this breed, the host may encounter such unpleasant ailments as inadequate hormone production or hypothyroidism, blockage of the hair follicles and the formation of cysts, melanomas (malignant tumors on the skin), glaucoma, cataracts, degeneration of the eyeball. In any case, a regular inspection of the veterinarian and the prevention of the health of your pet is necessary.

How correctly to look after and than to feed?

Miniature Schnauzer

The most important part of the care of a miniature schnauzer -wool. Due to the fact that it is very stiff and long enough, it can form coils. And with improper care, skin inflammation can begin. Combing the duckweed is necessary at least 1-2 times a week. To do this, use a brush with stiff bristles. Do not forget about the places between the pads on the paws and about the armpits with the stomach. As for water procedures, they should not be too frequent. This can damage the duckweed and its health. Try to bathe it only as needed, well before the haircut. Always monitor the condition of the ears, eyes and nose of the dog. Everything should be clean and dry, without redness and discharge. Since the ears of the hanging are hanging, this can interfere with good ventilation. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the interfering hairs on the ears. You can also stop ears, but it's only at your discretion. Proper care includes not only maintaining a clean and healthy appearance, but also walking, feeding, regular check-ups with a veterinarian, etc. The miniature schnauzer is very clean by nature, so you will not have much effort and cost to care for the wool. For the same reason zverg perfectly can live even in a small apartment. You only need to walk the dog at least 2 times a day for 1-2 hours. ZwergschnauzerHealthy appearance and health in generalMost of it depends on the correct diet of the dog. This applies to any breed, but there are some nuances in the process of feeding a miniature schnauzer. The duckweed can not be overfed, since it is able to quickly gain weight and turn into a lazy, sedentary, sick creature. You can not feed him food from a common table. For zwerg, as for many other dogs, dry food is perfect. Today you can find excellent food, where all vitamins and nutrients will be balanced. This feed is desirable to combine with the traditional. It can be a meat broth with vegetables, low-fat kefir or cottage cheese, eggs, lean meat and fish. Since the liver has a weak liver, it can not be categorically given everything fried, fatty, sweet and floury. The dog should eat according to the regime. In puppyhood, when the youngster still needs frequent and high-calorie meals, meals should be at least 5 times a day. Starting from 7-9 months, you should switch to three meals a day. After 9 months, the zwerga must be transferred to a two-time meal, while portions must be increased.

Upbringing and training of the Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer

The upbringing and training of the duckweed must beginFrom the moment when he first came to your hands and your house. Training will begin a little later, when a small karapuz reaches a certain age, but here the upbringing should be done instantly. The most basic and first rule of education is to let the puppy know that you are his master and he has his place, and this is not discussed. Miniature Schnauzer is a very active, brisk and playful dog. Have enough patience if you want to raise your puppy and, as a result, get a faithful and intelligent friend. The zverg must feel your love and power. If he does not respect his master and does not see him as a leader, then one can forget about upbringing and training forever. This breed is very smart and grasps all the teams on the fly. They are clean, therefore to accustom them to a tray, and further to the street - a simple matter. They are not stubborn, but they are intelligent. The maverick must have the motivation to fulfill all your requests. Be sure, the commands are pronounced in a tough, but not rude voice. Do not offend the duckweed, it can harbor resentment on you and lose credibility with you. As for training, things are a little more complicated here. Start training zwergschnauzer should be already from 3-4 months. At this age, he has already formed a nervous system, and he is able to perceive and remember all the commands and requirements. During this period, training should be for him a game. The simplest thing that you can teach a zwerg in puppyhood is to bring objects. They like to run by nature for objects and small animals, so you can start with this. Miniature SchnauzerThe holder of a miniature schnauzer must understand thatTraining and education should be a method of combating excessive aggression and malice. The little zverg will always try to make itself known in the house, biting everyone and gnawing everything. Do not treat such acts with emotion, it is worth seriously suppressing such antics, because in the near future this will be a serious problem for you. At the first slightest manifestation of aggression, you must switch the attention of the puppy, if not, then physically stop - slapping or shaking the scruff. Thus, by training the Zwergschnauzer, you will suppress the nascent natural aggression in it, and develop useful skills for you. A miniature German schnauzer is naturally cunning, so do not cheat, promise, or do it. He has a great memory and a great flair. In case of deceit, in the future he will be able to hunt and adapt. To punish just so it's also not worth it. Do not neglect the education of a dog, it is necessary to develop all its positive inclinations, to communicate with it, to help study the world around us. Only then you can grow for yourself a reliable, intelligent and faithful companion and protector.

