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Hovawart: a description of the breed, the nature, the price of the puppies, photo

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Hovawart is a strong and tough dog of German blood with a calm character and excellent watchful qualities.

Perfect scent and harmonious addition allowWidely use this dog for a variety of business purposes. They work as rescuers on the water, help the police, are used to search people in the mountains after the descent of snow avalanches.

History of the breed

The name "Hovawart" is translated from GermanAs the "guardian of the castle." It is found even in the Germanic chronicles of the 13th century. The origin of the breed is not clear, judging by the exterior, the ancestors of the Hovawarts were pramolosses from the group of European mountain sheep dogs. Also in the origin of the breed were the dog-shaped dogs of the Romans who came to the south-west of Germany 18 centuries ago.

Hovawart was an elite breed that was bredOnly aristocrats. These dogs were used to harass a large beast and as military and guard dogs that guarded the territory and accompanied the hosts in campaigns. Gradually, with the impoverishment of aristocrats, the Hovawart disappeared and by the end of the 17th century there were no mention of it in the German chronicles. But by the beginning of the 20th century interest in this breed had been revived and it had been restored by hybridizing several breeds: German shepherd, kuwas, Newfoundland, leonberger and even half-wild African veld.


Hovawart is a medium-sized dog, notHeavy, but strong. The body is slightly longer than the height of the dog at the withers. The long tail is covered with thick wool. The growth of males is 70 cm, the female - up to 65 cm. Weight - from 25 to 40 kg.

She has an expressive head, quite wide in the skull. Eyes are medium in size, dark. Intelligent calm look.

Triangular ears hanging high or medium, covered with wool.
Wool is long except for the front paws and head. Color is of three types: black without shades, black and tan, fawn. Admissible white hairs on the tip of the tail and chest.

The nature of Hovawart

Dogs should remember that growing upHovawart is quite late and features puppy behavior lasts long - up to three years. It needs to be brought up gently and patiently, because the methods of force lead to the dog becoming angry and unreachable for training.

Even at an early age, the Hovawart shows guard sentiments and often it does not need special training to perform the functions of the defender and the guard.

These dogs have a strong will and developed self-esteem and from the master it requires the ability to gently subordinate the dog, to become for her "the pack leader".

Excellent qualities of the dog of this breed isIts unpretentiousness and ability to work in any weather. It's a self-confident and fast dog, incredulous to outsiders. Over other dogs tend to dominate, but causeless aggressiveness never shows. In general, for the whole breed extremely rare individuals with atypical behavior.

Care and maintenance

Thanks to its rich wool hovawart is easyTransfers various unfavorable weather conditions and, therefore, can live both in an apartment and in an open area. In this case, care for his hair can be minimal. It is enough to comb it once a week. In winter, once a month, it is necessary to cut out the wool on the paws between the toes.

Hovawart is categorically unacceptable to keep on the chain, as this breed is of high intelligence and in poor circulation can become unmanageable.

This breed requires quite a lot of physical exertion and at the time of housing it is necessary to allocate a lot of time for walking and training.

Cost of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Hovawarts are still a rarity in the territory of Russia, so they are not cheap. The average price of such a puppy is of the order of 1000 dollars.

Hovawart photo

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