/ / The dog eats its own or cat's excrement (feces, feces): why and how to wean it from it?

The dog eats his or cat's excrement (feces, feces): why and how to wean it from it?

Dog owners shudder with disgust, if their pet, walking outdoors, eats detected feces.

This habit is not only not pleasant, but also dangerous for the dog itself and therefore requires correction. Through the urine and faeces of a sick animal, many viral diseases of dogs are transmitted, for example:

  • Parvovirus enteritis,
  • Toxoplasmosis,
  • Leptospirosis, dangerous for humans.

Also eating a feces dog can turn into infection with worms.

Why a dog eats his or her cat's excrement: the main reasons

All causes of this phenomenon, called coprophagia, have not been studied to date. But there are long-known reasons that can be divided into psychological and physiological.

How to wean a dog has its excrement (feces)

An obvious psychological reason is the dog's attempt to attract the owner's attention to himself. It often happens that people start a dog, play with it for a couple of months, and then they get bored with it. And they cease to pay attention to the pet, considering vygul a burdensome duty.

A dog needs attention and even punishment itPerceives exactly what is the most attention. And the pursuit of the owner behind her, grabbed the feces, the dog regards as a game of catch-up. So, the owner, involuntarily reinforces the behavior of the dog, convincing her that she does everything right when she wants to play.

Another psychological reason is eating feces by feeding a bitch. This is normal, because it is the duty of the mother of tiny puppies to keep the "lair" clean.

Among the physiological reasons, the first placeTakes a lack of trace elements in the diet of the animal. Most often this happens to young growing dogs. Also, the cause of coprophagy may be pancreatic insufficiency or infectious diseases of dogs.

The cause of problems with the pancreas can be overfeeding the animal with fatty foods.

What to do, how to wean a dog is feces?

  • If the dog does not have enough attention, it should be given. Be sure to enter on a walk game with a stick or frisbee, distracting the dog from the feces.
  • Do with it training and always give up punishment.
  • "The mother of many children" is better to help take care of the kids, in time cleaning in her lair.
  • It is necessary to analyze the diet of the dog and, with natural feeding, introduce nutritional supplements with the necessary ones.
  • If she eats dry food, then it is possible to transfer to a new, more premium feed.
  • If there is a suspicion that the cause of coprophagy are infectious diseases or pancreatic insufficiency, it is necessary to contact the veterinarian as soon as possible.
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