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The most expensive breeds of dogs in the world: photos and prices

There are several ratings of the most expensive inThe world of dog breeds. Guided by the upper limit of prices there is no sense, because individual copies of dogs can cost much more than their counterparts in the total mass.

If guided by the lower limit of prices for puppies of certain breeds, then the following rating is obtained.

The most expensive breeds of dogs in the world

10th place - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - one of the most expensive dogs

In the tenth place among the most expensive dogs in the worldWas a cavalier-king-charles spaniel (short-cavalier), withdrawn in the UK. It is a friendly, intelligent, loving little dog that received its name in honor of the English King Charles II.

The average cost of this type of spaniel From 1000 to 2000 dollars. Although the specimens sold and For 14 000 dollars.

9th place - Akita Inu

Akita Inu is not cheap

In the ninth place is Akita Inu. This is a Japanese breed, originally bred as a fighting dog. Popularity as a companion dog Akita Inu was due to the case when in the 30s of the last century a dog of this breed went for 9 years to the metro station to meet the owner, who had died long ago.

This dog in Japan was placed a monument. Puppies of Akita Inu are now sold at a price From 1000 to 2500 dollars.

8th place - Chow Chow

The eighth place was occupied by the chow-chow - faithful andA cheerful dog, like a bear. She loves a quiet lifestyle, is taciturn and unpretentious to the content. True, you need a thorough care of the luxurious chow-chow hair. The price of their puppies, as a rule, fluctuates From 2500 to 5000 dollars.

7th place - English Bulldog

English Bulldog is expensive

In seventh place was an English bulldog -A stocky, sturdy, middle-aged man, but weighing about 35 kg. It is a friendly family dog, but a strong and very dangerous guard. The price of an English bulldog fluctuates on average From 2500 to 6000 dollars. Although individual individuals are paid for Up to 9 thousand dollars.

6th place - Pharaoh's dog

The price of a pharaoh's dog is not small

In sixth place is the pharaoh's dog,Which some researchers consider the oldest breed. It, in fact, is surprisingly similar to the god Anubis from the ancient Egyptian frescoes. True, this breed has nothing to do with Egypt.

It is high (up to 70 cm), but very slender (up to 25 kg) dog, puppies which are offered at a price In 2500-6500 dollars.

5th place - Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff - one of the largest and most expensive dogs

In fifth place you can put the TibetanMastiff. This is one of the oldest breeds that helped in the mountains of nomads, guarded Tibetan monasteries. This large animal grows up to 75 cm and weighs up to 65 kg, calm, friendly and very patient.

On average, Tibetan mastiff puppies are sold For 2500-7000 dollars. Although in Tibet itself a purebred dog will be sold and For 25 thousand dollars. It was the representative of this breed that became the most expensive dog in history. In China, one of the puppies of Tibetan mastiffs was bought for a half million dollars.

4th place - Saluki

Saluki is a very expensive breed

The fourth place is the Saluki orEast greyhound. This is a very elegant, aristocratic hunting dog. Representatives of this breed are silent and calm, reacting briskly only during training and hunting.

In the old pups saluki were not sold at all, considering that it is impossible to evaluate this dog. Therefore, they were simply presented to the most distinguished guests. Today the price of puppies for these dogs is From 2500 to 9000 US dollars.

3rd place - French mastiff

French mastiff is a very expensive breed of dogs

On the third place in the ranking of expensive dogs, you canPut the French mastiff. It is a very calm dog, well aware of its strength. She perfectly gets along with other pets, is sociable, but not intrusive. Also, representatives of this breed do not need long walks. Puppy for many years becomes the owner of a faithful companion. Are standing kids of this breed From three thousand dollars.

2 nd place - Canadian Eskimo dog

Canadian Eskimo dog - the price for it is very large

On the second place you can put a Canadian Eskimo dog. It was used for hunting and transporting goods, but practically disappeared. Because now rare puppies of this breed are From 4000 to 7000 dollars.

1st place - Lyon-bichon

The most expensive dog is Lyon BichonThe first place in the ranking of the most expensive dog breeds in the world was taken by Lyon-Bichon (louchen). This is a French breed, which is often called "lion dog" because of the fashion to cut it "under the lion." In 1960, as the most rare breed of dogs in the world, she Was included in the "Guinness Book of Records". Now it is very popular in Europe, however it is not enough to find purebred puppies with a pedigree.

This is a small dog growing to 33 cm and weighing about 5-7 kg. Now the price of puppies of this dog fluctuates From 4000 to 8000 thousand dollars.

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