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Russian Pigeon Hound: description of the breed, photo, video, price of the puppies

Russian Pergamon Hound

Russian Pergamon Hound - a breed of a hunting dog that is prettyWidely distributed throughout the territory of Russia. With her hunt for foxes, rabbits, wolves, roe deer, jackals and other animals. They work in pairs or alone. As these dogs have a wonderful flair, they independently search for the beast. They also have great endurance and are especially good in the vast eastern expanses.

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History of the breed

The breed takes its origin from the English hounds. In Russia, they began to appear from the 40s of the 18th century and their blood began to flow to Russian hounds. The dog was called an English-Russian hound and then the blood of French hounds was added. Then the hunters did not set out the breeding of a new breed. Just trying to improve the dog.

Originally very much appreciated the special barking of RussiansHounds. Pursuing the beast, the dogs continuously burst into barking, which differed in its characteristic tone. However, after crossing with the western breeds, Russian hounds practically lost this characteristic feature.

Factory breeding of Russian Pigeon HoundsBegan only after the adoption of the first breed standard in 1925. The new breed received its name only in 1951. Although FCI is not recognized until now.

Size: height and weight according to standard

It is a strong, beautiful, proportionally folded dog with a massive bone structure and well-developed musculature. Its height at the withers reaches 56-66 cm, the weight of dogs of this breed is not regulated by the standard.

The shape of the muzzle resembles a rectangle. Eyes oval, dark brown, obliquely set. The nose of the nose is wide and black. Ears hanging, small, triangular, snug against the head.

The withers protrude above the back line. The tail is thick at the base, saber-like.
The coat is short, with a well-developed undercoat and rigid coarse hair. On the ears, head and legs it is short, and on other parts of the body to 4-5 cm.

The characteristic bright color of the Russian pie hound allows the hunter to quickly distinguish her from the wild beast and to avoid making mistakes when shooting.

Most often the color of this breed is white and redAnd black spots that cover the shoulders, head and back of the dog. Paws and stomach should always be white. Also allowed red-piebald color, gray-piebald and small crab. The size of black spots can be very different, up to the chopper, which covers the entire body. On the temples small spots in the form of arrows are permissible.

Character of the Russian Pigeon Hound

Russian Pergue Hound, like many hunting dogsDog, has a friendly and peaceful disposition. It is a mobile, balanced, easily controlled dog. She is well trained, smart and obedient, gets along with the children, but she can snap at the owners, that's why she is not the ideal companion. First of all, it is a wonderful hunter, tireless and passionate, with a sonorous voice. She is able to selflessly and for hours to rush for possible prey. Therefore, it is better to start such a dog precisely with a hunter in order to use its working qualities.

However, with pets he gets along, or at least tolerant, and therefore can be kept in the family.

For a good training the Russian pie will needHardness of the character of the owner, so as not to go on about the pet. Because if at least once the owner of such a dog gives slack, then the animal will be very difficult to put in place.

Conditions of maintenance and care

It is best to keep the Russian pony hound onHome in the enclosure. Like any hunter she needs large and regular physical activity, as well as long walks. Therefore, it is better not to keep it in a city where there is no opportunity for it.

These dogs are recommended to walk only on a leash, because, obeying the hunting instinct, it can pounce on small pets or simply run away, chasing after something.

Representatives of this breed have strong health and great endurance.

The dog's coat does not require constant care. Occasionally the dog can be brushed and combed with faded wool. Bathing Russian pie can be as necessary. As a rule, it is done after hunting.

Price of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Since this dog, as a rule, is fired for hunting, its puppies are relatively inexpensive. For a thoroughbred puppy without documents, the breeders ask for $ 50, And for a puppy with a pedigree - order 500 dollars.

Photo of Russian Pigeon Hound

Russian Pergamon Hound Russian Pergamon Hound Russian Pergamon Hound Russian Pergamon Hound Russian Pergamon Hound Russian Pergamon Hound Russian Pergamon Hound Russian Pergamon Hound
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