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The dog constantly snorts and sneezes: why and what to do

Sometimes the owner of the dog notices that his pet has started sneezing and snorting.

This can be as a manifestation of a mild coldOr getting something into the nose of an animal, and one of the signs of a deadly disease. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully monitor other symptoms.

The main causes of snorting and sneezing in dogs

Most often sneezing and snorting canTestify to the occurrence of rhinitis. Its causes are a sharp cooling of the body, especially in spring or autumn. In this case, the dog can appear snot, which she often lick, rub his nose with his paws.

Why does the dog snort and sneeze

On the wings of the nose can form dryCrust. But her appetite remains normal and after 5-7 days the dog recovers independently. You can only help the dog by rubbing the crusts on the nose with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and lubricating with petroleum jelly. In the nose, you can gently blow the streptocid powder. If rhinitis flows into a chronic form, it is better to contact a vet.

It can also be only a complication of anotherDisease. Sneezing and snorting the dog can result from the inhalation of hot air, various irritating substances, smoke during fires or allergies to plant pollen. Irritating canine nose can mold or fungi, dust, tobacco smoke, household chemicals.

Sneezing and snorting the animal can and when the foreign body enters the nasal cavity: plant awns or spikelets, as it often happens during a walk.

Then sneezing and snorting occurs suddenly. In such a situation, you need to take the animal away from the place with irritating factors.

In addition, sneezing and snorting dogs canArise as one of the symptoms of such a dangerous disease as the plague carnivore or the plague. Fearing him, you should carefully consider other possible symptoms.

Beginning of the plague significantly changes the behavior of the dog. Playful and vigorous animal suddenly becomes oppressed and capricious, longs to lie in seclusion, sometimes trembling all over. The appetite of the dog decreases, and she sometimes suddenly becomes frightened.

A couple of days her blushes and swollen eyelids,From the eyes appear watery, and then purulent discharge. Sneezing and snorting is due to the fact that the sick animal develops inflammation of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract. She feels itchy in the nose, rubs her muzzle with her paws. From the nostrils flow clear, and later purulent mucous discharge. When these symptoms appear, you need to contact the veterinarian as soon as possible.

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