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Spasms in a dog in the abdomen, stomach and intestines: causes and treatment

Spasms of the stomach in a dog can occur for a variety of reasons. This is one of the symptoms that can indicate one of a number of diseases.

Determine the spasms in the dog can be in its position: the animal hunches, arching his back, avoiding sudden movements. His abdominal muscles are tense, the stomach is hot, painful, spasms are noticeable.

Causes of spasms in dogs

Inflammation of the peritoneum occurs as a result ofInfectious diseases, resection of the stomach, mechanical damage, as well as the appearance of inflammatory processes on neighboring organs. The disease can be chronic or acute, as in a certain area, and throughout the peritoneum.

Causes of spasms in dogs

By nature, the inflammation can be dry orPurulent. In addition to the symptoms of gastric spasms, the dog's body temperature rises, the stomach is increased due to putrefactive processes and the formation of gases. The dog is listless, depressed, refuses to take food, its conjunctiva flushed. Sometimes there is vomiting.


  • The dog should be placed in a warm room,
  • First apply cold compresses, and later warm ones.
  • You can give a diuretic, and you also need antibiotic treatment.
  • Sometimes an operation is necessary.

Worms and a turn of a stomach - one of the reasons of occurrence of spasms at a dog

Another cause of stomach cramps in dogsAre tapeworms parasitizing the small intestine. When they appear, the dog loses its appetite, becomes picky in food, begins to suffer catarrh of the intestines and stomach. There are constipation or diarrhea, sometimes vomiting and even paralysis. The wool of an animal grows dull, it itself becomes vicious. From tape worms, a 1% solution of arecoline is given to the dog, as well as tanfugin and neural.

The most terrible cause of spasm in a dog isA turn of the stomach. Without rendering immediate assistance to the surgeon, the animal dies. Symptoms of this disease are a sharp increase in the dog's stomach, heavy breathing, weakness, vomiting of foam, pallor of the mucous membranes, loss of consciousness. Diagnosis of the curvature is possible only with the help of sounding and X-ray.

Therefore, with such symptoms urgently neededTo call an ambulance or to transport an animal to a vet clinic, where they will perform a cavitary operation: untwist the stomach and suture it to the abdominal wall. Curls most often occur in dogs of large and medium breeds. Its causes are one-time copious feeding, games or stress right after eating, gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis, ulcer, gastroesteritis), poor digestible food.

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