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Silichem Terrier, photo and description of the breed, characteristics, care of the wool, trimming

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Find out about the temperament, the standard and the characteristics of the terrier silichem. See what he likes, his description, character traits, molting and behavior. Look at the photo of the silichem of the terrier.

Culichem Terrier

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Security features
The size
Attitudes towards children
Силихем a terrier is a small dog which considers itself huge and very considerable.</ P>

Silikhem terrier is considered a homebody in the world of terriers. He likes to lie down and take a nap. But it's still a real terrier: resolute, energetic, inquisitive. He loves his family and is very loyal to her. He will follow you on his heels and with pleasure will settle with you on the couch. Силихем a terrier the friendly, quiet dog which perfectly gets on with children if they concern to it with respect. Silichem the terrier remains playful until old age. He may be wayward, but he tries very hard to please his master. And if he is well trained - then this is quite an obedient dog.

Силихем терьер, description of the breed, characteristics, care, training, photo силихем терьера

Silikhem Terrier does not need a lot ofPhysical exercises. It is enough daily active walk. He also likes to play with the ball. Силихем a terrier - the clever dog and it is necessary for it, that its active mind was occupied with something.

Except for possible spots on the head, its color is completely white, but in some cases it is yellowish white.

Healthy wool is a double wool with a soft and dense undercoat and outer wool, which is hard as a wire and the weather is stable.

The breed has small black eyes, the expression of which is intelligent and, as it were, always on guard. The silichem of the terrier has thick eyebrows and whiskers, which gives its appearance an expression of dignity and power.

Despite the fact that the selichem terrier refers to small breeds of dogs, its entire form expresses strength and power.

The size

Height at withers in the range of 27-30.5 centimeters

Weight: 10.5 - 11.5 kilograms


Silikhem Terrier lives on average 13 - 15 years. How many dogs live? Life expectancy of dogs.

Number of puppies in litters

Up to 3 puppies


This breed can be a real challenge. Silikhem the terrier is hard to train. They are trained quickly enough, but are prone to periodically undermine the authority of the master by their disobedience. In most cases, they are well educated if they pass a course of socialization and obedience at an early age.

Silikem Terrier loves agility classes and performs all the exercises with great enthusiasm, but they will run away with pleasure if they decide to pursue any prey that caught their eye.

In training with them, the hosts should use the method of praise and goodies, but do not be surprised if this method does not always work.

As with other terriers with silichem terrier, physical punishment is unacceptable. From this train it will become even more difficult.


Silikhem Terrier refers to the woolly dog, so it almost does not shed.


To avoid coarseness on the wool, they needCombing at least twice a week. You also need to periodically brush your teeth. If the owner can not do this on his own, then you need to contact a specialist. Proper care of your teeth is extremely important and will help keep your pet's teeth as long as possible.

Also require special care for the ears of the silichem of the terrier. For general cleaning, you can use baby cream and cotton buds.

It is also necessary to prune the dog's tail once a week to prevent excessive growth.

To bathe a dog it is necessary as necessary and to use only soft shampoos.

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