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Ear inflammation in dogs: symptoms, treatment

Inflammation of the external ear in a dog is a frequent and rather long-lasting disease. At its acute form the dog scratches ears and shakes them, keeps a head, having inclined aside the sick ear.

At the same time from the ear canal are noticeableSerous-purulent offensive discharge of brownish color. When probing the ear, a splash is heard. The inner surface of the auricle turns red, swells, becomes wet and visibly painful. If the disease has passed to the chronic stage (lasting more than six months) the symptoms are the same, but less pronounced.

Treatment of inflammation of the external ear in a dog

  1. To treat this inflammation, it is necessary to treat the ear conch of the patient's ear and the external auditory canal with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide two to three times a day.
  2. Then wipe with dry cotton wool and drip into the ear a few drops of a 0.5% solution of chymopsin.
  3. Also, the dog's ear can be treated with boric alcohol, iodoglycerin, 2% silver nitrate solution, tincture of sabur, sprinkled with streptocid powder.
  4. With severe itching in the auricle, the ear can be rubbed with menthol on vaseline oil.

Treatment of middle ear inflammation in dogs

This form of the disease is often a consequence ofPurulent inflammation of the external ear. This is especially evident with delayed or incorrect treatment. It occurs in the form of purulent catarrhal or serous-catarrhal inflammation, which is fraught with perforation of the tympanic membrane.

Treatment of inflammation of the external and middle ear in a dogSerozno-catarrhal inflammation often occursAsymptomatic. With purulent-catarrhal inflammation, the body temperature rises, the dog loses its appetite, is depressed, it can be vomiting. The animal tilts its head toward the sick ear, whines at the probing of the base of the ear.

Since the tympanic membrane is perforated, inThe external auditory canal is poured and poured in the auricle. The dog stumbles on a sore ear, and the process advances to the inner ear, which leads to meningitis and the death of the animal.

  • For treatment of serous-catarrhal inflammation, the dog's ear is warmed up, 2-3 drops of carbolic acid with glycerin or warm iodoformate are instilled, ultraviolet irradiation is used.
  • With purulent-catarrhal inflammation duringThe first 3-5 days before the perforation of the tympanic membrane, a 0.25% solution of novocaine with gentamycin (5-10 ml of gentamicin per 20 ml of novocaine) is intravenously injected every day, based on 1 kg of animal weight, 0.5 ml of the drug.
  • In the ear canal in a day, 3-4 drops of a solution of glycerin with carbolic acid are instilled.
  • When perforating the tympanic membrane, pus from the auditory canal is removed and after a day intravenous injection of novocaine-gentamicin solution, until the cessation of pus removal.
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