How to choose and where to buy a puppy

Miniature Schnauzer

If you decide to become a happy ownerZwergschnauzer, then you should get acquainted with some useful recommendations that will help make the right choice. If you are new to "dog business", then starting with the duckweed is strongly discouraged. Miniature Schnauzer is a dog for an experienced host. First determine the breeder and nursery. Check how carefully the parents were selected for the litter. How healthy they are, whether they are pureblooded, whether they have awards and prizes at exhibitions. It is desirable that you can personally "talk" with them. Look at their behavior and character. If one of your parents has noticed signs of aggression, then you should abandon such litter. When it comes to puppies, then here also check all the references and the availability of all the necessary vaccinations. Visually the puppy should be healthy, with shiny hair without dandruff, clean ears, nose and eyes. Puppies should be slightly fat, cheerful and agile. The color of the claws must match the main color. Observe how the puppy eats, what his appetite is. Also pay attention to the behavior of the youngster, as it relates to his brothers and sisters. How active is the game and whether there is excessive aggression in it. Try to communicate with the puppy, if he went to the contact, responds to your words and in his eyes interest, then you can safely choose it. But if the karapuz liked you externally, but he did not go to contact with you and even responded with aggression, then, in no case, you should not choose your choice on it. Puppies zwergschnauzer yet not so alert and distrustful as in the adult state, so they should be very funny, sociable with burning eyes and a desire to learn everything new. If you notice that the puppy is sad and does not want to make contact even with his fellow men, then this is an excuse to be on the alert.

Price of puppies of the miniature schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer

First of all I would like to warn thatBuying a puppy on the market is not a good idea. Of the baby can grow not a zwergschnauzer, and its cost often does not match the quality. A breeder who for some reason had to sell his pets in the market can easily be distinguished from ordinary second-hand dealers or random people. A person professionally engaged in breeding is ready to tell you about the puppy's parents, can invite to his home, show pedigree documents, give valuable recommendations on upbringing and care. If the puppy is bought in the nursery, then its cost starts from 10,000 rubles. But in this case the puppy of the zwergschnauzer may not meet the standard by some criteria. For example, too small or large growth, an incorrect bite, in the documents there may be a note - "not for breeding". How much does a puppy of a zwergschnauzer fully comply with the standard and without any drawbacks? The price of such individuals starts from 15,000 rubles. If the puppy has titled parents, winners of prestigious dog shows, then his cost starts from 30 000 and above.

For what you can love zwergschnauzera?

Miniature Schnauzer

Despite the fact that small schnauzers occupy the 7thA place in the world for popularity and numbers, it's not so easy to get along in one house, and it's not so easy to become a friend and master of a cunning and distrustful creature. But those who have already understood what the advantage of this breed is and how beautiful this dog is, have forever given their heart to it. In this small body are collected all the dog qualities, which you can only dream about. She is reliable, intelligent, faithful, fearless and daring, beautiful and compact, moderately aggressive and distrustful, playful and positive. Her look, posture and gait - this is the very embodiment of dignity and discretion. She even has a peculiar sense of humor, but in difficult moments she will be able to empathize with you. The Miniature Schnauzer is the embodiment of German rationalism. It is fully functional and irreplaceable. His movements, thoughts and actions are always coordinated and thought out. You will not need to explain to him who is "someone else's" and who is "your own". The Miniature Schnauzer is a godsend for those who desire universality and incorruptibility, this is the ideal German "product" with tangible forms.

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