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The first dog show

The first exhibition, it is very exciting! New furnishings for both you and the dog. To the event passed without a hitch, start preparing for it in advance.

The dog must be groomed according toBreed standard. Pets, whose hair does not need a haircut or trimming is recommended to bathe 2-3 days before the show. Look at the dog's ears, brush them if sulfur accumulates. Check the length of the claws, very long claws interfere with the free movements of the dog.

Before the show, comb the dog to coatLooked well-groomed. Dogs are shown in the ring on a special leash and collar, they are called "ring". For each breed of dog, the fashion for ringing is different. Find out what kind of ammunition your dog should have.

Preparing the dog for the first exhibitionVery important behavior of the dog in the ring, sometimesThe judge's assessment depends on him. The dog, which proudly demonstrates itself, looks incomparably better than the jumping and naughty rival, even if the first has a number of shortcomings.

How to prepare a dog for the first exhibition?

  1. Start classes in advance to teach your pet to move in the ring.
  2. Stock up with a delicacy, put on a ring and start moving with the dog in a circle, counter-clockwise.
  3. Your pace should be such that the dog runs as fast as possible trot. When the pupil runs well, attentively and without getting off the pace, give out a treat and praise for diligence.
  4. Continue training until you are sure that the dog has learned to move correctly not only one, but also with irritants, for this, work out where dogs walk.

Teaching the dog stand

No less significant stage of the description of the dog, when yourThe pet will have to stand still in the exhibition rack. In advance, consult what position is typical for your dog, because for each breed they are different.

  • Work off the stop in advance.
  • Think of a command for the rack.
  • Take a hand in hand and bring the dog along, then give the command and stop with the second hand, creating an obstacle in front of the chest.
  • While the pet does not move, feed and praise it, do not forget to release the team after the stand is done.
  • If you commanded to stop, and the dog continues to move or crosses the paws, start the exercise anew.
  • Do not scold a dog if she does not get something, because the exhibition should bring pleasure to a four-footed friend.

Also, the dog should be accustomed to showing the dental system and testicles (for males). For training to show teeth, we will need a treat and an assistant, which will play the role of a judge.

Teaching your teeth

When showing an occlusion, the dog can stand or sit, it depends on the breed.

  • Carefully take the dog's face, one hand should be under the lower jaw, and the second one should caress the dog on the back of the nose, touching and slightly lifting the blade.
  • Be sure to praise your pet.
  • After the exercise, give the dog a treat.
  • Gradually, you need to raise the arms higher, so that you can see your teeth, you also need to show the bite in front.
  • Ask the assistant to touch his teeth and encourage the dog for his patience.

We train the demonstration of the semen in males

Testes ask to be examined when the pet isStanding in the bar, then praise. Small dogs can inspect on the table, prepare your pet for this in advance. Also accustom to stand in a rack on a smooth and high surface.

The dog should calmly give itself to feel, the judges often evaluate the articles, touching their hands. Go to the exhibition confidently and do not worry, better remember this high point and get pleasure from it.

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