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Inflammation of the eyes in dogs: symptoms, treatment

Inflammation of the eyes in the dog immediately noticeable. It is manifested by the reddening of the eyes and sometimes the eyelids.

The reasons for this can be quite a lot.

Causes of eye inflammation in dogs

Quite a frequent cause of inflammation of the eyes in dogsIs an injury. During a walk in the eye of an animal, a grass spike, a splinter, small debris, a branch can hit. No less frequent cause of inflamed eyes is inflammation of the conjunctiva or conjunctivitis.

Also, the cause of inflammation can be an infectious disease:

  • hepatitis,
  • Plague carnivorous,
  • Mycoplasmosis, and so on.

In such diseases, there is often a significantGeneral lethargy, refusal of feed, high body temperature over degrees with rectal measurement, depression. And the eyes become inflamed at once both. Eyes can become inflamed even from the presence of certain parasites.

Symptoms and treatment of eye inflammation in dogsSo, larvae of helminths travel through the body and can be found in the tissues of the eye as well. In older animals, inflammations of the eyes can be caused by neoplasms.

What should I do if my eyes become inflamed? The main methods of treatment

With the usual conjunctivitis, the dog owner can cope on his own.

  1. The eyes of the animal must be instilled with eye antibacterial drops - tobrex, levomycetin eye drops or others. The main thing is that the drug does not contain anti-inflammatory hormones.
  2. Burying the eyelids for 1-3 drops 6-8 times a day for 3-5 days.
  3. Well heals and tetracycline ophthalmic ointment, which should be applied 2-3 times a day for the eyelid for 3-5 days.

If during this period there are not significantImprovements, you should contact the veterinarian. If you suspect a trauma to the eye, it is important for the animal to provide first aid in time. In anticipation of the veterinarian, the eyes should be carefully examined for the presence of injuries or foreign objects on the cornea, such as splinters, awns of grass, small splinters and the like.

If a foreign body is found, it is necessaryRemove it. First a special anesthetic is injected into the eye (for example, "Inokain", "Oxibuprocaine hydrochloride", "Benoxi") - 1-4 drops. After waiting five minutes, you can remove the foreign object with tweezers. After removing the object in the eye, you need to drip an antibacterial drug.

Injuries to the cornea are often complicated by a significantInfection. In this regard, even after a successful independent removal of a foreign body from the dog's eye, a visit to the vet is still necessary. If a foreign body is not found, then it is necessary to look closely if there are signs of infectious diseases.

If at least the temperature is raised,Urgent appeal to the veterinarian and treat not the eye, but get rid of the infection. Without the help of a veterinarian, a helminth infection or a suspected neoplasm can not be avoided.

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