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Pharaoh's dog: breed description, photo, price of puppies

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Pharaoh's dog

Pharaoh's dog belongs to the oldest breeds,Which are called primitive, that is, centuries are not mingled. Images of similar animals are found in ancient Egyptian tombs, which are more than 5 thousand years old. From Egypt, it migrated to the islands of the Mediterranean, where it was bred until the middle of the 20th century. Only in 1968 the breed was recognized in the UK.

Now this rare dog is often used as a companion.

Pharaoh's dog

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Security features
The size
Attitudes towards children

Appearance, size

This is a very graceful aristocratic animal with a flexible body. This breed is medium in size, its height at the withers is 53-64 cm, and its weight varies between 20-25 kg.

Her posture is majestic, and the silhouette is refined and chiselled. The head is long, wedge-shaped on a long neck, with large, high-set ears.

The nose is large, bodily or red. Eyes small, amber in color. The tail is thick at the base and strongly tapering towards the end, set at moderate height. In an excited state, it is raised high and bent by a sickle. The coat is short, fitting and shining, snug against the skin. Color tan in different saturation: from the color of tan to chestnut. A white tip of the tail is desirable, and white markings are also allowed on the fingers and chest. There are white markings on both the bridge of the nose and the center of the forehead.

Character of the pharaoh dog

This breed has amazing features,Which in general are not peculiar to dogs. So, in a fit of joy, the pharaohs funny twist their nose or smile charmingly, stretching their lips. These are very conscientious dogs and with shame or embarrassment their nose blushes, the ears and eye strokes.

This is a very clever dog and often ponders the host team. She might even disagree with what she does not agree with. Able to make your own decision.

Raising the pharaonic dog, the owner must, from her early childhood, gently assert herself as the leader, that is, the leader of the pack.

Since this breed has a strong hunting instinctAnd an excellent scent, the dog can escape after the smell. Therefore, it is possible to walk freely without a leash and without risk of losing it only in a well-fenced area.

Pharaoh's dogs do well with representativesOther breeds, but as a prey they can consider small rodents. If the dog grows with a cat, it is unlikely to cause her anxiety, but an unfamiliar member of the cat can pursue life and death.

These dogs are rarely aggressive, especially with good socialization from an early age. They get along well with children, are good-natured and affectionate, attach themselves to family members.

Pharaoh's dog

The owners of the pharaohs celebrate their playfulness and cheerful disposition, they are always able to cheer up their master with a wonderful sense of humor.

But the foreign dog is not trusted at once, which is good in terms of security qualities.

Maintenance and care

Most of all, this dog suits life inCountry conditions. She needs regular and long physical activities, plenty of room for running. Nevertheless, if the owner takes care of a long walk, Pharaoh can live in an apartment.

Without sufficient load, the dog can become restless and will bark.

The wool of the pharaohs is short and snug againstSkin. To care for it, it is enough to clean the dog regularly with a damp cloth or a special glove, and also wash it with a mild shampoo as it is soiled, it is better for children or puppies.

It molts the breed very modestly and almost imperceptibly andIn general, these dogs are clean. Like pharaohs massage in a rubber glove, which is good during moulting. You also need to regularly cut the dog's claws.

In severe weather conditions, the dog can freeze, and therefore for winter walks it needs a coverall.

Possible health problems in Pharaoh's dog

It is a breed of long-livered dogs. They on average survive to 15-17 years. And most importantly, even at a very advanced age, the pharaohs are in excellent sportswear.

In general, this is a very healthy breed, thanks toNatural silhouette and lightness, as well as a mobile way of life. Of course, she may have health problems, typical of other purebred breeds. This dislocation of the patella and dysplasia of the hip joint, often associated with injuries. Perhaps bloating with malnutrition.

Pharaoh dogs are very sensitive to chemicals that can come in contact with the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select preparations for the treatment and prevention of fleas and ticks, as well as shampoos.

Price of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

How much does a Pharaoh's dog cost?

This is a very rare breed, so its puppies are pretty expensive. A dog without a pedigree and documents can be bought for 800-1000 dollars. The average price for a pedigreed puppy is 1500-1600 dollars, Elite puppies can cost up to $ 3,200.

Photo of the pharaoh dog

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