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The most common diseases in dogs

As a dog owner, you are responsible for keeping your pet healthy. Below are the most common diseases in dogs, their symptoms and methods of treatment.

Cataract in the dog


Cataract in dogs is easy to recognize. You will see that your pet's eye becomes cloudy. This disease is the cause of varying degrees of blindness. As a rule, it is common among old dogs and those who suffer from diabetes.

Treatment: an operation performed by a specialist.

Cystitis in dogs


This inflammation of the bladder is a common causeChills. If your dog cries (whining) during urination - immediately lead her to the vet. Treatment: should consult a veterinarian.


Conjunctivitis in dogs

This is an inflammation of the transparent membrane, whichCovers the eyeball. Symptoms: irritation, redness, copious lachrymation and stuck eyelids in the morning. Treatment of conjunctivitis in dogs depends on the type of bacteria.

Rinse the dog's eyes with warm water, wipe them with saline or boric acid, dissolved in water. If the inflammatory process does not go away - contact your veterinarian.

Dermatitis in the dog


Infection occurs as a result of intrusionBacteria and causes various skin diseases. Symptoms of dermatitis in dogs: pustules, ulcers, abscesses and acne. Treatment: shave off the hair and wash the affected area with a disinfectant soap.

On the skin, carefully apply antibiotic ointment. Antibiotics in the form of tablets should be used in the most extreme cases.

Ear pain

Dobermans tend to coagulate blood in the lower part of the ear. If this happens, you need to pierce the vial to release blood. Sometimes the same problem occurs in German shepherds.

Treatment: Do not wash the dog's ears with water or any other liquid not recommended by your veterinarian. If you do not like the idea of ​​self-piercing a vial of blood, consult a doctor.


Can be the result of poor nutrition, excessiveDry skin, allergies, fleas. In some cases, it appears in a humid climate. The disease can be hereditary. Treatment: apply to the skin of dogs special lotions, and also increase in its diet the content of vegetable and animal fats.

Regular cleaning of the wool will stimulate the work of the sebaceous glands and keep the skin clean. Maybe you need veterinary care.

Hair loss in the dog

Hair loss

The cause of hair loss can be scabiesDogs, ringworm and any fungal infection. Animals are most often infected after contact with the soil. Treatment: use antifungal drugs and daily lubricate your dog's skin with iodine solution.

Sometimes the loss of hair leads to hormonal changes in the body, in particular, a low level of activity of the thyroid gland. The veterinarian will be able to diagnose the problem by testing the blood.

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