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Siberian Husky: breed character, care, photo, video, price

Siberian husky

The history of the Siberian husky is inextricably linked withBoundless snowy expanses, where long winters and storms forced people to look for themselves not just a comrade, but a loyal friend and assistant. And the huskies really were and remain so. Surprisingly, these dogs, in whose veins the blood of ancient northern dogs with an admixture of wolfs flows, the Chukchi tribes tamed even earlier than the deer! Learn more about the breed Siberian husky.

Siberian husky

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Friend of the heart

In a harsh climate, when the temperature couldTo drop to -60 degrees, the Chukchi knew that they could rely on the Huskies: a team of two dozen sled dogs could overcome huge distances along ice and snow - all in one day.

For man these dogs were not only assistantsOn hunting and by means of transportation, they became full members of the family: as soon as the child was born, all the husky - and they usually lived on the street - were called into the house so that the dogs could lie down around the baby and warm it with their warmth. When the child grew a little, the dogs could protect him and make up the company in games. Often the husky served as a "warmer" for the whole family at night: that's how the local term "two dogs-night" appeared - so many animals are needed to warm the whole body.

At the end of the 19th century, it was the sled dogs that playedDecisive role in the fate of the Chukchi, defending the independence of this people from "tsarist Russia. It seems incredible, but thanks to the teams of Siberian husky the Chukchi caused a tangible defeat of the invader army and achieved autonomy.

However, with the beginning of the 20th century the breed nearly died,When the Soviet government that came to power decided that the Siberian husky was too small to transport cargo, and therefore - it was useless. Husks did not get the status of the breed, and their reproduction was prohibited.

Second birth

Surprisingly, the breed was preserved only thanks to the interest of Americans. Even their name these dogs received from them, because the "husky" - a distorted English word "eski" - Eskimo.

Several teams were transported in 1930 toAlaska, and already in America the heyday of the popularity of the Siberian husky began. He fell for the period of the "gold rush", when the demand for sled dogs increased significantly, because the way to the mines was not close and difficult, and Siberian hussies showed themselves in all its glory.

Monument to the dog Balto

The dogs brought from Siberia soon becameShine in all sorts of races on sleds, and very soon one of the representatives of the breed became the national hero of the United States. In 1925, the Huskies rescued the town of Nome from an epidemic of diphtheria, when a team of dogs led by a fluffy husky named Balto, breaking through a snow storm, brought to the city long-awaited medicines. The whole world heard about the hero-dogs, and a year later a monument was erected in the "Central Park of New Ork" in honor of the achievement of Balto and his four-footed team.

Wild Beauty

Smart wool with a wide variety of colors,Cute masks on the muzzle, medium height, fox tail, compact figure and intelligent blue eyes - the breed has something to boast about. And if you add here endurance, strength and speed, then the husky does seem to be perfect.

But I must say that exhibition dogs are oftenDiffer from racing. Their muzzle is much smaller. Such individuals look prettier, but can not participate in races. A short muzzle does not give the inhaled frosty air a good warm up, and the dog quickly gets tired.

Curiosity and patience, kind disposition and instinctsHunter, thick undercoat, allowing to sleep under the snow, and the excitement of racing in the icy wilderness - all this created such a multifaceted and unique breed.

These sport dogs with a compact physiqueAnd easy gait are really beautiful in their primeval savagery. They are like tame wolves, but a little more noble with their proud posture, standing ears and a luxurious two-layered coat that allows dogs to cope as with a strong heat. So with the cold.

Husky eyes can be brown, olive, amber, blue or even different in color. Classic are black, brown and gray in combination with white. Each representative of the breed on the muzzle has its own special intricate mask pattern.

Character of the breed Siberian Husky

Siberian husky

The Siberian Husky requires constant movement andSolid physical loads, because these dogs were created for hard work. If you can provide long walks or jogging for the dog, and in the winter towing a skier or sledge, then the husky will become your faithful and devoted friend.

