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Dog pressure: symptoms, increased and normal, how to try on

The dog, like a person, one of the most important parameters of life is the blood pressure. However, the norm in dogs is not the same as in humans, but 120-140 mm of mercury.

But, despite the fact that dogs do not smoke and do not smokeWorry about such trifles as people, in old age they too can develop arterial hypertension. This is a chronic increase in pressure, in which the vessels can not cope with the increased flow of blood, the walls of the vessels are torn, and there is a hemorrhage.

As a result, the work of the body, to whichTorn vessels, is seriously disturbed. For example, if the integrity of the renal capillaries is disturbed, the kidneys stop properly removing harmful substances from the body. They linger in the bloodstream and lead to severe disorders, as well as provoke an increase in blood pressure.

Causes of increased pressure in a dog

In dogs, high blood pressure is alwaysA consequence of some underlying disease. Therefore, with this symptom, the animal must be carefully examined to determine the cause of this condition. Among the causes of high blood pressure in the dog recorded various diseases.

  • First of all, these are kidney diseases, which manifest chronic renal insufficiency.
  • Also, diabetes leads to hypertension,
  • Polycythemia,
  • Cushing's syndrome,
  • Acromegaly in puppies,
  • Adrenal gland tumor.

The change in blood pressure in a dog is difficult to notice and suspect. Its measurement is only an additional method of diagnosis, which the vet uses when examining the animal.

How to measure the pressure in a dog?

Measuring the blood pressure of the dog can withUsing a tonometer and a pediatric cuff. It is fastened around the forearm or paw of the animal, it is possible and at the base of the tail. Hypertension is indicated by arterial pressure in dogs above 160 mm Hg.

If it exceeds 180 mm Hg. - this indicates a stable pathology. However, when measuring pressure, it is necessary to take into account that the animal can be nervous in the clinic and this will affect its health parameters.

In order to rule out an error, a minimum ofFive dimensions. During this time, the animal gets used to the procedure, is convinced that it is not painful. If the pressure is too high, the dog is given drugs that reduce it, for example, a vasotope. But it is necessary to treat the underlying disease. This is the only way to rid the animal of hypertension.

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