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Why does the dog scratch his ears and what does the owner do?

Sometimes the owner of the dog notices that the animal begins to often scratch his ears, shake his head.

This can be a sign of a variety of diseases or problems.

Why does the dog scratch his ears?

  • Most often the dog scratches the ears, when in themThe ear mite settles. This tiny creature causes severe irritation and the dog scratches and combs its ears into the blood. The dog can be infected by another dog or cat living in the house.
  • To severe itching leads to a yeast or fungal infection in dogs in the ear. It is also accompanied by an unpleasant odor and red-brown discharge.
  • Sometimes in the ear there may be a foreign object,For example, a seed or stem could get caught when the dog ran through the grass. In this situation, the dog will shake his head and tilt it to the side of the affected ear.
  • Itching in the ears of a dog can also occur due to an allergic reaction, for example, to plants or food.
  • It can also be a secondary reaction to a bacterial disease.

Another reason that the dog often scratches his ears, maybe the very form of the ears. So, long drooping ears are poorly ventilated. In such breeds as some terriers and poodles, excessive hair in the ear canals delays foreign bodies and sulfur emissions, which leads to inflammation.

What if the dog constantly scratches his ears? Possible treatment.

Any ear disease requires stagingCorrect diagnosis, that is - an appeal to a vet. This should be done as quickly as possible, as the dog's condition can deteriorate rapidly, and subsequent treatment will become expensive. In this acute pain will make the dog irritable and aggressive.

If the house has a cat, it also needs to be checked andIt is possible to treat. If an ear mite is found in the dog, the veterinarian will prescribe drugs that kill these parasites. Special medicines will require the treatment of yeast or fungal infection in the ear, various skin diseases in dogs, and the removal of the effects of allergies.

To combat bacteria that have settled in the earDogs, antibiotics will be needed. If suspected of getting into the foreign object's ear, sedative medications or local anesthesia may be needed to get the object out of the ear.

If the cause of ear diseases in a dog isThe shape of her ears, then the animal needs regular proper care. Wool in the ear canal should be regularly cut, and the ear cone should be cleaned with cotton wool with peroxide of hydrogen about once a week. Also, a long coat on the ears should be combed well, so that no collars develop.

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