Since the Eskimos carefully selected the sledgeDogs, modern husky do not show any signs of aggression. Moreover, they are friendly enough to all people, even unfamiliar. Therefore, despite its impressive and proud appearance, this breed is not suitable for house security, because it is too friendly, friendly and not aggressive - the dog will sooner lodge the thief that entered the house, but in no other way.

In the distant past, sled dogs had toFight for their lives, making important decisions on their own. This left its imprint on the breed. Meek she can not be called. No matter how clever the Husky is, he will certainly show his independence by making some nice prank.

Siberian husky is very quiet, you can not hear their barking so often. And, nevertheless, these are very talkative dogs that publish special soft sounds when they want to show that they are happy.

Representatives of the breed are very sociable and easyGet on with people and other animals, but they have a special love for children, and enthusiastic children, of course, reciprocate with them. Is it possible to resist such a big fluffy toy that runs around with you and lets you hold your neck? And the most beautiful thing is that the Siberian husky will never harm the child.

Despite the fact that the husky are equally fond of allFamily, it is important that the teacher in the puppy had only one - his master, whom he will choose on his own. Since husky - a dog with a character, not everyone is able to cope with them. It is necessary to educate them from a small age.

Of course, husky can live in an apartment, howeverIt is important that they have the opportunity to run without a leash at least an hour a day, and not in the city, but in the field or in the forest. The ideal option for these dogs is, of course, life in a country house where the dog has his own spacious enclosure in which he can play at any time of the day or night, in any weather.

Care and maintenance

Note that the husky is not suitable forApartment content - too much he loves space, expanse, freedom and moving games. He will be more comfortable in a suburban area with a high fence, excluding a tunnel. And let it not be deceived by the fact that he is quiet in the apartment. Boredom will gradually absorb all his love for life.

To realize this, you need to see what kind of husky becomes when you're in a harness. He immediately shows the best qualities: tirelessness, strength, speed, ingenuity.

But to get this dog, not at allBe sure to be a professional athlete. It's enough just to love sports. Run in the park, ride a bike or go skiing on weekends along with a pet, and he will become the happiest dog in the world!

In addition to all other advantages, the Siberian Husky is also relatively Easy-to-maintain rock. Being clean in nature, these dogs do not smell and take care of themselves in the cat's manner, so you can not bathe Huskies very rarely - up to once a year.

These animals practically do not shed, forExcluding two times a year, when they discard their entire rich undercoat. In the rest of the time they need minimal care for the hair: all you need is to periodically comb the dog and release it from the dead hair.

Undoubtedly, harsh, but beautiful dogs deserve love and respect for their independent temper, endurance, courage and exceptional devotion. Therefore, if you dream of a kind and sympathetic friend, look for a companion for games with children and for sports, the Siberian Husky is exactly the dog that you need.

On the big screen

Huskies often act in films, but usually they do not playThemselves, but wolves. After all, dogs are much easier to train. This breed can be seen in the films "White Captivity", "Delicate Leopard", "Law and Order", "Trace", "Beyond the Wolves" and in the animated trilogy "Balto".

Siberian Husky, price

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

How much does the Siberian husky cost? The cost of a dog depends on its class. The breeders are characterized by the division of puppies into 3 classes: pet, breed and show.

To the pet class Include Siberian Husky puppies, which for some reason are not suitable for participation in exhibitions and are not allowed to breed. Often such dogs do not have a pedigree.

To the breed class It is customary to include dogs that are allowed to breed in order to further improve the characteristics of the breed. As a rule, in Russia - this is a dog that has a rank not lower than the Champion of Russia.

Show class - this is the most expensive and best specimen of the breed,Future champions. Puppies of this category are sold not earlier than 6 months, because only from this age you can know for sure that the dog does not have obvious defects and it is ready to become a real pride of the nursery.

At present, prices for Siberian Husky puppies are as follows:

In Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and other large cities of Russia, pet-class puppies are sold at a price From 20 000 to 25 000 rubles, Breed-class From 30 000 to 40 000 And show class From 50 000 rubles and above.

In other cities of Russia, as well as in nurseries of Ukraine and Belarus, you can find no less classy puppies, which, as a rule, will be 10-20% cheaper than in Russian megacities.

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