/ Can dogs eat pork?

Can dogs eat pork?

Many veterinarians and cynologists do not advise feeding the dog with pork. And there are several reasons for this.

Why dogs are not recommended to eat pork?

Pork causes digestive upsetThe harmfulness of pork for the canine organism is its fat content. Such meat is simply not digested by the gastrointestinal tract of the animal and provokes an intestinal disorder.

In the dog's body, there are not enough enzymes that can split the fat of pork. When unsplit fat enters the intestine with constant pork feeding, this leads to:

  • To serious metabolic disorders,
  • Enteritis,
  • Kidney and liver diseases,
  • Heart disease
  • And even diabetes mellitus.

It turns out that not digested fat gets into theBlood, which leads to obesity of the internal organs of the dog (fatty hepatosis) and the formation of cholesterol plaques in the blood. Obesity of internal organs also occurs, which makes the dog passive and not even obedient.

When feeding a dog with pork, parasites can be infected

First of all, pig meat can be infectedSmall round worms - Trichinella. This causes trichinosis, which is dangerous for animals and humans. The fact is that domestic pigs are omnivorous animals and are able to feed not only on the tops and other greens, but also on rats.

It is from rats that they become infected with Trichinella. The same parasites can be infected with meat of wild predator animals:

  • Bear,
  • Wild boar,
  • Nutria.

Can dogs be given pork?They can also eat an infected animal andBecome a source of dangerous disease. Trichinella are very resistant to various methods of disinfection from parasites. In this case, they are not killed by some types of processing, for example, smoking or pickling. Even in boiled and fried meat they remain alive.

Cases of infection with TrichinellaThe use of ham, fat with streaks of meat, boiled sausages, shish kebabs and sausages. In the intestines of the animal, Trichinella larvae grow up and produce new larvae that migrate through the lymphatic system into the bloodstream and enter the muscles.

And if in the intestine adult Trichinella live up toTwo months, then in the muscles - for many years. From the moment the infected meat enters the body to the first signs of the disease, it can take from three to 40 days. The signs of the disease are:

  • Rapid rise in temperature,
  • Pain in the joints and muscles,
  • diarrhea,
  • Hemorrhage in the conjunctiva of the eye,
  • And rashes on the skin are possible.

The severity of manifestations of the disease depends on how many larvae have got into the animal's body.

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