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Whippet: description of the breed, nature, price, photo

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Whippet or a small English greyhound is a very elegant, strong, graceful and brave animal, in which amazingly good hunting qualities are combined with the ability to get along with people.

The exact origin of Whippets is not known. At one time it was believed that they were withdrawn in the UK in the 19th century. Although there is evidence of an earlier origin of the breed, including in ancient Rome. Perhaps a small English greyhound originated from an Egyptian pharaoh dog and found itself in the British Isles in 55 BC.

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Security features
The size
Attitudes towards children

Whippets have become very popular among hunters since the beginning of the 20th century. In 1903 the first breed standard was adopted.
Since the Whippet refers to the greyhounds, he is a great runner and a passionate hunter. Such dogs are used in hunting small game.

During the run, the whippet is able to develop a high speed - up to 50 km / h. And the very name of the breed, apparently comes from the English word "whipp", which translates as "fast movements".

However, in the modern world, dogs of this breed are, first of all, wonderful companions with complaisant, affectionate and delicate character.


Whippet is a tall, slender dog weighing about 10-12 kg and growing at a withers from 44 to 51 cm.

He is perfectly built and proportioned, with well-developed muscles, strong, strong legs and deep breasts.

Whippet can be recognized by an elongated head with a flat forehead, which smoothly passes to the muzzle. These dogs have small-sized ears of the characteristic shape of the rose petal. Standing ears are unacceptable.

The nose of the nose is usually black, although in blue dogs it can have a bluish tinge, in white - piebald, and in brown - brownish pigment.

The wool of dogs of this breed is short, smooth, to the skin tightly adjoins. The standard allowed for any color combinations and colors.

The character of Whippet

This is a faithful, affectionate, well-trained companion, living with animals and loving children.

To outsiders, whippets are somewhat distrustful, andDespite the fact that this is a hunting breed, they are able to perform security and watchdog functions with proper training. It's not for nothing that a small English greyhound is often called a "bulldozer among greyhounds". Apparently, among the ancestors of dogs of this breed were terriers.

Still, admiring this elegant animal, it follows thatTake into account the fact that this is still a hunting breed, and not just a domestic pet. It requires considerable physical exertion, and not just a half-hour walk. Because, ideally, this is a good choice only for those who regularly hunt.

Contents and care of Whippet


Care for Whippets is not much work. Once or twice a week, the coat should be cleaned with a special brush, and also examine the teeth. If a tartar is found, it is necessary to contact a veterinary clinic. And that tartar does not arise it is necessary to regularly give the dog toys for cleaning teeth and chewing bones.

Dogs of this breed are distinguished by excellent health. They have no predisposition to dysplasia and do not suffer from allergies. Most often they have eye diseases, deafness, a hereditary blood disease, like von Willebrand's disease.

In the cold season in the Russian climate, these dogs are freezing and need comfortable clothes.

The main thing for Whippet - maintaining in good physical form, that is, a regular active load. It should be trips to nature and sports games.

A small English greyhound is very smart andIntelligent animal. It has a sensitive psyche, because in its education it is inadmissible neither violence, nor even a rough tone. With the patience and love of Whippet, you can teach even circus tricks, as well as guard and guard service.

Price of the puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Whippets are not often found on Russian open spaces and therefore their puppies are not cheap. On average, such a dog can be purchased at a price ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 rubles.

Whippet photo

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