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The dog has swollen eyes: why and what to do

Sometimes a dog owner can notice that the dog's eye is suddenly swollen. This can happen for several different reasons.

Causes of a tumor on the eye in a dog

Very often the cause of a sudden swollen eyeIs an allergy. Call it may be unusual or just new to the dog food or feed. Also, an allergy occurs as a result of insect bites. Another common cause is conjunctivitis.

With it, besides the tumor, the dog's eyes turn red andAppear allocation, and the conjunctiva itself increases. Conjunctivitis can occur as a cold reaction, and because dirt or dust, hair or bugs got into the eye, as well as as a result of the dog's long stay in bright sunlight.

There is also such a state of shortageVitamins or banal worms. Even in dogs there is such a disease as keratitis - inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye. Its causes are a mechanical effect on the eye (getting a knot or lashed with grass), various infections and worms. Not infrequently keratitis and conjunctivitis occur simultaneously.

Less often there is such a problem as trichiasis, when eyelashes grow "inward" and traumatize the eyes. These eyelashes need to be removed surgically. Also in dogs there is such a disease as prolapse of the gland Garder or rather rare, but there is an adenoma of the third century.

What to do if the dog has swollen eyes: treatment

If there is a suspicion that the cause of a sudden appearance on the eye of the dog tumor was an allergic reaction, for prevention, you can give her an antihistamine drug:

  • Suprastin,
  • Diazolin,
  • Claritin and the like.

Do not let the dog rubeye. You can use and antihistamine drops, a little diluting them with water. Because there are so many causes of a tumor on the eye, it is not easy to guess which of them led to such a reaction. Therefore, it is better not to diagnose the problems yourself, but to contact the veterinarian for an optimal diagnosis.

This will help prevent possible consequences in the form of serious eye diseases. And with some diseases, as, for example, with the prolapse of the Garder gland, surgical intervention is necessary.

If an urgent visit to the vet is impossible,To relieve the condition of the animal, a tetracycline ointment can be placed behind the eyelid. Before this, the eye can be washed with cool boiled water. Before finding out the diagnosis the dog should not bathe, and if she tries to scratch her eyes, she must wear a special collar.

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